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1 New Ideas Working Harder For You

2 N E W I D E A S W O R K I N Material Storage Silos Stationary and Mobile Surge Bins Gaylord Tilters Rail-Car and Truck Unloading Systems Bulk Conveying Systems Drying Electric Dryers Central and Mobile Gas-Fired Dryers Compressed Air Dryers Hot Air Dryers Drying Hoppers ResinWorks Central Drying System Crystallizer Drying Monitor EnergySmart PET Drying System Downstream Extrusion Vacuum Sizing Tanks with Standard Air/Water Separation Cooling/Spray Tanks Belted and Cleated Pullers Servo Rotary Knife Cutters and Traveling Saws Takeaway Conveyor Conveying Self-Contained Vacuum Loaders Compressed Air Material Loaders Central Vacuum Receivers Conveying System Controls Vacuum Pumps Material Distribution Systems Material Line Valves

3 G H A R D E R F O R Y O U Blending Gravimetric Blenders Standard and High-Heat Models Gravimetric Feeders Volumetric Feeders Granulation Beside-the-Machine Granulators Central Granulators Shredders Conveyors Evacuation Systems Elutriation Systems Fines Separation Equipment Blower Packages Negative Pressure System Heat Transfer Thermolator Temperature Control Units Portable Chillers Cooling Towers Central Chillers Pump Tanks Strainers and Filters Tower Heat Exchangers Automation Sprue Pickers Beam Robots Six-Axis Articulated Arm Robots End-of-Arm Tooling Feeder Bowls Conveyors Shuttle Tables Degation Stations Cooling and Inspecting Stations Clip Assembly Deflashing

4 WHAT WE DO Conair supplies auxiliary equipment that solves problems, saves energy, cuts waste and is easy to use. Loaders with unique angled hoppers that are simpler and easier to use and clean. A totally enclosed blender housing that prevents pellet leaks, while the new control system eliminates confusion and simplifies operation. New dryer designs that are more compact, more energy efficient and easier to operate and maintain. In fact, in recent years, Conair has virtually reinvented some of the most basic, workhorse products to give you what you need most. And, when you need a system solution, you ll be glad to know Conair installs over 150 systems each year. We have more experience than anyone. But beyond that, Conair is the only company with the organizational depth, process expertise and defined procedures to get you up, running and making money on time and on budget. Whether you need a single piece of equipment, a total system solution, or something in between, you want to work with a company that understands your business objectives from beginning to end. You want to work with Conair. 康耐尔供可解决 省能源 减少浪和易于使用的助 有独有定角度料器的装料机更易于使用和清洁 完全封的拌机盖可防止粒泄漏, 而新控制系可消除混淆 化操作 新干燥机的更凑 更能, 更易于操作和 事上, 近些年康耐尔几乎已重新了一些最基本的重荷机器, 以提供您最需要的服 并且, 当需要系解决方案, 在得知康耐尔每年安装的系数量超 150 个之后, 您会感到很高兴 我比任何公司的都要丰富 不如此, 康耐尔是唯一一家具有力度 加工技和定步的公司, 您按 按算地完成启 运行并得收益 无您是需要一套 一整套解决方案, 是二者之的某种需求, 您都希望与一家自始至都了解您的的公司作 您需要与康耐尔的秀公司合作 MANUFACTURED BY CONAIR EAST ASIA Dehumidifying Dryers Mobile Drying Carts Loaders Receivers Additional Conveying Accessories Granulators Temperature Control Units

5 CONAIR IN EAST ASIA: COMMITTED TO YOUR SUCCESS 康耐尔 : 您打造成功之路 Conair has had a substantial presence in East Asia since 1979, maintaining staff and offices first in Taiwan and later in Shanghai. Most recently, we announced the opening of a 3000-square-meter factory in Shanghai, to be operated jointly with our sister company Rapid Granulate Machinery. Here, Conair is manufacturing dryers and material handling equipment so that we can provide customers in East Asia with the kind of sales responsiveness and service that only comes from people who live and work in the region. Technical support is available 24 hours a day from a team of a dozen full time, dedicated support people. And system start-up, training and programmed preventive maintenance visits are also available. Why have we made such a commitment? Because we make it our business to listen closely to what matters to you. To understand what you need to do to transform your business for success in today s economy. Whether you have moved manufacturing operations to East Asia because of attractive business conditions or you are a local company growing into new markets, Conair is there with you 100% committed to your success and structured to deliver on that promise. In China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Korea and around the world, Conair understands what matters to you. We are customerfocused. Global. Responsive. Innovative. Resourceful. Respectful. And we are determined to earn your trust, win your business and help ensure your success 年, 康耐尔公司在隆重登, 首先是台湾 再后来在上海立工事 最近, 我宣布位于上海的一家面达 3000 平方米的工厂开, 家工厂将与我的姊妹公司 Rapid Granulate Machinery 合 康耐尔公司生干燥机和材料理, 我只雇用在生活和工作的人地区提供售响和修服 我可全天 24 小提供技支持, 并且提供系启 培和有划的防性服 何我会作出的承? 因我要尽可能我的企密切关注您的关性需求 了解您改造企以便在当今形中取得成功所需要完成的工作, 无您是已将生制造程移到 ( 因里有富于吸引力的境 ), 抑或您是一家迈入新市的地方公司, 康耐尔都将与您同行 尽力您的成功之路排除障碍 在中国香港 中国台湾 国以及世界各地, 康耐尔都了解您的关性需求 我注于客需求 可在全球提供即 新 源丰富 受好的服 我决心得您的信 您的并帮助您取得成功

6 Beijing/Tianjin Suzhou Shanghai Planned Expansion Current Location Dongguan Taipei We are proud of the kind of company Conair is today. But we know that all our efforts can only be measured and valued according how well they meet the needs of you, our valued customer. If you are currently a Conair customer, or have been in the past, thank you. Please continue to challenge us to help you be more profitable. And if you have never done business with Conair, put us to the test. Measure Conair against your best suppliers. Find out for yourself about our drive to understand what you need. Our ability to deliver. Our eagerness to earn your respect and win your business. 今天的康耐尔公司 我 深感自豪 但我 知道, 我 的所有 工作成果都只能通 它 在多大程度上 足了您 我 珍 的客 的需求来衡量 如果您目前已 是康耐尔公司 的客, 或者 去曾同我公司合作, 那么感 您的合作 向我 提出更高的挑, 我 帮助您 取更多的利 如 果您从未与康耐尔公司合作, 我 一次机会 根据您 最 秀的供 商来衡量康耐尔公司的服 身体会我 真心 希望了解您的需求 体会我 的交付能力 体会我 愿意 得 您的尊敬 您的 的 切之情 Contact us today. Challenge us. Discover new ideas ready to work harder for your business today. 在就系我 向我起挑 可您的当今提 供更有力帮助的新理念 Conair East Asia, Taiwan Branch 10F, #202, Ta-Tung Road Sec. 3, Xi-Zhi Taipei Taiwan Phone: Fax: Conair East Asia, China Operations Center #9 Factory Lane 195 Xipu Road East New Section, Songjiang Ind. Park Shanghai , China Phone: Fax: Conair East Asia, Taiwan Branch 10F, #202, Ta-Tung Road Sec. 3, Xi-Zhi Taipei Taiwan : 真 : Conair East Asia, China Operations Center #9 Factory Lane 195 Xipu Road East New Section, Songjiang Ind. Park Shanghai , China : 真 :