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1 原始点保健讲座 Origin Point Medicine Forum 2014

2 3 OPM SEMINAR 2014 Introduction of OPM DR. Chang Chao Han & the origin of OPM One spinal Cord o Cervix, Upper Chest, Lower Chest, Sacrum Seven OPT Locations o Head, Shoulders, Elbows,Hips ( along the Sacrum), Lumbricalis (Hands), Lumbricalis (Feet) & Ankles

3 Introduction of Dr. Chang Chao Han 张钊汉医师简介 Born in Taiwan in 1958, Dr. Chang Chao Han has been practicing as a Chinese physician for more than 20 years. In year 2000, while treating his wife s cancer, he discovered that most of our illnesses originate from an injury somewhere in our body known as the point of origin. In the following years, he conducted many clinical trials on tens of thousands of patients using Original Point Therapy ( OPT) with very convincing and satisfying results. OPT was later renamed and is now called Origin Point Medicine (OPM) 原始点医学.

4 DR. Chang emphasized that Patients should always be the prime consideration and we should be people-oriented and treat patients as our teachers. ( 以人为本, 以病为师 ) He hopes that every household will have someone learn OPM so that we can all help ourselves in times of need. To help more people to understand and learn OPM, he founded C.C.H. Medical foundation in 2008 and set up a web site where all updated OPM related information can be easily obtained.


6 One spinal cord ( 一条脊椎 ) 4 Origin Point on Cervix Origin Point on Upper Back Origin Point on Lower back Origin Point on Sacrum ( 颈部 ) ( 上背部 ) ( 下背部 ) ( 荐椎 )

7 Seven Origin Points ( 七处原始点 ) 5 Origin Point on head ( 头 ) Origin Point on shoul der ( 肩 ) Origin Point on Hip ( 臀 ) Origin Point on Ankle ( 踝 ) Origin Point on Instep ( 脚背 ) Origin Point on Elbow ( 肘 ) Origin Point on Hand ( 手 )

8 Cause of illness Concept of Cause, Condition & Effect( 因缘果 ) 6 Effect 果 ( 影子 ) Sprout 芽 Effect do not produce effect Symptoms ( 果 ) Pain, Numbness, Itchiness, Swelling Ulcer,Fever,Inflammation Lupus ( ulcerous skin disease ), Depression etc. Cause 因 ( 本尊 ) Seeds ( 种子 ) Cause affects Effect Injury from Elsewhere 他处体伤 Body ( 身体 ) Deficiency of heat energy 热能不足 Injury at point of pain itself 本处受伤 Condition 缘 Sun light, Oxygen Water, Soil Condition affects Cause Condition ( 缘 ) Wrong Understanding, Stress, Anger, Late sleep, External injuries, Expose to Excess Heat, Pollution, Excessive cold food and drinks etc.

9 Method of Origin Point Application 7 Symptoms improve or disappear Effect Injury elsewhere Body Not enough heat Injury at point of pain Cause External heat Internal Externa l heat External heat Correct understanding, External /Internal heat, Exercise, Emotional stability Condition

10 Technique 8 Elbow Method Palm Upwards/Palm Downwards

11 Technique 9 Base of Palm method Used for soothing (Pisiform bone)

12 Technique 10 Index Finger Method Used on Mandibular bone behind earlobe and along mastoid process and to lower occipital bone

13 Technique 11 Thumb Method Used for back of hand / feet

14 Technique 12 Fist Method Used when patient is prone on bed

15 13 Pressing Intensity Pressing Frequency Pressing Duration Technique Finding OPT point

16 Technique 14 Pressing Intensity Depends on patient s condition Strength should not be too light, otherwise it won t be effective Slight pain and tolerable Strength, gradually from light to heavy Pressing Frequency Once every 2~3 days for mild problem Every point about 3 sec Repeat for 2~3 times Stop when condition improves Pressing Duration Depends on patient s condition

17 15 Finding the origin point of problems 原始点找法 Symptoms 症状讯号处 Body 身体 Front Area 前面 Side Area 旁边 Spinal Cord 脊椎 Lower area 下面 Origin Pain Point 原始痛点 Back Area 后面 Both sides of spinal cord 脊椎两侧 Center Area 中间 Both sides of spinal cord 脊椎两侧 Upper Area 上面 Both sides of spinal cord 脊椎两侧

18 Emergency Rescue for Stroke and Heart Attack From the time of collapse Room temperature must be adjusted to comfortable level to ease breathing. Mustn t be too hot or too cold. 16 Stroke: First, manipulate the origin point on the head for about 3 to 5 minutes and then the upper back. Yes Any bodily signal? e.g. eyes rotating or mouth pulling to one side? itching of the four limbs? As patient is weak, the pressure of the origin point manipulation has to be considerate. Has to follow with heat therapy. No Heart Attack: First, manipulate the origin point on the left side of the upper back follow by the right side for about 1 minute or so. After that, manipulate the original point on the head. Yes Has he / She Awakened? No Heart attack problems are mostly caused by the left upper back, but sometimes it may be caused by the right side. Therefore, manipulation of origin point has to be both sides. Apply both external and internal (ginger or ginseng water) heat therapy to further improve patient s condition. Don t panic, this is a sign of insufficient heat energy. Apply both internal and external heat therapy. Use cotton wool to wet it with either ginger or ginseng water and squeeze them into the patient s mouth. Monitor his condition. Should regain consciousness within half an hour

19 Original Point (Head) 17 Problems associated with; Headache, Migraine, Dizziness Eye pain, twitching eye lids Sore eyes, Inarticulate speech Numbness, pain, burning tongue Facial palsy Acute deafness, tinnitus Weak or numbness in limbs Stroke, Concussion, depression Flu, Fever, Insomnia, Sinus, Acne

20 18 Original Point (Cervix-Neck) Problems associated with; Neck Sore Throat Collar bone Shoulder

21 19 Original Point (Upper Back) Problems associated with; Upper back Shoulder blade Chest tightness Posterior shoulder Calf muscle cramp Cough

22 20 Origin Point (Shoulder) Problems associated with; Shoulder (Top /Front shoulder) Upper arm Armpit Side of upper body

23 21 Original Point (Lower Back) Problems associated with; Waist Lumbar Vertebrate Circumferential waist Side of waist

24 22 Original Point (Hips) Wedge area Problems associated with; Wedge area of thigh Thigh Knee Back of knee Difficult to bent Front and Side of leg Back Heel Ankle bone Achilles Instep Ankle bone

25 23 Original Point (Special) Patella Bone

26 24 Original Point (Ankle) Problems associated with; Heel Middle plantar Sides of Feet Instep

27 25 Original Point (Feet Lumbricalis) Problems associated with; Fore plantar (front of sole) Toe

28 26 Original Point (Elbow) Problems associated with; Elbow ( 手肘痛 ) Tennis elbow Golfer elbow Lower arm Wrist ( 手腕痛 ) Dorsal Metacarpal ( 掌背痛 )

29 27 Original Point (Hand Lumbricalis) Problems associated with; Thumb Palm Fingers


31 Cool ing or Heaty Vegatable/Fruits 30 疏食寒热表

32 蔬菜寒熱表 VegetarianFoodCold/Hot(InnateHeat)Table 寒 Cold 涼 Cool 平 Neutral 溫 Warm 熱 Hot 穀類 Grain 大麥 蕎麥 綠豆 薏米 黃豆 西谷米 大米 Barley,buckwheat,mungbean,barley,soyb eans, sago,rice 小米 玉米 白豆 豌豆 扁豆 蠶豆 赤小豆 黑豆 燕麥 Millet,corn,whitebeans,peas,lentils,broadbeans,re d bean,blackbeans,oats 小麥 黑米 糯米 ( 江米 ) 高梁 炒芝麻 Wheat,brown rice,glutinousrice, sorghum,sesamefri ed 菜類 Vege 蕹菜 ( 空心菜 ) 竹筍 瓢瓜 ( 葫蘆 ) 苦瓜 冬瓜 番茄 銀耳 海帶 海藻 金針菇 鮮蘑菇 荸薺 慈菇 ( 茨菰 ) 蘿蔔 小麥草 龍葵 西葫蘆 馬齒莧 蓴菜 苦菊菜 生蓮藕 蕨菜 蕨根粉 蘆筍 酸菜 Waterspinach,bambooshoot s, scoopmelon(gourd),bitter gourd,melon,tomato,white fungus,kelp,seaweed, freshmushrooms,waterchest nuts, arrowhead,radish,wheatgras s,black nightshade,zucchini,purslan e,water shield,hard- JuChoi,rawlotusroot, fern,fernrootpowder,aspara gus, pickledvegetable. 莧菜 菠菜 萵苣 青江菜,A 菜 茄子 絲瓜 黃瓜 茭白筍 油菜 白花菜 青椒 ( 柿子椒 ) 苤藍 ( 甘藍 ) 金針花 ( 黃花菜 ) 黑木耳 竹蓀 ( 竹笙 ) 腐竹 豆腐 ( 含皮 干 乳 ) 白菜 紫菜薹 黃心菜 生菜 油麥菜 芹菜 豆芽菜 秋葵 牛蒡 猴頭菇 香菇 菱角體寒者熟吃並加生薑等熱性調味料 Amaranth,spinach,lettuce,greencabbages, Adish,eggplant,gourd,cucumber,wateroat s,canola, cauliflower,greenpepper(bell pepper),kohlrabi(kale),lilyflowers(lily),b lackfungus, bamboosun(bamboo fungus),yuba,tofu(includingskin,drymilk),cabbage, seaweedsprouts,yellowcabbage,lettuce, lettuce,celery,beansprouts,okra,burdock, monkeyheadmushroom,mushroom,waterchestnut Personwithlowbodyenergylevelshouldavo idraw vegetables/salad;vegetablesshouldbecook ed, addedwithginger,pepper,chilliandotherhot spices 胡蘿蔔 豇豆 豆角 豆豉 芋頭 包心菜 ( 圓白菜 高麗菜 ) 芥藍菜 綠花菜 ( 西蘭花 ) 蓋菜 ( 芥菜 ) 雪裡紅 青菜頭 ( 榨菜頭 鮮榨菜 ) 蕃薯 ( 紅薯 ) 馬鈴薯 地瓜葉 乾蘑菇 烤麩 麵筋 ( 油麵筋 水麵筋 ) 茼蒿 ( 蒿子稈 ) 南瓜 山藥 蓮藕 ( 熟吃 ) Carrots,beans,blackbeans,taro, cabbage,kale,broccoli,mustard,p otherb mustard,cabbagehead(headmust ard, freshmustard),sweetpotato,potat o,sweet potatoleaves,dried mushrooms,roastedbran,gluten( glutenoil, water-gluten),chrysanthemum (carawaystraw),pumpkin,yam,l otusroot (cooked) 香椿 九層塔 香菜 ( 芫荽 ) 洋蔥 蔥 大蒜 蒜苗 ( 蒜薹 ) 韭菜 ( 薹花 ) Toon,basil,parsley( coriander),onion, garlic, chives(flowerstalk) 辣椒 芥末 薑 五香粉 咖哩粉 胡椒粉 茴香菜 小茴香 花椒 肉桂 ( 桂皮 ) 丁香 八角 ( 大料 ) Chilli,mustard, ginger,five spices,curry powderpepper, fennel,cumin, pepper, cinnamon, cloves,star anise(aniseed)

33 寒 Cold 涼 Cool 平 Neutral 溫 Warm 熱 Hot 果類 Fruit 柿子 柿餅 香蕉 楊桃 奇異果 ( 獼猴桃 ) 西瓜 香瓜 哈密瓜 梨 鳳梨 ( 菠蘿 ) 甘蔗 椰子汁 蓮子心 檳榔 檸檬 柚子 橘子 臍橙 柳丁 ( 橙子 ) 蓮霧 Persimmon,driedpersimmon, banana, starfruit,kiwi,watermelon,can taloupe, melon,pear,pineapple,sugarca ne, coconut,lotus,betelnut,lemon, grapefruit,orange,navalorang e,bell apple 金桔 枇杷 蘋果 無花果 芒果 火龍果 百合 桑葚 菠蘿蜜 草莓 杏 釋迦 葡萄 ( 乾 ) 木瓜 櫻桃 酪梨 楊梅 冬棗 桃 李子 番石榴 石榴 荔枝 龍眼 橄欖 佛手柑 榴槤體寒者忌食 少食, 可加熱或開水燙後食用 Lily,mulberry,pineapple,strawberry,apri cot,custard apple,grapes(dry),papaya,cherry, avocado,bayberry,jujube,peach,plum,gu ava, pomegranate,lychee,longan,olives,berga mot,durian Personwithlowbodyenergylevelshoulda voidor reduceintakesoftheabovefruits. 大棗 南瓜子 葵花子 芡實 蓮子 花生 栗子 龍眼乾 山楂 Lotusseeds,peanuts,chestnuts,dr ied longan,hawthorn 堅果類 ( 松子仁 核桃仁 杏仁 開心果 香榧子 榛子 ) 炒乾果 ( 炒栗子 炒花生 炒瓜子 炒腰果 ) Almonds,pistachios, Torreyason,hazel nuts),frieddried fruit(friedchestnut, friedpeanuts,fried melonseeds, friedcashewnuts) 其他 Othe rs 冰品 綠茶 味精 ( 味素 ) 人工飲料 化學食品 化學藥品 菊花 決明子 糖精 白糖 冰糖 Icecream,greentea,monosodi um glutamate(msg),artificialbev erages, chemicalfood,chemicals, chrysanthemum,cassia,sacch arin, sugar,rocksugar 生水 ( 純淨水 礦泉水 ) 紅茶 膨大海 羅漢果 薄荷 荷葉 蜂蜜 蜂王漿 蜂膠 花粉 巧克力 豆漿 玉米鬚 醋 醬油 鹽 沙拉醬 牛奶 優酪乳 ( 酸奶 ) 茶油 菜籽油 豆油 咖啡 燕窩 魔芋 ( 蒟蒻 ) Rawwater(purewater,mineralwater),bla ck tea,boat-fruitedsterculiaseed,luohanguo (momordicagrosvenori),mint,lotusleave s, honey,royaljelly,propolis,pollen,chocola te, milk,corn,vinegar,soysauce,salt,saladdr essing, milk,yogurt,teaoil,rapeseedoil,soybeano il, coffee,bird'snest,konjac. 各種蛋 葵花子油 橄欖油 花生油 玉米油 黃醬 麵醬 飴糖 ( 麥芽糖 ) 紅糖 枸杞子 Allkindsofeggs,sunfloweroil,oli veoil, peanutoil,cornoil,soybeanpaste, flour paste,caramel(maltose),brownsu gar, medlar(gojiberries) 麻油 純芝麻醬 Sesameoil,pure sesamejam

34 31 追着影子跑, 疾病不会好 Chasing after shadow, one will not recover from sickness. 原始点找到, 健康直到老 Original point if found, one will stay healthy right through old age.

35 原始点保健讲座 2014 Original Point Medicine Forum 谢谢大家的支持感谢所有工作人员和助理老师 THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT. THANKS TO ALL ASSISTANT TEACHERS AND HELPERS.

36 干姜片做法 Method To Prepare Dried Ginger Slice

37 31 张钊汉原始点医疗基金会网址 : 以 病 为师 以 人 为本 生姜切片 s l i c e t h e g i n g e r

38 31 张钊汉原始点医疗基金会网址 : 以 病 为师 以 人 为本 把姜片排列在钢网 Arrange the ginger slices on a tray (aluminium netting)

39 以 病 为师 以 人 为本 把姜片放在太阳底下嗮 约 2 天 Dry the ginger slices under the sun for about 2 days

40 嗮了半天 After sun dried for ½ ( half)day

41 31 张钊汉原始点医疗基金会网址 : 以 病 为师 以 人 为本 嗮了 1 天 After sun dried for 1 ( one)day

42 以 病 为师 以 人 为本 放入锅炒约 分钟 Fry in a stainless steel pan for minutes (very low fire)

43 To Increase Bodily Heat Energy - Dried Ginger Soup N o r m a l H e a l t h 25gDried Ginger Method: Boil 25g of dried ginger slices with5 bowls of water until 1.5 bowl. Split into 2 equal portions to drink. M i l d C a s e 50gDried Ginger Method: Boil 50g of dried ginger slices with8 bowls of water until 2bowl. Split into 2 equal portions to drink. C r i t i c a l C a s e g Dried Ginger Method: Boil g of dried ginger slices with10-15 bowls of water until 4 bowls. Split into 4 to 5 equal portions to drink. Note: 1) Start with big fire until boiling point. 2) Continue boiling in small fire for approximately 2 to 4hours.

44 原始点内热源 干姜汤的吃法 25g 干姜片 吃法 : 保健 每天 25g 干姜片用 5 碗水, 煮成约 1.5 碗水 吃法 : 轻症 50g 干姜片 每天 50g 干姜片用 8 碗水, 煮成约 2 碗水 重症 g 干姜片 吃法 : 每天 g 干姜片用 碗水, 煮成约 4 碗水 注 : 小火煮 4 5 小时

45 Be happy and Be healthy 33

46 Origin Point Therapy Seminar Handphone to silent mode Keep Area clean No Video Recording Please Keep Toilet clean THANK YOU FOR YOUR COOPERATION