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3 Wonderful aroma; perfect body; full flavour; exact temperature. The perfect coffee, prepared on the new Visacrem V6+. The only machine that makes design and espresso technology 100% efficient. An attractive streamlined aluminium body with a touch sensitive glass control panel that brings durability and ease of cleaning. Classic thermosiphon espresso technology enriched by digital control with temperature/ pressure sensors. A 3.5 LCD personalized touchscreen that provides key data and on time information. The new Visacrem V6+: achieve espresso perfection. 高贵品味, 无暇机身, 全系列风味, 精准温控 采用全新款 Visacrem V6+, 为您制作醇正美味的咖啡 是将设计与 espresso 技术 100% 完美结合的唯一一款咖啡机 流线铝质机身极具魅力, 采用触摸玻璃屏控制面板, 不仅持久耐用, 而且易于清洗 采用温度 / 压力传感器并辅以数字控制, 增强了经典热虹吸管 espresso 技术的性能 3.5 LCD 个性化触摸屏可以提供关键数据和时间信息 全新款 Visacrem V6+: 制作完美的意式浓缩咖啡 3

4 Technical characteristics 技术特点 Steam service is actioned by a capacitive touch button. Hot water temperature for teas can be regulated to between 78 and 98ºC. Programmable hot water quantity. Illuminated working area Tempered glass control panel. 3.5 LCD touchscreen for easy programming and set up. USB port to transfer parameters, to download a personalised screen saver, or to update software. Auto Steam (optional): touch button steam arm with programmable temperature cut out for perfect milk foaming. Automatic purge after each foaming cycle. 采用电容式触摸按钮操作蒸汽服务 泡茶热水温度可在 78 至 98º C 之间调节 可编程控制热水用量 可照亮工作区 钢化玻璃控制面板 3.5 LCD 触摸屏, 易于编程与设置 具有 USB 端口, 可以传输参数 下载个性化屏保 或更新软件 自动蒸汽 ( 可选项 ): 采用温度可编程设定的触摸按钮蒸汽臂, 制作完美的牛奶起泡 每次起泡循环后自动清洗

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6 New glass technology SCHOTT SeeClear 全新玻璃屏技术 SCHOTT SeeClear The Visacrem V6+ includes SCHOTT SeeClear technology for mirrored glass with 3D-effects a new solution developed by the international technology group SCHOTT. Visacrem V6+ 将 SCHOTT SeeClear 技术应用于具有 3D 效果的镜面玻璃 这是由 SCHOTT 国际科技集团开发的一种新型解决方案 FRONT VIEW. MIRRORED RING. SYMBOL WITH LED BACKLIGHTING 前视图 镜像环 符号采用 LED 背光照明 SIDE VIEW. GLASS WITH SCHOTT SEECLEAR TECHNOLOGY. REAR SIDE PRINTED IN BLACK 侧视图 玻璃采用 SCHOTT SEECLEAR 技术 背面采用黑色印制 SERVICE BUTTONS WITH 3D EFFECT 服务按钮具有 3D 效果

7 New touch control screen. 新颖的触摸控制屏 Two personalised screen savers for point of sale promotions. Digital coffee servings counter. Screen for easy control of key machine parameters. Performance record information for technical service personnel. Key data quickly accessible. Interface available in 12 languages. Touch button steam arm with optional programmable temperature cut out for perfect milk foaming. 两款个性化屏保, 有助于提高销量 数字化咖啡服务台 通过屏幕操作, 易于控制关键机器参数 可记录技术服务人员的绩效档案信息 关键数据快速访问 人机界面支持 12 种语言 可以选择温度可编程设定的触摸按钮蒸汽臂, 制作完美的牛奶起泡 7

8 Patented Grouptronic Temperature Control* Grouptronic 专利温度控制 * A simple yet ground-breaking evolution of the thermosiphon system which has been present in the best espresso equipment for over 50 years, our Grouptronic technology allows the temperature for each group head to be independently programmed with a precision of +/- 0.2 C. 我们的 Grouptronic 技术采用简洁 开创性的热虹吸系统, 目前已在最好的 espresso 设备中使用超过 50 年, 每个出水口温度都可以独立编程控制, 精度高达 +/- 0.2 C 随后, 终端用户可在显示面板上调节该参数, 改变水煮温以完成适宜的咖啡服务 各出水口可以设置不同的温度, 咖啡师可以在不同水煮温度下准备不同的混合调配, 且不会增加功耗 因为咖啡机只使用一个锅炉 The end user can subsequently adjust this parameter via the display, changing the brew water temperature to suit the coffee blend being served. A different temperature can be set on each group head, allowing the barista to prepare different blends with different brew water temperatures and without increasing energy consumption as the machine operates with just one boiler. SOLENOID 1 A two-way solenoid controls the flow on each thermosiphon circuit. TEMPERATURE PROBE 2 Measures the group temperature and provides the information to the main board. BREW GROUP 3 Mono block 3 kilo brass group heads with natural infusion-extraction system. TRANSFORMER 4 Provides the precise voltage needed to power the solenoids. DIGITAL MAIN BOARD 5 Ensures the programmed temperature is maintained in each brew group. BOILER 6 Copper boiler with independent thermosiphon heat exchangers for each brew group. 电磁阀 1 双向电磁阀控制每个热虹吸管电路的流量 温度探测器 2 测量出水温度, 并向主板提供信息 水煮容器 3 带自然灌注系统的黄铜容器, 每个重达 3 千克 变压器 4 为电磁阀正常工作提供所需的精准电压 数字主板 5 确保每个水煮容器中的编程温度保持恒定 锅炉 6 铜质锅炉, 与每个水煮容器都接有独立的虹吸管热交换器 * OPTIONAL * 可选项

9 4 Why Grouptronic? Grouptronic : the only technology which constantly maintains the set temperature of every espresso. 为什么使用 Grouptronic? Grouptronic : 能够恒定维持每份 espresso 意式咖啡烹饪温度的唯一技术 5 AT LOWER TEMPERATURES espresso looses the intensity of its aroma, body and flavour. 如果温度较低,espresso 将丧失其色 香 味的浓烈口感 6 PERFECT EXTRACTION lasts between 20 and 30 seconds, with a constant brew water temperature set between 88 and 94ºC. 完美冲泡的持续时间应在 20 秒至 30 秒之间, 恒定水煮温度应设定在 88 至 94º C 之间 AT HIGH TEMPERATURES, coffee is bitter and astringent, deforming the aroma and flavour. 如果温度较高, 咖啡将变苦变涩, 严重影响其香气和味道 9

10 FRONT / 正面 BACK / 背面 2 Groups / 2 头型 3 Groups / 3 头型 2 Groups Tall / 2 头型, 加高款 3 Groups Tall / 3 头型, 加高款 Height / 高度 52cm 52cm 57cm 57cm Depth / 深度 57cm 57cm 57cm 57cm Width / 宽度 83cm 100cm 83cm 100cm Capacity / 容量 13L 18L 13L 18L Power / 功率 3500W 4600W 3500W 4600W Weight / 自选的 72kg 86kg 72kg 86kg OPTIONAL / 自选的 : AUTO STEAM / 蒸汽温度探头 GROUPTRONIC GROUPTRONIC + AUTOSTEAM/ 蒸汽温度探头 2 GROUPS TALL / 2 头型, 加高款 3 GROUPS / 3 头型

11 AVAILABLE IN 4 COLOURS / 咖啡机共有 4 种颜色可供选择 WHITE / 白色 BLACK / 黑色 RED / 红色 SILVER / 银色 11

12 QUALITY ESPRESSO S.A. Motors, Barcelona, Spain T 电话 F 传真 Export T 出口电话 Export F 出口传真 E 电子邮箱 网址 At Quality Espresso in Barcelona we craft our espresso machines in a traditional manner, building a quality product which is professional, adaptable and innovative. 在巴塞罗那的 Quality Espresso, 我们采用传统方式手工制作 espresso 意式咖啡机, 为您呈上专业 适用 富有创意的优质产品 In the interest of continuous product development, the manufacturer reserves the right to modify the characteristics of the appliances presented in this publication without notice. Dans l intérêt du développement continu, le fabricant se réserve le droit de modifier sans préavis les caractéristiques des appareils présentés dans cette publication. 出于持续开发产品的动力, 制造商保留无需通知即可修改本手册中电器功能与特征的权利