MS&D Loan Services Company, Limited InterRisk Research Institute & Consulting, Inc. NSHIN DIL Co.,Ltd. MITSUI SUMITOMO INSURNCE Venture Capital Compan

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1 公司概況 - 關係人 資料日期 : 2017/1/25 下午 05:53 關係人 / 關係企業名稱 與公司之關係 公司投資該關係企業 持股 持股股 實際投資 比例 份 ( 股 ) 金額 ( 元 ) 該關係企業投資公司 持股 持股股 實際投資 比例 份 ( 股 ) 金額 ( 元 ) MS&D Insurance Group Holdings, Inc. C Mitsui Sumitomo Insurance Company,Limited. C ioi Nissay Dowa Insurance Company,Limited. Mitsui Direct General Insurance Company, Limited Mitsui Sumitomo ioi Life Insurance Company, Limited Mitsui Sumitomo Primary Life Insurance Company, Limited MS&D Staffing Service Co.,Ltd MS&D Research Institute Co.,Ltd MS&D Business Service Company,Limited MS&D Systems Company, Limited MS&D Business Support Company, Limited

2 MS&D Loan Services Company, Limited InterRisk Research Institute & Consulting, Inc. NSHIN DIL Co.,Ltd. MITSUI SUMITOMO INSURNCE Venture Capital Company, Limited MITSUI SUMITOMO INSURNCE gency Service Company, Limited MITSUI SUMITOMO INSURNCE Care Network Company, Limited MSK Marine Service Company, Limited MSK nshin-station Company, Limited MS Saitama Company,Limited MS Chiba Company,Limited MS Mie Company,Limited MS Tokusima Company,Limited MS Insurance Service Hokkaido Company,Limited MS Soutoku Company,Limited

3 MS Sapporo Company,Limited MS Kagoshima Company,Limited MS Iwate Company,Limited MS ukuyama Company, Limited MS Nagoya Company, Limited MS Yokohama Company, Limited MS Gifu Company, Limited MS Saga Company, Limited MS Oita Chuo Company, Limited MS Osaka Company, Limited MS Kochi Company, Limited MS Niigata COMPNY, LIMITED MS Matsuyama COMPNY, LIMITED MS Yamakata Company,Limited MS Ennsyuu Company,Limited

4 MS Kanazawa Company,Limited MS Toyama Company,Limited MS Nara Company,Limited MS Koube Company,Limited MS Yamaguti Company,Limited MS Nagasaki Company,Limited MS Hyougo Company,Limited MS Sendai Company,Limited MS Wakayama Company,Limited MS ukushima Company,Limited MS kebono Company,Limited MS ukui Company,Limited MS Shiga Company,Limited MS Kyoto Company,Limited MS Hiroshima Company,Limited

5 MS Okayama Company,Limited MS ukuoka Company,Limited ioi Nissay Dowa Claims djusting Company,Limited ioi Nissay Dowa Insurance Service Co.,Ltd ure-i Do Life Services Co., Ltd ioi Nissay Dowa utomobile Research Center Company,Limited au Insurance Company,Limited C Planning Company, Limited MSK Insurance Center Company, Limited Shoukou Service Company,Limited MSI C University-Ltd Venture Capital und MSI C2005V Limited Investment und MSIVC Campus 3 Limited Investment und MSIVC2008V Limited Investment und MSIVC sia und 1 Investment und

6 MSIVC Global cademic Seeds Limited Investment und MSIVC2012V Limited Investment und MSIVC2016V Limited Investment und Sumitomo Mitsui sset Management Company, Limited r&smart Co.,Ltd. e-net SS Insurance Co.,LTD. Zenkankyo Small mount and Short Term Insurance Holdings, Ltd Zenkankyo Kyosaikai Company, Limited Eternity Small mount and Short Term Insurance Company, Limited Interisk sia Pte Ltd Interisk Global Management (Bermuda) Limited InterRisk Consulting (Shanghai) Co.,Ltd InterRisk sia(thailand)company Limited MSIG Holdings (mericas), Inc.

7 Mitsui Sumitomo Insurance US Inc. Mitsui Sumitomo Insurance Company of merica Mitsui Sumitomo Marine Management (U.S..),Inc. MSI Risk Management Services, Inc. Seven Hills Insurance gency, LLC Mitsui Sumitomo Insurance Company (Europe), Limited Mitsui Sumitomo Insurance (London) Limited Mitsui Sumitomo Insurance (London Management) Ltd MSI Corporate Capital Limited MSIG Corporate Services (Europe) Limited MSIG Holdings (Europe) Limited MSIS Pte. Ltd. SPC Insurance (Bermuda) Limited PT. suransi MSIG Indonesia Mitsui Sumitomo Seguros S/.

8 Mitsui Sumitomo Insurance Company Limited-Escrit?rio de Representa??o no Brasil Ltda. MSI Holding (Thailand) Company Limited Calm Sea Service Company Limited MSIG Service and djusting (Thailand) Company Limited MBTS Life Insurance Broker Co., Ltd. MSIG Insurance (Singapore) Pte. Ltd. MSIG Insurance (Hong Kong) Limited MSIG Mingtai Insurance Co.,Ltd. MSIG Berhad MSIG German Services GmbH Mitsui Sumitomo Insurance Underwriting at Lloyd's Limited MSI GuaranteedWeather, LLC MSI GuaranteedWeather Trading Limited MSIG Insurance (Malaysia) Bhd. MSIG Holdings (sia) Pte. Ltd.

9 Mitsui Sumitomo Insurance (China) Company Limited Vortex Insurance gency, LLC MS rontier Re Modeling Research Pte. Ltd. MSIG Insurance (Vietnam) Company Limited MSIG Insurance (Lao) Co., Ltd. MSI Management(Ireland)Limited MS inancial Reinsurance Limited MSIG Insurance Europe G ioi Nissay Dowa Insurance Company of merica MS mlin plc mlin Corporate Services Limited Leadenhall Capital Partners LLP Leadenhall Capital Partners US LLC U Insolvency Risk Services Limited MS mlin Underwriting Limited

10 MS mlin Corporate Member Limited Crowe Livestock Underwriting Limited Lead Yacht Underwriters Limited JR Clare Underwriting gencies Limited mlin UK Limited Serviceline (U.K.) Limited MS mlin Reinsurance Managers, Inc. Haven Knox - Johnston Limited Just Law Limited Summit Insurance Group Limited mlin Plus Limited St. Margaret's Insurance Services Limited MS mlin Underwriting Services Limited UT Holdings Limited Stace Barr ngerstein Limited

11 MS mlin (Overseas Holdings) Limited MS mlin Investments Limited mlin rance Legacy Services MS mlin sia Pacific Pte. Ltd. MS mlin Labuan Limited MS mlin Investment Management Limited MS mlin (MEN) Limited Toro Prism Public Limited Company mlin Netherlands Holding B.V. MS mlin Marine N.V. RaetsMarine UK Limited MS mlin Marine rance Sarl Raetssia P&I Services Pte Ltd mlin Bermuda Holdings, Ltd. MS mlin G

12 llied Cedar Insurance Group Limited llied Underwriting gencies Limited mlin Insurance SE ioi Nissay Dowa Insurance Company of Europe Limited Toyota Insurance Management Limited ioi Nissay Dowa Insurance Management Limited ioi Nissay Dowa Life Insurance of Europe G ioi Nissay Dowa insurance (China) DTRIC Insurance Company,Limited DTRIC Insurance Underwriters,Limited ioi Nissay Dowa Management New Zealand Limited ioi Nissay Dowa Insurance Company ustralia Pty Ltd Top Class Insurance S.p. Top Class Broker S.r.I LLC Toyota Insurance Management (Insurance Brokers)

13 LLC Toyota Insurance Management (Insurance gency) Toyota Insurance Management (Insurance Broker) LLP Box Innovation Group Limited Insure The Box Limited ITB Services Limited ITB Web Limited ITB Telematics Solutions LLP ITB Premium inance Limited ioi Nissay Dowa Insurance Services US Corporation dvanced Connectivity, LLC Connected nalytic Services, LLC Toyota Insurance Management Solutions US, LLC MSC Corporation MSIG Insurance (Thailand) Public Co., Ltd. Ueang Mai Co., Ltd.

14 Yardhimar Company Limited Solo bsolute Bonds and Currency und Leadenhall Capital Partners US LP DRD LLP HI-TECH INSURNCE SYSTEMS DEVELOPMENT LLP BPI/MS Insurance Corporation LT Prime Insurance Corporation MBTS Broking Services Company Limited Sumitomo Mitsui sset Management (New York) Inc. Sumitomo Mitsui sset Management (London) Limited Sumitomo Mitsui sset Management (Hong Kong) Limited Sansei Capital Management Cayman Ltd. SLI Cayman Limited Cholamandalam MS General Insurance Company Limited sia Insurance (Cambodia) Plc.

15 Cholamandalam MS Risk Services Limited PT. uto Management Services Hong Leong ssurance Berhad Hong Leong MSIG Takaful Berhad PT suransi Jiwa Sinarmas MSIG Max Life Insurance Company Limited Miles Smith Holdings Limited Eagle Underwriting Group Inc. Bangkok Chayoratn Company, Limited ioi Bangkok Insurance Public Company, Limited Guangzhou Guang i Insurance Brokers Ltd. Bangkok Chayolife Company, Limited Kawasaki-Dowa gency Ltd. NTT DT Insurance Systems Pte. Ltd.(Singapore) NTT DT Insurance Systems India Pvt. Ltd. c c

16 NTT DT Insurance Systems Taiwan NTT DT Insurance Systems Japan KK, NTT DT Insurance Systems 熊谷真樹熊谷真樹熊谷真樹熊谷真樹熊谷真樹熊谷真樹熊谷真樹吉田英夫吉田英夫吉田英夫吉田英夫吉田英夫吉田英夫 c c

17 吉田英夫吉田英夫大塚慶介大塚慶介大塚慶介大塚慶介大塚慶介大塚慶介大塚慶介垣口友二垣口友二垣口友二垣口友二垣口友二垣口友二

18 垣口友二垣口友二垣口友二垣口友二連元龍連元龍連元龍連元龍連元龍連元龍連元龍連元龍連元龍連元龍連元龍

19 連元龍羅子強羅子強羅子強羅子強羅子強羅子強羅子強羅子強羅子強羅子強曾武仁曾武仁曾武仁曾武仁

20 曾武仁曾武仁曾武仁曾武仁曾武仁曾武仁古育民古育民古育民古育民古育民古育民古育民古育民古育民

21 古育民周志華周志華周志華周志華周志華周志華周志華周志華周志華周志華周志華魏長樟魏長樟魏長樟

22 魏長樟魏長樟魏長樟魏長樟魏長樟魏長樟柳元祥柳元祥柳元祥柳元祥柳元祥柳元祥柳元祥柳元祥柳元祥

23 柳元祥柳元祥翁翠柳翁翠柳翁翠柳翁翠柳翁翠柳李志昌李志昌李志昌李志昌李志昌賴俊州賴俊州賴俊州

24 賴俊州賴俊州賴俊州賴俊州賴俊州賴俊州陳怡君陳怡君陳怡君陳怡君陳怡君邱淑惠邱淑惠邱淑惠邱淑惠

25 邱淑惠邱淑惠邱淑惠邱淑惠邱淑惠唐世澤唐世澤唐世澤唐世澤唐世澤吳酉德吳酉德吳酉德吳酉德李家敏

26 李家敏李家敏李家敏李家敏李家敏李家敏李家敏呂弘裕呂弘裕呂弘裕呂弘裕呂弘裕呂弘裕呂弘裕王慶輝

27 王慶輝王慶輝王慶輝王慶輝王慶輝王慶輝劉裕昌劉裕昌劉裕昌劉裕昌劉裕昌劉裕昌劉裕昌劉裕昌劉裕昌

28 潘正益潘正益潘正益潘正益潘正益潘正益潘正益潘正益潘正益潘正益陳斌泰陳斌泰陳斌泰陳斌泰陳斌泰

29 陳斌泰陳斌泰蕭益隆蕭益隆蕭益隆蕭益隆蕭益隆蕭益隆蕭益隆蕭益隆陳俊豪陳俊豪陳俊豪陳俊豪陳俊豪

30 蔡國銘蔡國銘蔡國銘蔡國銘蔡國銘蔡國銘蔡國銘蔡國銘蔡國銘陳華珍陳華珍陳華珍陳華珍陳華珍陳華珍

31 楊國禎楊國禎楊國禎楊國禎楊國禎林聖智林聖智林聖智林聖智林聖智林聖智林聖智林聖智林聖智林聖智

32 吳金靜吳金靜吳金靜吳金靜吳金靜吳金靜吳金靜吳金靜吳金靜邱凌志邱凌志邱凌志邱凌志邱凌志邱凌志

33 邱凌志邱凌志邱凌志林逸豪林逸豪林逸豪林逸豪林逸豪林逸豪林逸豪林逸豪林逸豪林逸豪朱文金朱文金

34 朱文金朱文金蕭勝吉蕭勝吉蕭勝吉蕭勝吉蕭勝吉蕭勝吉蕭勝吉蕭勝吉蕭勝吉蕭勝吉傅九如傅九如傅九如

35 傅九如傅九如傅九如傅九如傅九如傅九如傅九如許協聖許協聖許協聖許協聖許協聖許協聖許協聖方秉中

36 方秉中方秉中方秉中方秉中方秉中李柏松李柏松李柏松李柏松李柏松張欽誥張欽誥張欽誥張欽誥張欽誥

37 張欽誥張欽誥張欽誥張欽誥紀經邦紀經邦紀經邦紀經邦紀經邦紀經邦李世瑤李世瑤李世瑤李世瑤李世瑤

38 李世瑤李世瑤李世瑤李世瑤李世瑤李世瑤王文廣王文廣王文廣王文廣王文廣王文廣王文廣王志展王志展

39 王志展王志展王志展王志展王志展王志展蔡汝琮蔡汝琮陳俊傑陳俊傑陳俊傑陳俊傑陳俊傑陳俊傑陳俊傑

40 陳俊傑陳俊傑陳俊傑唐有曦唐有曦唐有曦唐有曦唐有曦唐有曦唐有曦唐有曦唐有曦郭益固郭益固郭益固

41 郭益固郭益固郭益固郭益固郭益固郭益固邱明政邱明政邱明政邱明政邱明政邱明政邱明政邱明政邱明政

42 邱明政邱明政吳明華吳明華吳明華吳明華吳明華吳明華吳明華吳明華周忠翰周忠翰周忠翰周忠翰周忠翰

43 周忠翰周忠翰周忠翰周忠翰周忠翰 郭 明 郭 明 郭 明 郭 明 郭 明 郭 明 白鵬飛白鵬飛白鵬飛白鵬飛

44 白鵬飛白鵬飛白鵬飛白鵬飛黃啟誠黃啟誠黃啟誠黃啟誠黃啟誠黃啟誠黃啟誠黃啟誠黃啟誠莊子龍莊子龍

45 莊子龍莊子龍莊子龍莊子龍莊子龍蕭輔柔蕭輔柔蕭輔柔蕭輔柔蕭輔柔蕭輔柔蕭輔柔蕭輔柔陳莉陳莉

46 陳莉陳莉陳莉石鴻輝石鴻輝石鴻輝石鴻輝石鴻輝石鴻輝石鴻輝石鴻輝石鴻輝劉敏男劉敏男劉敏男

47 劉敏男劉敏男劉敏男劉敏男劉敏男劉敏男蔡福益蔡福益蔡福益蔡福益蔡福益蔡福益蔡福益蔡福益柯正聰

48 柯正聰柯正聰柯正聰柯正聰柯正聰柯正聰王哲士王哲士王哲士王哲士王哲士王哲士王哲士林再為林再為

49 林再為林再為林再為簡聖昌簡聖昌簡聖昌簡聖昌簡聖昌顏志文顏志文顏志文顏志文顏志文顏志文顏志文

50 顏志文黃珉宏黃珉宏黃珉宏黃珉宏黃珉宏黃珉宏王裕興王裕興王裕興王裕興王裕興謝珮琳謝珮琳謝珮琳

51 謝珮琳張雅琪張雅琪張雅琪張雅琪張雅琪張雅琪張雅琪張雅琪張雅琪楊靖儀楊靖儀楊靖儀楊靖儀楊靖儀

52 侑成侑成侑成侑成侑成吳永貴吳永貴吳永貴吳永貴吳永貴吳永貴吳永貴黃柏樹黃柏樹黃柏樹

53 黃柏樹黃柏樹黃柏樹黃柏樹黃柏樹黃柏樹左國強左國強左國強左國強左國強左國強徐國倉徐國倉徐國倉

54 徐國倉徐國倉徐國倉徐國倉陳坤生陳坤生陳坤生陳坤生陳坤生蕭育仁蕭育仁蕭育仁蕭育仁蕭育仁蕭育仁

55 蕭育仁周博信周博信周博信周博信周博信王冠承王冠承王冠承翁健堯翁健堯翁健堯翁健堯翁健堯翁健堯

56 翁健堯郭力郡郭力郡郭力郡郭力郡郭力郡蘇賜安蘇賜安蘇賜安蘇賜安蘇賜安蘇賜安蘇賜安李寶銘李寶銘

57 李寶銘李寶銘李寶銘李寶銘李寶銘李寶銘翁欽南翁欽南翁欽南翁欽南翁欽南翁欽南魏焜村魏焜村魏焜村

58 魏焜村魏焜村魏焜村魏焜村魏焜村魏焜村王祥程王祥程王祥程王祥程王祥程王祥程王祥程 附註 : 關係人及關係企業之範圍, 依中華民國財務會計準則公報有關規定辦理

59 與本公司之關係 :. 保險業負責人 ( 依據保險業負責人應具備資格條件準則, 本國保險業所列經理級或外國保險業副理級以下負責人得免填欄 (5) 至 (12)),B. 辦理授信之職員,C. 主要股東 ( 係指具有本公司已發行股份總數 10% 以上或前十大持股比率或有指派董監事之股東 ),D. 本公司對其有控制與從屬關係之公司 ( 請依公司法第六章之一關係企業章規定 ),E. 本公司放款金額超過一億元以上之對象,. 同一關係企業,G. 其他 ; 若為多重身分者, 請於備註欄填寫, 其方式如 B;C 申報頻率 : 每季終了後一個月內更新