BP Life 創刊了! 藉著鍋物傳遞温度 Boiling Point debuts first issue! offering warmth through hot soups I o p ened the f i r s t B o i l i n g Po i nt i n Hacienda

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2 BP Life 創刊了! 藉著鍋物傳遞温度 Boiling Point debuts first issue! offering warmth through hot soups I o p ened the f i r s t B o i l i n g Po i nt i n Hacienda Heights, California in 2004, and 2016 marks the 12th year milestone. I am sincerely grateful for many of you who have supported us along the way and it is my desire to convey our BP values and beliefs to you via this publication. I left my homeland of Taiwan for the United States to pursue my dream of opening my very own restaurant. I never imagined that it would one day become the enterprise it is today, responsible for the livelihood of hundreds of employees. My customers also seem to feel at home at Boiling Point, which is what I believe makes us stand apart. This is the reason why Boiling Point always tries to excel. In order to provide a safe dining experience for our customers and a comfortable working environment for our staff, we developed the patented portable wok stand, which is certified in the United States, Taiwan, Hong Kong, China, and Canada. We invested in central kitchens and spared nothing to create delicious, wholesome soups. We hope that customers ever y w h ere c an t aste and feel the thoughtfulness that goes into Boiling Point delicacies. We are dedicated and hope to continue to make advancements in all areas! In this issue, you will see Boiling Point's objectives, beginning with strict selfregulation, screening, internal checks a n d b a l a n c e. We s t r i ve to p r ov i d e every customer with a pleasant dining experience. In the end, we succeed by maximizing customer satisfaction which is more important than maximizing profit. This is my creed. For instance, while managing our human resources, our priority is not just to pursue revenue growth, but also to bring our employees together and foster a harmonious working environment. In regards to our food, not only do we seek variety by launching new hot soups every year, we are also increasing our use of organic ingredients. The quality of our ingredients is one of Boiling Point s most valuable investment. For me, the three pillars that make up the heart of Boiling Point s core ideals are Honesty, Trustworthiness, and Integrity. I cannot say that everything is in place for Boiling Point yet; as it is still young, but since its inception; we at Boiling Point have never stopped our search for excellence. I look forward to everyone getting to know Boiling Point and I also look forward to all the feedback and advice that can help us excel as we progress boldly towards the future! Rick Chou Founder of Boiling Point We believe in fresh ingredients. Edited by Hearst Magazines Taiwan. Contents BP, a Place Called Home What's Happening We Care Interview with the Designer of BP s Patented Wok Stand BP Insider Foodie Tips A Bite of the World Goodies

3 What s Happening WOW!! 3 Fremont San Mateo San Jose 2017 Hello, San Mateo, San Jose and Cupertino, Boiling Point is Coming! 北加三家新店開幕美味與您更靠近 Hello, friends in Northern California, we heard your requests! Boiling Point is coming to town! You can currently find us in Fremont, San Mateo and San Jose as well. And what's more, the concept store will open its doors in Cupertino at the start of 2017! T h e l o c ation of o u r n ew store in San Mateo is very pedestrian-friendly. Designing BP San Mateo's interior posed a number of challenges to our design team. First of all, we broke down the large scale space into a few smaller and more comfor table places and took these opportunities in these smaller areas to put different twists on the industrial style materials and textures you're used to seeing in Boiling Point stores. From ropes to rebar, to the artwork painted on the walls, these new elements lend texture yet preserve Boiling Point's brand, and help to tell BP's story. In Boiling Point's San Jose store, we borrowed some elements from its sibling in San Mateo and vice versa. To make sure it feels cozy and comfortable, we used t h e l i g h t i n g, a n d w a r m textures/colors to enhance the atmosphere of the store. We relied on subtler textures and details here. For example, if you look up, you'll see ornamental ceiling tile, and if you look down, you'll see they echo the texture on the table bases. Last but not least, Boiling Po i nt's c o n c e pt s to r e i n C u p e r t i n o r e p r e s e n t s a unique dining experience. We elevate the atmosphere to match the concept store's more progressive menu and ingredients. We ensure the design and layout supports effective service, which is as important to the customer's dining experience as how good the restaurant looks. Cupertino San Mateo San Jose San Mateo San Jose Cupertino The pictogram of The Original Mini Wok on a Box. The Original Mini Wok on a Box Boiling Point 2.0 We just got better! 沸點 2.0 美味再進化 Great news for our fans in Northern California and Washington! Soon we will unveil new versions of our soup base and dipping sauce with higher standards and enhanced flavors developed by Boiling Point s R&D Team. Each bite will fill you with satisfaction and enliven your senses. We have also adjusted the ratio of our Garlic Bean Paste and Chili Oil. A new mixture that draws out the aroma of the soup, making you crave more! The new Fermented Bean Curd Paste produces a dainty wine aroma that fuses the sweetness with savory. Turn to page to discover the golden ratios for our dipping sauces. The new versions will also be available in Southern California and Canada soon. Stay tuned! ; P

4 We Care BoilinG Point'S PatEntED wok StanD Heart warming and Safe Few things in life impart as much comfort as enjoying a hot soup m e a l. C l o s e y o u r eye s a n d imagine the steam rising over the surface of the hot soup as each sip fills you with warmth and flavor revitalizing both body and spirit. One should never have concern for their safety while consuming hot soup from an elevated wok. To ensure the safety of both our customers and employees, Boiling Point put much thought into its own custom-made portable wok stand in 2012 and obtained a patent for its design in the United States, Taiwan, Hong Kong, China, and Canada. The design philosophy behind Boiling Point s custom-made wok stand demonstrates the company s concern for safety and functionality. Many deliberate ideas towards safety were put into the design of the wok stand. The concave profiles on the sides allow servers to easily grab and hold the stand to avoid accidents from an unsecured wok. The embedded design positions the wok securely in the center, making the wok more stable preventing accidental tilts. The four narrow openings on the top surface allow for increased air circulation which enables the flames to evenly disperse heat across the wok stand while the two larger gaps provide ample room for the lighter to ignite the heat source within the base. The aluminum and steel alloy also assists in lowering the temperature, allowing the wok stand to be safely touched by staff and guests alike. Easy to Grab The concave profiles on the sides allow servers to easily grab and hold the stand. 暖心不燙手 2012 Detail Matters The four narrow openings on the top surface allow for increased air circulation which enables the flames to evenly disperse heat across the wok stand. 4 沸點專利湯鍋底座 Safe Material The aluminum and steel alloy also assists in lowering the temperature, allowing the wok stand to be safely touched by staff and guests alike

5 We Care an interview with the DESiGnEr Q How did your cooperation with Boiling Point begin? I started out by designing Boiling Point s website. I had known about Boiling Point for a while, and I had always thought their food tasted wonderful, but the dining environment was not at its best. Eric Chen Creative Director of Rooster Creatives experience and enjoy the wok Stand In the process of designing the website, I casually mentioned to Rick (Boiling Point s founder) that his brand would have added success if it had a tailor-made design to display his food. After some consideration, he too felt that this made sense so he invited me to create a visual style for Boiling Point. I began with an interior design theme for the restaurants, then their menus, then on to their wok stand. Eric Chen, Creative Director of Rooster Creatives, was originally from Taiwan but now resides in Los Angeles, California. The trendy and dynamic visual images that appear in Boiling Point restaurants and websites are all from his imagination. W h e n d i s c u s s i n g t h e i n d u s t r i a l s t y l e, h e replies, industrial style is stylish and durable which is similar to the characteristics of Boiling Point. Actually, the industrial style fits Boiling Point s demands the most because it is stylish, yet tough, durable, and more importantly, the longer you use it, the better it looks. Another classic design is the wok stand which safely and securely holds the pots. This too was designed by Eric and eventually earned patents in the United States, Taiwan, Hong Kong, China, and Canada. Eric has said that the biggest challenge in designing a stylish yet safe wok stand was not in creating its unique aesthetic appearance, but how to incorporate the design of the wok stand with the restaurant s concepts and the actual demands of customers. How exactly did Eric accomplish this? Let s find out! 盡情享受美食的創新設計專利湯鍋底座設計師 -Eric 專訪 Rooster Creatives Eric Chen Eric Eric Q How did you integrate Boiling Point s spirit into the design? My design is consistent, from the visual design of the interior, to the ironman-like wok stand; using clean design and durable materials that can withstand the test of time. I remember about five years ago when industrial style was not very popular in Los Angeles, I had always felt it was the most suitable style for Boiling Point. Stylish, tough, durable, and improves with age. This is similar to Boiling Point s philosophy for hiring staff who always work hard to improve and refine their expertise. I believe that this is why Boiling Point is so successful. Their corporate philosophy withstanding the test of time. Q What is the most important consideration when designing dining equipment from the perspective of the customer? Being safe and practical are the most important concerns. The old wok stands that Boiling Point used to use were too tall and unstable. The new design had to allow customers to easily view and enjoy the food. On the other hand, the height and size of the wok stand had to fit with the ratio of the table and the wok. In consideration of Boiling Point s rapid growth, the equipment needed to withstand of lot of wear and tear, so complicated designs would be impractical, which is why I came to the conclusion that the design had to be simple. On top of that, the wok stand was made from an aluminum-steel alloy without paint that could protect both the customers and servers from burns, while displaying raw beauty in its simplicity. 8 9

6 BP Insider Service with the right Attitude! 我端的是態度! 沸點餐廳服務團隊 Each Person Plays Their Part District Managers are tasked with ensuring that both the administrative teams and the customer-facing teams understand the challenges facing either side and maintain teamwork between both arms of Boiling Point. Deeds, Not Words. In good times or bad, we are a team. This is our company s philosophy. With 23 restaurants across two states and three countries worldwide, our young and talented staff capably manage and maintain each location. They sacrifice their free time to learn and grow, developing valuable life skills. Passion and diligence are the words that motivate Boiling Point employees. Each day brings new obstacles and challenges which our employees overcome with determination and dedication. Ever wonder what a normal day in the restaurant entails? How team members work together as one cohesive unit? Let s take a peek behind the scenes. Key Person Kenny District Manager Kenny : When our restaurant first opened, a toilet in the bathroom was backed up. The owner happened to be in the store that day and as soon as he heard the news, he headed to the bathroom and removed the clog from the toilet with his own hands. I was shocked to witness his actions. He could have demanded me to deal with it, yet he rolled up his sleeves and solved it himself. Inspired, I learned to always be willing to lend a helping hand and to enter the hot zone without any hesitation. I am now in the management position, but this principle has stuck in my mind since then. 10

7 BP Insider Key Person Frank Restaurant Manager Key Person Andy Server Key Person Kenny Cook Key Person Lulu Barista The Restaurant Manager is primarily responsible for overseeing the smooth operation of the restaurant, maintaining standards, enforcing the rules, calling the shots and handling emergencies as they occur. The Manager s management style sets the tone for the work environment at each location. The Barista or Bobartender as we affectionately refer to them it at Boiling Point is responsible for mastering over a dozen drink recipes. There is a lot of pressure behind the bar from accurately mixing the drinks to fulfilling orders during the rush hours, all while lending a helping hand when needed. We All Serve as One, This is What Makes a Team. Frank : Although many of us come from different countries and cultures, we speak one language: empathy. On one particularly cold winter, only one cook was scheduled to work that shift. At the time I was in the kitchen lending a hand along with the rest of the team. We all understood the pressure for one person to fulfill the seemingly unending flood of orders coming in. At one point I asked him, Are you doing all right? to which he replied, I am not alone. I cannot find better words to describe what it is like to work at Boiling Point. The first task is to keep customers calm and happy when they find they have to wait a bit longer than expected. The second task is to make wise table arrangements. We occasionally also take the initiative and offer recommendations for first time guests who are unsure about what to order. For instance, we may suggest the Beef Hot Soup which is one of our more popular menu items, or the Seafood & Tofu Hot Soup to those that prefer something a little lighter. For our more daring customers that can take the heat we might recommend the Taiwanese Spicy Hot Soup. Good Service Means Empathizing with the Needs of Customers. Few positions in the restaurant understand pressure more than the cook during the lunch or dinner rush. The Cook must put the orders out as quickly as possible, maximizing output with limited burners. This position is one that requires passion and dedication for service and quality. People-Oriented Management Helps Overcome Fatigue. A Good Mood is Contagious. Share Your Mood with Everyone! Lulu : I once attended a training seminar covering the management of one s emotions. In the seminar, two empty glasses were filled with water from the same source. The one that was given good wishes crystallized beautifully under the microscope, the other with malicious thoughts appeared ugly and horrifying. I truly believe that as long as we serve our customers with sincerity and good intentions, they will be satisfied and leave feeling content. Andy : Following the SOP is only the start. Good service takes shape only after you care from the bottom of your heart for customers. You will notice how customers can sense our genuine care when we proactively fill their cup or ask, "How is everyone doing?" When I read positive feedback from comment cards, all my stress and pressure is released. Kenny : You will feel tired, sometimes lost, when doing repetitive work for long hours. However, once you make friends and are able to learn new things, the daily routine becomes more tolerable even enjoyable because your heart is more settled. You find a sense of belonging and you can see a future with Boiling Point. I always spend a little time chatting with my peers after work. In fact, they are not just my colleagues, they are family! 12 13

8 Foodie Tips For those who prefer to keep things mild, we recommend mixing the fermented bean curd paste and garlic soy sauce in a 1:1 ratio. This combination perfectly complements our Lamb Hot Soup. The sweetness from the fermented bean curd paste and the savory garlic soy sauce tones down the distinctively gamey taste of lamb and reduces the acidity of the sour mustard flavor of the soup. This ratio also complements the lighter Seafood & Tofu Hot Soup by not overpowering the natural sweetness of the seafood. 1 1 Boiling Point DiPPing SauceS Achieve Optimal Flavor with the Golden Ratio In addition to coming up with new and delicious hot soups and exciting drinks, our Product Development team also crafted our signature sauces. The unique taste of our fermented bean curd paste made exclusively for Boiling Point and first introduced to our locations in Northern California and Washington, the sweet and savory garlic soy sauce, garlic bean paste, and the fiery zest of the chili oil, the flavors of each sauce when blended in the right ratio enhance any meal. Boiling Point recommends the following 3 combinations of sauces to suit any preference. Of course you can also choose to mix the sauces in any combination to create your own golden ratio! 3 Fermented Bean Curd Paste Chili Oil Garlic Soy Sauce Garlic Bean Paste For customers who prefer adding a little s p i c e, we r ecommend c o m b i n i n g the fermented bean curd paste and chili oil in a 1:2 ratio. The taste of the fermented bean curd paste is further accented by adding a splash of the chili oil. This combination of sauces is optimal for the House Special Soup and Japanese Miso Hot Soup. 1 2 X 2 For those that prefer sauces with a more complex mix of sweet and savory, we recommend combining three sauces in a 1:1:1 ratio. The aroma of the fermented bean curd paste and the savory garlic soy sauce add even more layers of taste when blended with the garlic bean paste. This combination of sauces is ideal for the Beef Hot Soup, Thai Fusion Hot Soup and the Taiwanese Spicy Hot Soup

9 E xp 世界食趣 nd ou l o r in g Food Cultures Ar ld W or A Bite of the World Th e Taiwan Quinoa The nutritious Meal of The CenTury the globe. The debut issue goes to the homeland of Boiling Point's founder, taking a deeper look into the amazing traditional grain that's also a suitable delicacy for the modern era. T aiwan Quinoa (Chenopodium Formosanum K o i d z, a l s o c a l l e d R e d Q u i n o a), t h e Taiwanese variant of quinoa, has garnered much attention due to its high nutritional value. This cereal grain has been a popular staple of the aboriginal peoples of Taiwan for hundreds of years and has been deemed an effective weightloss diet in Western countries as well due to it being high in fiber and protein while also being low in fat and calories. Taiwan Quinoa possesses amino acids which are not produced in the human body and are also rare to find in other grains. It is also rich in minerals richer than most grains including rare elements such as selenium, a mineral that strengthens immunity. Another rare element found in Taiwan Quinoa is germanium, a functional ingredient in Lingzhi Mushrooms (Ganoderma Lucidum). Additionally, betalains and phenols found in the skin of Taiwan Quinoa produce a sizeable amount of antioxidants which studies suggest aid in reducing the risks of inflammation and cancer. National Pingtung University of Science and Technology was endowed with a grant by the Taiwanese government to study Taiwan Quinoa. They have officially identified Red Quinoa as a grain native to Taiwan which also contains high nutritional value. The consumption of Taiwan Quinoa is deeply rooted in the aboriginal culture of Taiwan. For example, Taiwan Quinoa is used by Taiwanese aboriginal tribes as a yeast starter to brew rice wine. Besides, this beneficial grain is also easy to cook. Taiwan Quinoa can be placed along with rice or other grains in a rice cooker. It can also be sprinkled on salad or taken with milk to enhance texture and add nutrition. Whole grain, gluten free, alkaline. 特色 全穀 無麩質 鹼性食物 達志影像 In "A Bite of the World", we Invite you to explore interesting food ingredients from around d Feature s Recipe Produced in Steamed Taiwan Quinoa with rice, sticky rice, or taro. Consume as a staple food or mix into burger patties to enhance texture. 吃法 將台灣藜與稻米 糯米或芋頭共煮 可作為主食 或混於漢堡肉中增添口感 Eastern and Southern Taiwan, such as Kaohsiung, Taitung, and Pingtung. 主要產地 台灣東部 南部 如高 雄 台東及屏東 台灣藜 百年營養主食 在 世界食趣 單元中 我們將帶您探索世界各地有趣的食材知識 首 期回到沸點創辦人的故鄉 台灣 從存在數百年的傳統穀物中發現 最適合現代人的美味 近年來台灣最夯的明星食材 莫過於原住民耕種了數百年的營養穀物 台灣藜 傳統稱紅藜 在豐收季節 台灣藜會結成紅 黃 橘 紫等不同色彩的豔麗花穗 成為田野間一道熱情的風景 然而身為明星 作物 台灣藜不只 顏值 高 也有驚人的內涵 在歐美 藜麥類的穀物其實已經風行多年 由於高纖維 高蛋白質 且 低脂 低熱量 一直被視為減肥聖品 但論起營養 台灣藜更勝一籌 例如擁有多數穀類所欠缺 人體無法 自行合成的必需胺基酸 多種礦物質 尤其是可強化免疫力的稀有元 素 硒 及靈芝的機能性成分 鍺 等 此外 台灣藜外皮含 有甜菜色素與酚類 具抗氧化與消炎 抗癌功效 雖然沸點暫時不會使 用這項食材 但仍會繼續朝找尋優良食材方向邁進 16 17

10 Goodie Celebrate the Year of the GolDen rooster with Gift CarDS 金雞賀喜 美國限定禮卡優惠大放送 Boiling Point has been releasing gift cards featuring the Chinese Zodiac every year. Get ready for the limited Rooster Gift Card at the end of During our promotion, you can purchase gift cards with big bonuses : Purchase a $100 gift card and receive a $3 coupon for your next visit. Purchase a $500 gift card and receive a $25 gift card. Purchase a $1000 gift card and receive a $75 gift card. Stay tuned to Boiling Point s new promotion. *Boiling Point reserves the right to modify or cancel the offer at any time without notice. 沸點每年都會推出不同生肖主題的禮卡 為迎接明年的雞年 將於2016年底限量推出金雞禮卡 指定時間內購買可享優惠 購買$100的禮卡 可獲得$3折價券1張 購買$500以上的禮卡 可獲得$25禮卡1張 購買$1,000以上的禮卡 可獲得$75禮卡1張 歡迎密切注意沸點優惠訊息 讓您吃好料不忘拚經濟 相關規則請以店內公告為主 Boiling Point's Survey Filling out a survey for a chance to win 3 free hot soup vouchers or a new BP $100 Gift Card! 上網或於店內填寫問卷 就有機會獲得 3張鍋物兌換券 或是價值100 元的禮卡 Valid at USA locations only. 禮卡僅限沸點美國分店 Canada location's exclusive offer Get $1 Hot Drink with Hot Soup! 加拿大限定 吃鍋享紅利 熱飲 1 元加價購 Let Boiling Point warm you up this winter. Add $1 to any order of hot soup and enjoy one cup of Hot Ginger Tea or Hot Longan Tea! (Original price is $3.50 per cup. Limited to participating stores in Canada's Burnaby, Richmond, and Surrey). *Not valid with any other coupon, offer, promotion or discount. Stamp card collection isn't valid for this promotion. Boiling Point reserves the right to modify or cancel the offer at any time without notice. 沸點寒冬送暖 熱飲只要$1 即日起在加拿大Burnaby Richmond和Surrey 3家分店 凡點鍋再加$1 原價$3.50 可任選熱薑母茶或桂圓茶一杯 本活動與其他優惠及集點卡不得並用 相關規則請以店內公告為主