Organiser Auditing Organisation Objective The outbreaks of food incidents in recent years raised public concerns on food safety. End-to-end food trace

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1 Organiser Auditing Organisation Open for Entry Now Enquiry: HKQAA Fanny Li Tel.: / Calvin Luk Tel.: /

2 Organiser Auditing Organisation Objective The outbreaks of food incidents in recent years raised public concerns on food safety. End-to-end food traceability thus becomes an essential and pivotal element in food safety management. To encourage enterprises to optimize their food traceability practices, GS1 Hong Kong holds the Quality Food Traceability Scheme annually since Through performing a structural, standard-based audit, the Scheme aims to recognise local enterprises which demonstrate excellence in food traceability practices, including the effective adoption of international standards and technology for their food management systems to enable a high level of traceability with the ultimate goal of serving better and safer food to consumers. GS1 Global Traceability Standard As a neutral, not-for-profit and ISO endorsed organisation, GS1 has dedicated ourselves to the design and implementation of global standards, for more efficient, visible and safer supply chains. GS1 Global Traceability Standard (GTS), which complies with multiple international standards, makes food traceability systems possible on a global scale - regardless of the number of companies or borders crossed in the food production process. Aberdeen s Food Safety and Traceability Report*states that the best performing food companies have 60% adoption of GS1 standards. In case of suspected food safety issues, the GTS enabled system ensures immediate access to accurate product information and swift recalls of products. It also facilitates quality assurance and accurate inventory control, with the ultimate goal to ensure consumer health and safety. Professional Audit The audit will be performed by professional auditors, including GS1 Hong Kong principal consultant and renowned partner professional audit company, Hong Kong Quality Assurance Agency (HKQAA), who have expertise on standards and food industry related audits. Audit Principles & Definitions The audit criteria are mainly evaluated in accordance with GTS, with cross reference to GFSI recognised food safety scheme such as BRC (British Retail Consortium) Global Standard Food, IFS (International Featured Standard) Food, SQF (Safe Quality Food), Global G.A.P, ISO 22005, ISO 9001, HACCP, etc. The 12 audit criteria are under 4 key focus perspectives on scope, procedures, resource management and supervisory control. Scoring System Each application is audited based on a scoring scale of points with reference to the criteria in the table below. The scoring system comprises three major components, including (i) GTS compliance, (ii) GFSI food safety certificate and other standards recognition, and (iii) traceability coverage extension to external business partners. The scoring components provide comparative values for evaluation on levels of implementation and maturity of food traceability system. Diamond, Gold or Silver trophy will be awarded to recognised companies based on the audit results.

3 Organiser Auditing Organisation Total Score GTS (70%) Food Safety Certification (20%) Coverage (10%) Cover 4 focus GFSI recognised scheme Extend traceability Diamond perspectives and 12 criteria IFS ISO 2000 practices to upstream / downstream business FSSC22000 partners Gold HACCP SQF ISO9000 BRC Silver Global G.A.P. HACCP Entitlements Recognised companies are entitled to use the logo in marketing materials and enjoy additional exposure in: - Annual recognition ceremony - Media partners and collaborating partners - GS1 Hong Kong publications - GS1 Hong Kong website and social media platforms Scheme Benefits In addition to the above entitlements, each participating company will receive an external perspective appraisal based on the audit criteria. A team of professional auditors with diverse and extensive experience will audit each participating company, who will then receive a full report on its strengths and areas for improvement. This will benefit the participating company to develop a roadmap for better food traceability management and to maintain the most updated system for companies who are constantly looking for improvement. Eligibility & Application Fee Companies who have engaged in food business with over one year of operation in Hong Kong are eligible to apply. Each application will be charged HK$16,000. Food Scheme 2017 Milestone Submit the application from on or before end of Apr 2017 Food Tracebility Audit Scoring based on audit criteria Result announcement with audit report in June 2017 Annual recognition ceremony in July 2017

4 Organiser Auditing Organisation Participating Companies in 2016 Gold Award Silver Award Supporting Organisations Voices from 2016 Winners Getz Bros. & Co. (Hong Kong) Ltd Mr. Frank Yau, Supply Chain Business Partner Wyeth (Hong Kong) Holding Company Limited Ms. May Chung, Country Business Manager Maxim's Caterers Ltd. Ms. Gail Chan, Head of Logistics & Quality Assurance Swire Coca-Cola HK Mr. Patrick Wu, Loading & Warehouse Manager Not only can participation in this Scheme enhance the confidence of customers, it can also strengthen the awareness of our staff within the company that food safety needs strict enforcement. Through this Scheme, we could learn more about the new trend and improve our present platform, thus providing more comprehensive protection to the consumers. Maxim has long been emphasising food safety and quality. We wish to keep the effort in the catering industry, by adopting the client-oriented approach and viewing quality as the foundation, in order that the customers could receive satisfactory service. Participating in the scheme enables us to comprehensively examine our food traceability system. It not only ensures the related system could achieve excellence, but also further enhances the company s food safety. We have been committed to the pursuit of a safer, more efficient and more Hop Hing Oils & Fats (Hong Kong) Limited Ms. Tammy Lam, Director and Chief Operating Officer transparent supply chain management, so as to reflect the optimization and value creation of our products. This Scheme helps our quality control in aspects like purchase of raw materials, manufacturing and logistics. It also encourages us to continue upholding the No compromise on quality principle. Enquiry: HKQAA Fanny Li Tel.: / Calvin Luk Tel.: /

5 主辦機構 審計機構 現正接受報名 查詢 : 香港品質保證局 李鳳翎小姐 (Fanny Li) 電話 : / 電郵 陸沛堦先生 (Calvin Luk) 電話 : / 電郵

6 主辦機構 審計機構 宗旨 近年的食物安全事故令市民大眾對食物安全日益關注, 端到端的食品追溯規範成為食品安全管理不可或缺甚至關鍵的因素 為了致力推動企業實踐食品追溯,GS1 Hong Kong 由 2015 年開始均每年舉辦 優質食品源頭追蹤計劃 計劃採用以 GS1 標準為基礎的結構性審計方式, 旨為嘉許本地企業於食品追溯獲得卓越表現, 包括透過有效地採用國際標準及監控食品管理系統技術, 以達到食品追溯的要求和提供優質及安全食品予消費者的最終目標 GS1 全球追溯標準 GS1 是一個中立及非牟利的國際組織, 並獲 ISO 認可, 一直致力設計及推行全球標準, 務求讓供應鏈更加高效 透明及安全 GS1 全球追溯標準 (GTS) 符合多項國際標準, 讓食品追溯系統可以全球通行, 不論食品生產過程中牽涉多少不同企業和國家 根據研究機構 Aberdeen Group 發表的 Aberdeen s Food Safety and Traceability Report *, 全球表現最佳的食品企業中, 六成已經採用 GS1 標準 當出現懷疑食品安全事故時, 以全球追溯標準根據的系統可以確保即時取得準確的產品資訊和迅速回收問題貨品 系統亦有助產品質量保證及準確控制存貨, 從而達到保障消費者的健康及安全的最終目標 專業審計審計將由專業審計人員負責, 包括 GS1 Hong Kong 首席顧問和夥伴審計機構香港品質保證局 (HKQAA) 它們在標準和食品業相關的審核工作上擁有專業知識和豐富經驗 審計準則及定義評審準則主要根據 全球追溯標準 (GTS ) 進行, 並且參照獲全球食品安全倡議組織 (GFSI) 認可的食品安全標準, 包括 BRC 全球食品安全標準 IFS 國際食品標準認證 SQF ( 食品安全與質量 ),Global G.A.P ISO ISO 9001 HACCP 認證等 12 個評審準則將涵蓋四個關鍵項目, 包括應用範圍 程序 資源管理和監管 評分準則評分將根據三大準則進行, 主要包括 (i) 全球追溯標準 的達標程度 (ii) GFSI 食品安全認證及其他標準認證及 (iii) 對外商業夥伴的追溯覆蓋面 評分定為 分 此評分標準可提供對比, 評估食品追蹤系統的履行及完善程度 大會將根據評審結果, 頒發鑽石, 金及銀獎牌予認可機構

7 主辦機構 審計機構 總分全球追溯標準 (70%) 食品安全認證 (20%) 覆蓋面 (10%) 涵蓋 4 大項目 GFSI 認證計劃 延伸可追溯規範至 鑽石 及 12 項準則 IFS ISO 2000 上游或下游合作夥伴 FSSC22000 金 HACCP SQF ISO9000 銀 BRC Global G.A.P. HACCP 可享權益 得獎企業將獲授權於相關的市場推廣資料上使用 嘉許標誌, 並同時享有以下渠道報導機會, 包括 : - 年度頒獎典禮 - 傳媒及合作夥伴 - GS1 Hong Kong 出版刊物 - GS1 Hong Kong 網頁及社交平台 計劃權益除上述權益, 每間參賽企業可獲享一次性由第三方提供的評審服務 主辦機構將根據獎項的評審準則, 由經驗豐富的專業評審員為每間參賽企業進行評審 各企業將收到一份全面的評估報告, 列明企業的優勢及可改進之處, 以協助企業建立更完善的食品追溯管理系統的路線圖 申請資格及費用 參賽企業須於香港食品業營運達一年或以上, 申請費用為港幣一萬六千元正 2017 計劃里程碑 於 2017 年 4 月底或之前填妥及遞交申請表格 為參賽企業進行食品追溯審計 專業評審根據審計標準計算得分 主辦機構於 2017 年 6 月份公佈審計結果及評估報告 主辦機構於 2017 年 7 月份舉行年度頒獎典禮

8 主辦機構 審計機構 參與機構 金獎 銀獎 支持機構 2016 年得獎者心聲 美國吉時兄弟 ( 香港 ) 有限公司 丘偉耀先生供應鏈業務夥伴 參加這個計劃既能提升客戶的信心, 亦能加強員工在公司內的意識, 知道食品 安全需嚴格執行 惠氏 ( 香港 ) 控股有限公司 鍾美玲總經理 而透過這個計劃, 我們更加可以多了解新的趨勢, 在 ( 我們 ) 現時的平台做得 更好, 為所有消費者帶來更全面的保障 香港美心食品有限公司 陳穎基小姐物流管理及品質監控總監 美心對食品安全和品質都一向很著重, 希望我們在飲食界繼續努力, 以客為先, 以質為根, 令顧客有一個稱心滿意的服務 太古可口可樂香港有限公司 鄥志衡貨倉及起卸經理 參加 GS1( 香港 ) 的優質食品源頭追蹤計劃, 正好使我們能全面審視公司的食 品追溯管理系統, 一方面能確保有關的系統達到卓越的表現, 亦同時能進一步 提升公司的食品安全水平 Hop Hing Oils & Fats (Hong Kong) Limited 林鳳明董事兼首席營運總監 我們一直以來都致力追求一個更有效 更安全 更透明的供應鏈管理, 以體現 我們產品的優化及價值的創造 這個計劃有助我們在原材料採購 生產 物流 這幾方面去進行品質控制, 令我們繼續去秉持質量為先的方針 查詢 : 香港品質保證局 李鳳翎小姐 (Fanny Li) 電話 : / 電郵 陸沛堦先生 (Calvin Luk) 電話 : / 電郵