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1 Centerpoint Resources Inc. 朱砂峰焦煤项目介绍 Province of British Columbia, Canada 加拿大大不列颠哥伦比亚省 Centerpoint Resources Project Team 中鉠资源企划组 Feb

2 Corporate Summary 公司简介 Centerpoint Resources Inc. is a privately owned company headquartered in Vancouver, BC, Canada 中鉠资源有限公司是一家总部设于加拿大温哥华的私营公司 Incorporated in British Columbia in 2006 成立于 2006 注册于加拿大不列颠哥伦比亚省 Own sizeable coking coal and gold properties within Canada 在加拿大拥有庞大的焦煤及黄金矿床资产 2

3 Cinnabar Peak Project Location 朱砂峰项目位置 Cinnabar Peak is a large coking coal resource, containing an estimated at least 272 million tonnes of coal 朱砂峰大型焦煤矿产资源, 估计约有最少 2.72 亿吨煤 Coordinates of the center of the Cinnabar Peak coal property are N W 朱砂峰煤炭矿产中心位置的经纬度为北纬 56 00, 西经 太平洋 亚伯达省 美国 3

4 Transportation and Infrastructure 交通及基础设施 The Cinnabar project covers an area of sq. km. in northeastern B.C. The region has hosted large scale coal mining since The center of the deposit is located 110 km west of the City of Fort St. John, an industrial centre for oil and natural gas, forestry and agriculture. The city benefits from excellent access to infrastructure and is located on the Alaska (Pan- American) Highway and the Canadian National Railway, and also hosts a major regional airport. 朱砂峰项目位于英属哥伦比亚省东北部, 覆盖面积 平方公里 该地区自 1982 年开始已有大规模的煤矿开采 矿床中心位于 St. John 市以西 110 公里, 该市是一个聚集石油 天然气 林业和农业一体的工业中心 该市从非常完善的基建设施获益, 位于阿拉斯加 ( 泛美 ) 高速公路 加拿大国家铁路上, 并且有一个主要的地区机场 4

5 Transportation and Infrastructure 交通及基础设施 The coal deposit straddles a reservoir formed by two hydro dams within a canyon on the Peace River. The deposit is readily accessible by a major road network on both sides of the lake, and has ready access to electric power, natural gas and water. 该矿床横跨 Peace River 河谷内由两个水电坝筑成的水库, 因此可通过水库两侧的主要道路网到达矿区 且该矿区现已有获得电力 天然气及水的渠道 View westward along Dinosaur Lake, from a vantage point above Mt.Johnson.W.A.C. Bennett dam and Lake Williston are in far background. 顺着恐龙湖西望, 居高临下俯瞰 Mt.Johnson.W.A.C. Bennett 大坝, 远处为 Williston 湖 5

6 Transportation and Infrastructure 交通及基础设施 Electrical power WAC Bennett Dam Hydro Plant is on the Cinnabar Peak coal property. The capacity is 2,730 megawatts (21st largest hydro electric plant in the world). A second hydroelectric dam (Peace Canyon) has a capacity of 700 megawatts and is also located nearby. 电力 -- WAC Bennett 水电站位于朱砂峰项目区,2,730 兆瓦容量, 全球排名第 21 位 附近第二大的和平谷水利大坝容量为 700 兆瓦 Natural gas -- There is a large active gas field near the coal property 天然气 在矿区附近有大型天然气田 Water is abundant. There are numerous rivers and lakes within the property. Rainfall is 300mm per year and the snowfall is 2000 mm per year. 水资源丰富 : 无数河流湖泊, 年降雨量 300 毫米, 年降雪量 2000 毫米 Communities the Village of Hudson s Hope (population 1010) is near the eastern boundary of the property. The City of Fort St.John (population 20,000) is a one and half hour drive to the east, and is strategically located on the Alaska Highway, with a major airport. This city is the centre of the provincial oil and gas industry and thereby has industrial support for any coal mine development. 社区 - 矿区东邻人口 1010 人的 Hudson s Hope 乡村 向东开车 1.5 小时为 2 万人口的 Fort St. John 城市 Provincial Highway 29 is a paved road that accesses the Cinnabar Peak coal property. Because of oil and gas exploration, there are numerous roads throughout the area. 通过铺就好的省级 29 号高速公路可以进入矿区, 因为油气公司的做了很多勘探工作, 因此有无数道路通过该地区 6

7 Railroad and Port 铁路和出海港口 Coal railroad load out would be at Chetwynd, which is located on CN Rail 44 kilometres to the south. From Chetwynd, coal can be shipped to the coal loading facilities at the Port of Prince Rupert (turn around time 45 hours one way distance 1027 km) or the Port of Vancouver (turn around time 70 hours one way distance 1091 km). Train capacity is 16,112 tonnes. A coal railroad branch line south east of Hudson s Hope or coal loading facility near Fort St.John is a possibility. 加拿大 CN 铁路煤炭装载区将位于矿区以南 40 公里的 Chetwynd 小镇 从 Chetwynd 可以将煤通过铁路运输到鲁珀特王子港 ( 往返 45 小时 单程距离 1027 公里 ) 或者运到温哥华港 ( 往返 70 小时 - 单程距离 1091 公里 ) 火车运力为 16,112 吨 Hudson s Hope 东南方向的运煤支线或者临近 Fort St.John 的煤炭装载区都是可能的运输方式 Port of Prince Rupert vessel time to Shanghai is 232 hours. Loading rate is 9000 tonnes per hour. Stockpile capacity 1.2 million tonnes. Annual capacity is 24 million tonnes. Maximum ship size 350,000 DWT. 鲁珀特王子港船运到上海为 232 小时 每小时装载速度为 9000 吨, 储存容量为 120 万吨 年吞吐量为 2500 万吨, 最大货船总载重吨位为 350,000 吨 Port of Vancouver vessel time to Shanghai is 276 hours. It is the largest coal port in North America. Annual capacity is 33 million tonnes. 温哥华刚船运到上海时间为 276 小时 此港为北美最大的港口, 年吞吐量为 3300 万吨 Port of Prince Rupert 鲁珀特王子港 7

8 Tenure 土地使用权 Coal exploration within public lands in British Columbia is governed by the Provincial Ministry of Energy & Mines, who issue coal exploration licences. BC 省能源矿产厅管理公共土地上的煤炭勘探, 并颁发煤炭勘探执照 The Cinnabar Peak property consists of 10 coal licences, totalling square kilometres. 朱砂峰资产包含已经批准的 10 个煤炭矿权, 总计 平方公里 Coal exploration licences will give Centerpoint the exclusive right to explore for coal within their areas. 煤炭勘探许可将给予中鉠公司在该地域内, 独家拥有的煤炭勘探权利 8

9 Cinnabar Peak Coking Coal Project Licenses and Area Map 朱砂峰焦煤项目矿权面积图 Cinnabar Peak Coal Licence and Area 朱砂峰焦煤矿权及面积 Coal Licence 矿权 Hectares 公顷 Total 总计 公顷 9

10 Previous Exploration 过去勘探 A lot of Exploration Work in the southern part of property and surroundings, 65 drill holes in the property,plenty of Geological and coal data 过去在资产地南部及周围进行了大量勘探工作, 有 65 个钻孔, 资料齐全 10

11 Geology 地质 Coking coals of interest for mining at Cinnabar Peak are contained within the Gething Formation, of Early Cretaceous (135 million year old). 朱砂峰可采的焦煤是包含在早期白垩纪 (1.35 亿年以前 ) 的盖森地层构造当中 The Gething Formation is 300 to 550 metres thick, containing numerous coal beds. 盖森地层厚度为 300 到 550 米, 包含有诸多煤层 At least 21 coal beds extend across the property. 至少 21 个煤层延展贯穿整个资产 5 of these coal beds are of major interest for mining, since they are thicker and more continuous. 其中 5 个煤层非常厚, 而且具有很好的连续性, 为主要开采煤层 Panoramic view Gething Formation; western face of the Peace River Canyon below the Bennett Dam. Gething 地层组的全景图 ; 在 Bennett 坝下面的和平河谷 11

12 Geology 地质 0 Coking Coal 焦煤 East Bank section of Gething and Cadomin formations, looking southward from Bennett Dam. Coal beds lie within darkcoloured bands of rock; note consistency of geological structure, and general dip of strata parallel to ground surface. 东岸的盖森 (Gething) 和 Cadomin 储层段, 由 Bennet 提坝往东条路眺望 煤床藏于深色横纹里 ; 请注意地质构造和一般平衡于倾角地层的一致性 12

13 Geology 地质 Major coals are arranged in two groups: the Upper Coals and the Lower Coals. Upper Coals include the Superior, Trojan and Titan coal beds. Lower Coals include the Grant and Murray coal beds. 主要的煤层分布为两组 : 上煤组和下煤组 上煤组包含 Superior, Trojan 和 Titan 煤层 下煤组包含 Grant 和 Murray 煤层 Coal beds are up to 3.3 metres thick at Cinnabar Peak. Coals greater than 1 metre thick are considered of interest for mining. 在朱砂峰煤层厚达 3.3 米 煤层厚度超过一米, 被认为有开采利益 Depth to the coal ranges from 0 to 900 metres. Most of the known coal lies shallower than 600 metres. 煤的深度范围为 0 米到 900 米 多数已知的煤层赋存于地下 600 米以内 Dip of the coals is low to moderate (7% to 38%), facing away from the centre of a large anticline. 煤层倾角平缓为中度范围 ( 7% 到 38%), 背离大的背斜中心 Geological Section 地质切面图 13

14 Regional Geology Map 地区地质图 The light brown, the gething formation,is coal bearing. 此图中的土黄色部分是盖森地层, 为含煤地层 14

15 Coal Resource and Quality 煤炭资源和煤质 Speculative resources of coal, in beds at least 1 metre thick, contain at least 2.72 million tonnes of Coal, of which 2.41 million tonnes are considered to be within 600 metres of the ground surface. Resource estimation includes an allowance for geological risk, which is decreased within areas which have already been extensively drilled. The Lower Coals are not assumed to extend beneath the Upper Coals. This is a conservative assumption, based on the Lower Coals having fewer boreholes than the Upper Coals. 推测 1 米以上的厚煤层的资源总量最少为 2.72 亿吨 其中 2.41 亿吨被认为是赋存于地下 600 米以内 资源估计考虑到了地质风险, 而在钻探密集地区, 其风险也随之降低 由于下煤组钻孔少于上煤组, 储量估算是基于下煤组并没有在上煤组的下方延展, 这个估算是很保守的, 具有很高的可靠性 East Bank section of Gething and Cadomin formations, looking northeastward. 东北方向的盖森和 Cadomin 层组的东岸切面图 15

16 Coal Resource and Quality 煤炭资源和煤质 Coals with coking ability have been identified as our major exploration targets. Cinnabar Project is estimated to Coals are mostly medium volatile coking coal, with some high volatile bituminous coal in the western part of the property. Volatile matter content decreases to the east, and also decrease downward within the Gething Formation. 我们主要的勘探目标是焦煤 朱砂峰项目预计煤质多数为中度挥发焦煤, 西部区域的煤质为高挥发度焦煤, 东部区域以及盖森层组挥发物质成分降低 Ash of the coal by itself is low, at 3% to 7%. Sulphur content of the coal is low, typically within 0.55%, rarely exceeding 1%. All coal resources are within coal beds considered to have characteristically low sulphur contents. 煤自身的灰分很低, 在 3% 到 7% 之间 煤的硫分很低, 典型的为 0.55% 以内, 很少超出 1% Coals can be blended from within the property, to meet the VM23-25%, ash less than 8% requirement of Asian markets. 可以在矿上就地混煤, 以满足中度挥发 23-25%, 灰分低于 8% 的亚洲市场需求 16

17 Coal Resource and Quality 煤炭资源和煤质 Block 区块 Area (hectares) 面积 ( 公顷 ) coals within the area gross thickness (metres) risk factor used scaling factor (ha to m2) 比例系数 S.G.(gm/cc) 视密度 Tonnes of coal (speculative level-of-assurance) 煤吨数 ( 预测的 ) Upper Coals Lower Coals above 600 m 区内煤 总厚度 采用的风险系数 Upper Coals 上煤组 Lower Coals 下煤组 上煤组 下煤组 组 ( 米 ) Depth (below Depth (above m) 深度 m) 深度 600m 以浅 600m 以下 Depth(above 600m) 深度 600 米以浅 Depth (below 600m) 深度 600 米以下 Depth above 600 m 深度 600 米以下 701s 586 Gr Mu 2.5m s 834 Su Tr Ti 5.5m s 290 Gr Mu 2.5m s 1105 Su Tr Ti 4.5m s 164 Gr Mu 2.5m s 1250 Su Tr Ti 3.5m s 363 Gr Mu 2.5m s 931 Su Tr Ti 3.5m s 1300 Gr Mu 2.5m s 1072 Mu 2.1m s 1153 Su Tr Ti 3.5m s 1118 Tr Su 2.5m s 241 Gr Mu 2.5m s 744 Tr Su 2.5m s 311 Gr Mu 2.5m s 31 Gr Mu 2.5m s 538 Su Tr Ti 4.0m s 774 Gr Mu 2.5m s 1059 Su Tr Ti 4.5m s 264 Gr Mu 2.5m s 113 Gr Mu 2.5m s 722 Tr Su 2.5m Totals 241x x

18 Coal Quality 煤质 Coal quality data from 1971/1973 exploratory work 1971/1973 年勘探工作的煤质数据 18

19 Coal Quality 煤质 AS RECEIVED BASIS DRY BASIS ASTM 照收到 干基准 METHOD ASTM 方式 % Moisture ( 湿分 ) D 3302 % Ash ( 灰分 ) D 3174 % Volatile Matter ( 挥发分 ) % Fixed Carbon ( 固定碳 ) D % Sulphur ( 硫磺 ) D 4239 SGS Coal quality Analysis in 年 SGS 分析的煤质数据 ANALYSIS 化验项目 RESULT 结果 Unit 单位 METHOD 方法 Vitrinite Type V12 镜质体 V12 种类 4.7 % ASTM D2798 Vitrinite Type V13 镜质体 V13 种类 6.4 % ASTM D2798 Vitrinite Type V14 镜质体 V14 种类 5.9 % ASTM D2798 Vitrinite Type V15 镜质体 V15 种类 5.9 % ASTM D2798 Vitrinite Type V16 镜质体 V16 种类 6.4 % ASTM D2798 Vitrinite Type V17 镜质体 V17 种类 7.2 % ASTM D2798 Vitrinite Type V18 镜质体 V18 种类 5.9 % ASTM D2798 Vitrinite 镜质体 42.4 % ASTM D2799 Exinite 壳质体 3.7 % ASTM D2799 Resinite 树脂煤 0.3 % ASTM D2799 Semifusinite (Reactive) 半丝质体 ( 反应性 ) 7.8 % US STEEL Total Reactives 总反应性 54.2 % US STEEL Semifusinite (Inert) 半丝质体 ( 惰性 ) 31.3 % US STEEL Micrinite 微粒体 9.2 % ASTM D2799 Fusinite 丝质 1.8 % ASTM D2799 Mineral Matter 矿物体 3.5 % ASTM D2799 Total Inerts 总惰性体 45.8 % US STEEL Composition Balance Index 组织平衡系数 6.82 US STEEL Rank Index 阶级系数 6.23 US STEEL Mean Maximum Vitrinite Reflectance 平均最高镜质体反射 1.56 % ASTM D2798 Calculated Stability Factor 计算稳定系数 24 US STEEL V. Sharma, Laboratory Supervisor 19

20 Mineability 可采性 Coal geology is not complex and seams are not steep (typically 7%).Estimated that mining extraction can continue to a depth of 600 metres. 煤炭地质不复杂, 煤层不陡峭 ( 基本为 7%) 预计开采最深可达 600 米 Seams are generally thin but are ideal for underground long wall and short wall mining, and room & pillar extraction. These methods are common in Asia. 采用地下长臂和短臂以及房柱式开采, 煤层厚度非常理想 Three separate mines in different areas could be considered for a maximum total production of 6,000,000 clean tonnes per year for a minimum 25 year mine life. 考虑在不同区域开发 3 个独立的矿区, 年产高达 600 万吨精煤, 至少 25 年的矿山服务年限 20

21 Conclusion 结论 Centerpoint s coal property at Cinnabar Peak Consists of square kilometres of coal exploration licence, effectively controlling the most accessible part of a larger coalfield. 中鉠公司的朱砂峰煤炭资产包含 平方公里的煤炭勘探执照, 有效地控制了大部分煤田的出入通道 Centerpoint s property is estimated to contain at least 2.72 million tonnes of coal, of which 241 million tonnes are considered to be within 600 metres of the ground surface. 中鉠公司煤炭资产预计总量最少为 2.72 亿吨煤, 其中 2.41 亿吨被认为是地表以下 600 米以内 Coal resources at Cinnabar Peak are classified as being at the speculative level-of-assurance. 朱砂峰的煤炭资源量是根据资源勘探资料估算的, 可靠程度高 The coal beds have a range of volatile-matter contents amenable to blending to meet Asian requirements for coking coal. 煤层含有的挥发物含量适合混配, 以满足亚种对焦煤的要求 Ash content and sulphur content of the coals are low, rendering them attractive for development. 此煤的灰分和硫分含量比较低, 让此种煤炭开发颇具吸引力 The coal would be workable by underground methods. 此煤采用地下开采方式可行 The property is well-served by infrastructure, allowing for ready exploration and development. 该区域基础设置配套良好, 为项目的勘探和开发做出很好的准备 21

22 Work Plan-- Year 2017 Predevelopment 工作计划 2017 年开发准备工作 Main focus: Exploration program 主要专注于 : 勘探工作 Plan to drill 34 holes, minimum 600 metres each; Waiting for Notice of Work 计划钻 34 个钻孔, 每个孔至少 600 米深, 勘 探许可待批 Coal quality analysis 煤质分析 Exploration and report development will continue from year 2018 从 2018 年开始继续开展钻探工作及 报告撰写工作 Year 年 Length (Metres) 长度米 Number of holes 钻孔数 Total for Phase 1 总计第一阶段

23 Year 2017 Planned Exploration Work Map 2017 年计划勘探工作地图 The year 2017 exploration area is located approximately 10 kilometres south west of the Town of Hudson Hope (see the below map Cinnabar Peak Phase 1 Exploration) within an area known as Coal License 年勘探区域位于 Hudson Hope 西南约 10 公里处 ( 见下图朱砂峰阶段 1 勘探图 ) 的煤炭执许可 区域内 23

24 Work plan year 2018 & 2019 Exploration 工作计划 2020 年开发前工作 Main focus: determine mineral resource for the large easterly block north of the Peace River 主要工作集中于 : 确认和平河北部的大型东区块组的资源量 Continue coal analysis 继续进行煤质分析 Conduct mine design parameter work,and begin mine design work 开展煤矿设计参数工作, 开始煤矿设计 Capital estimates requirement: 预计资本需要 : - rock development 土方 - surface structure 地表结构 - roadheaders 掘进机 - continuous Miners 连续性采煤机 - longwall systems 长臂开采系统 - underground diesel equipment 地下柴油设备 - ventilation system 通风系统 - conveyor systems 皮带系统 24

25 Access into Trial Mine 进入矿山的通道 0 25

26 Work plan year 2020 & 2021 trial mine 工作计划 2020 年和 2021 年实验性开采 Main focus: stepping development forward to full production 主要工作 : 进一步开发以达到全部产能 Year 2020: production at 100,000 tonnes 2020 年 : 产量达到 10 万吨 - mine development: rock development continues 矿山开发 : 继续土方工作 - purchase and install conveyor systems 购买及安装皮带系统 Year 2021: commence production at 1,000,000 tonnes 2021 年 : 开始生产 100 万吨焦煤 26

27 Centerpoint Resources Inc. 加拿大中鉠资源有限公司 Thank you 谢谢 27