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1 MonCaso 932 series Product Guide ENGLISH Please read this manual carefully before system installations..

2 MonCaso 932 series product guide Manual Rev: 2.0 Release Date: November Copyright c 2008 Moneual Inc. All Rights Reserved. No parts of this manual, including the products and software describe in it, may be reproduced, transmitted, transcribed, and stored in retrieval system, or translated into any language in any form or by any means, except documentation kept by the purchaser for backup purpose, without the express written permission of Moneual Inc (Moneual). Product warranty or service will not extended if: (1) the product is repaired, modified or altered, unless such repair, modification or alteration is authorized in writing by Moneual; or (2) the serial number of the product is defaced or missing. Moneual provides this manual as is without warranty of any kind, either express or implied, including but not limited to the implied warranties or conditions of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose. In no event shall Moneual, its directors, officers, employees or agents be liable for any indirect, special, incidental, or consequential damages (including damages for loss of profits, loss of business, loss of use or data, interruption of business and the like), even if Moneual has been advised of the possibility of such damages arising from any defect or error in this manual or product. Specifications and information contained in this manual are furnished for informational use only, and are subject to change at any time without notice, and should not be construed as a commitment by Moneual. Moneual assumes no responsibility or liability for any errors or inaccuracies that may appear in this manual, including the products and software described in it. Products and corporate names appearing in this manual may or may not be registered trademarks or copyrights of their respective companies, and are used only for identification or explanation and to the owners benefit, without intent to infringe. Revision History Revision Date V1.0 October V1.1 V2.0 June November ENGLISH

3 Contents Safety information Drawing of Dismantlement Package contents...6 Chapter 1 Introduction Introduction Front panel Rear panel Chapter 2 Installation Guide Before you begin Opening the Case Installing HDD Installing ODD Installing Motherboard Installing Power Supply Unit Cable Connection Power S/W and LED Connection imon connection Front I/O& Card Reader Connection RGB Terminal Connection Attaching ODD Bezel Installing Wireless Keyboard Chapter 3 PAD Remote Control Software Installation Software Installation Service Notice...27 ENGLISH 3

4 Safety information Electrical safety 1. To prevent electrical shock hazard, disconnect the power cable from the electrical outlet before relocating the system. 2. When adding or removing devices to or from the system, ensure that the power cables for the devices are unplugged before the signal cables are connected. 3. If the power supply is broken, do not try to fix it by yourself. Contact a qualified service Operation safety technician or your retailer. 1. Before installing devices into the system, carefully read all the documentation that came with the package. 2. Before using the product, make sure all cables are correctly connected and the power cables are not damaged. If you detect any damage, contact your dealer immediately. 3. To avoid short circuits, keep paper clips, screws, and staples away from connectors, slots, sockets and circuitry. 4. Avoid dust, humidity, and temperature extremes. Don not place the product in any area where it may become wet. Place the product on a stable surface. 5. If you encounter technical problems with the product, contact a qualified service technician or your retailer. Disclaimer Moneual Inc is not responsible for any damages due to external causes, including but not limited to, improper use, problems with electrical power, accident, neglect, alteration, repair, improper installation, or improper testing. 4 ENGLISH

5 Drawing of Dismantlement (HDD 80mm Fans are optional.) ENGLISH 5

6 Package Contents Check your MonCaso 932 series package for the following items. If any of the below items is damaged or missing, contact your retailer immediately. Item Q ty Case Body 1 Top Cover 1 HDD Cage 2 HDD 80mm Fan (optional) (2) Rear 80mm Fan 2 Case Body ODD Cage 1 Components Card Reader 1 Card Reader Cage 1 LCD Cover 1 S/S 7 LCD 1 Touch Panel 1 Hand Screw (#6-32 * 5) 2 Case Screws Support Screws (3x5x3) 2 Washer Head Screws (3x5) 20 Screws (No.6-32) 8 Pad Remote Control 1 AAA batteries for Pad Remote Control 2 imon Power Cable 2 Accessory Stylus Pen 1 pack ODD Bezel 1 Software CD 1 User s Guide 1 Screw driver 1 Wireless keyboard (1) Wireless USB receiver (1) keyboard USB extend cable (1) (optional) AAA battery (2) Keyboard driver CD (1) The specifications and package contents of product may change without prior notice to improve performance. (optional contents are not included.) 6 ENGLISH

7 Chapter 1. Introduction This chapter gives a general description of the MonCaso series. The chapter lists the system features including introduction on the front panel, rear panels, and internal components. MonCaso 932 series Multimedia Home Theater PC Case ENGLISH 7

8 1-1. Introduction Thank you for choosing the MonCaso series Home Theater PC Case. The MonCaso 932 series will make you experience a perfect multimedia world. The MonCaso 932 series is designed to be fully compatible with the world s best hardware components and provides quiet computing environment with its patented airflow structure and cooling system. Its refined exterior design with full premium aluminum chassis and built-in 7 LCD touch screen display matching up with your other AV system arrangements will greatly contribute to the overall impression of your living room. Especially, universal wireless remote control unit that comes with the case will give you more convenient control wherever you are at home. MonCaso 932 series will deliver the leading edge technology for your computing and multimedia entertainment needs Front panel 1. System power button: Press this button to turn the system on. 2. IR receiver: This receives signals from the MonCaso PAD remote control. 3. Microphone port: This port connects microphone. 4. Headphone port: This port connects a headphone with a stereo mini-plug. 8 ENGLISH

9 5. 6-pin IEEE 1394 port: The IEEE 1394 high-speed serial bus complements USB by providing enhanced PC connectivity for a wide range of devices, including audio/video (A/V) appliances, storage peripherals, other PCs and portable devices. 6. USB 2.0 port: This Universal Serial Bus 2.0 (USB 2.0) port is available for connecting USB 2.0 devices such as a mouse, printer, scanner, camera, PDA, and others. 7. LCD touch screen: This is a 7 LCD touch screen. NOTE Dual display graphics card should be used for LCD touch screen. 8. ODD bezel: This bezel is to be attached to ODD tray. Refer on page 28 about how to install bezel on ODD tray. 9. ODD tray eject button: Press this button to eject the optical drive tray. 10. Control buttons - Direct button (MCE): This allows to go to the application program directly. It can be user-defined. - App.Exit button: This quits the application program. It works same as "ALT+F4" - Back space button: This is used to go backward on MCE or imedian. - Direction button: This is arrow key to move up/down/left/right. - Start button: This is same as the windows icon key on the keyboard. - Menu button: This is same as the menu button of the MonCaso PAD remote controller. 11. Volume control/mute button: This is used for volume up and down/pressing for mute. 12. Power LED: This LED lights up when you place a storage card in any of the card slots, and turn off when you remove the card. 13. Card slot activity (W/R) LED: This LED flashes when data is being read from or written to a storage card inserted any of the storage card slots. 14. Memory Stick /Memory Stick Pro card slot: This slot is for a Memory Stick /Memory Stick Pro storage card. 15. Secure Digital /Multimedia Card slot: This slot is for a Secure Digital /Multimedia Card storage card. 16. Compact Flash /Microdrive card slot: This slot is for a Compact Flash /Microdrive storage card. 17. Smart Media card slot: This slot is for a Smart Media storage card. ENGLISH 9

10 1-3. Rear panel 1. Space for power supply 2. Thumbscrew: These thumbscrews secure the top cover to the chassis. 3. Motherboard I/O shield hole: Space for I/O port from motherboard 4. Air vent: Space for air flow-out. It causes system failure if you block this air vent. 5. PCI bracket: Remove bracket gently when you install graphics card or PC peripherals. 6. RGB terminal: This cable is connected to the RGB port of the graphics card. This is used for LCD touch screen display. NOTE Dual display graphics card should be used for LCD touch screen 10 ENGLISH

11 Chapter 2. Installation Guide This chapter provides step-by-step instruction on how to install components in the case. MonCaso 932 series Multimedia Home Theater PC Case ENGLISH 11

12 2-1. Before You Begin Installation Precautions When you install and test the MonCaso 932S series system, observe all warnings and cautions in the installation instructions. To avoid injury, be careful of: Sharp pins on connectors Sharp pins on printed circuit assemblies Rough edges and sharp corners on the chassis Hot components (like processors, voltage regulators, and heat sinks) Damage to wires that could cause a short circuits Observe all warnings and cautions that instruct you to refer computer servicing to qualified technical personal. Prevent Power Supply Overload Do not overload the power supply output. To avoid overloading the power supply, make sure that the calculated total current loads of all the modules within the computer is less than the output current rating of each of the power supplies output circuits. Observe Safety and Regulatory Requirements Read and adhere the instructions in this section and the instructions supplied with the chassis and associated modules. If you do not follow these instructions and the instruction provided by the chassis and module suppliers, you increase safety risk and the possibility of noncompliance with regional laws and regulations. If the instructions for the chassis are inconsistent with the instructions for associated modules, contact the supplier s technical support to find out how you can ensure that your computer meets safety and regulatory requirements. 12 ENGLISH

13 2-2. Opening the Case On the rear panel, locate the thumbscrew that secures the cover to the chassis. These are the Clamping Guides from the Top Cover. Turn the thumbscrew counterclockwise until it gets loose Pull and lift the Top Cover slightly toward the rear panel. Be careful to open and close the Top Cover. It may scratch the case. ENGLISH 13

14 2-3. Installing HDD To remove the HDD Cages unscrew the Flat Head screws and Washer Head screws as shown left. screw (Flat Head M3*5) screw (Washer Head M3*5) HDD Cages can be removed as shown left. (HDD 80mm Fans are optional.) Install HDDs using provided screws as shown left. (HDD 80mm Fans are optional.) 14 ENGLISH

15 2-4. Installing ODD screw (Washer Head M3*5) screwdriver To remove the ODD Cage unscrew the Washer Head screws using provided long screwdriver as shown left. Be careful to use the long screwdriver. It may scratch the front panel. Install ODD using provided screws as shown left. Remove the original ODD bezel before installing ODD and attach the ODD bezel provided as an accessory part. It is not possible to install ODD that the depth is over 170mm. Be sure to check the ODD specification before purchasing ODD. ENGLISH 15

16 2-5. Installing Motherboard matx Insert_ 2 Points On the base panel, locate the ATX or matx inserts as shown left. ATX Insert_ 9 Points As there is not enough space between ODD and motherboard install ODD prior to installing motherboard. 16 ENGLISH

17 Support Screw (M3-5-3) Fasten the 2pcs of Support Screws (M3-5-3) provided as accessory parts before installing matx motherboard. Be sure to remove 2pcs of Support Screw when you install ATX motherboard. It may cause short. Install Motherboard using 9pcs of washer Head screws which are provided as accessory parts. ENGLISH 17

18 2-6. Installing Power Supply Unit PSU Vent Hole PSU Guide Before installing PSU, remove the PSU Guide. Place PSU of which the fan facing PSU vent hole on the side panel. After installing PSU fasten the PSU Guide to fix the PSU to the base panel. Use screws (#6-32*5) provided as accessory parts to install the PSU. 18 ENGLISH

19 2-7. Cable Connection Front Panel Inside View A. Switch B/D B. Front I/O B/D C. Card Reader D. 7" LCD Module E. 10key B/D F. Vol. Knob B/D G. IR Receiver 2-8. Power S/W and LED Connection 1. Connect the S.W B/D's Power S.W cable to the imon LCD's Power In 2Pin. 2. Connect the S.W B/D's LED cable with the motherboard's front port LED Pin. 3. Connect the imon LCD's Power out 2Pin cable to the front port of the motherboard with the Power S.W pin. *Refer to the manual that came with the motherboard for more information on the front ports. *Make sure that all connections are made in the correct direction. ENGLISH 19

20 2-9. imon Connection Connecting the USB connectors in the wrong direction may cause damage to parts Connect the imon Power Cable to the Power Supply's 24Pin or 20Pin Connector. After Connecting, connect the imon LCD Power Cable's opposite connector to the motherboard's 24Pin or 20Pin connector. Connect the imon LCD Power Cable's imon LCD Power 4Pin Connector to the imon LCD Main B/D's 4PinConnector. NOTE The imon LCD Power Cable connects to a 24Pin or 20Pin Connector. Refer to the motherboard's manual to find the location of the Power cable. Connect the imon LCD's USB Cable to the motherboard's USB Port. NOTE Refer to the motherboard's manual to find the location of the motherboard's USB Connector. 20 ENGLISH

21 2-10. Front I/O& Card Reader Connection Front I/O Connection After determining the location of the motherboard's connector, Connect with the Front I/O in the correct direction. NOTE The location of the USB2.0 / IEEE1394 / Audio Ports can be found in the motherboard's manual. Card Reader Connection After locating the motherboard's Connector connect with the Card Reader in the correct direction. CAUTION Plugging connectors in the wrong direction can damage the parts. ENGLISH 21

22 2-11. RGB Terminal Connection Install a Graphic Card that support a Dual Display Using the Graphic Card's Manual as reference, connect the RGB cables for the main monitor and sub monitor (7'' LCD) to the graphics card. After installing the OS, Refer to the graphic card's manual to set up the dual display. NOTE When purchasing a Graphic Card for the 7'' LCD display, make sure to purchase one that supports multiple screens/dual display. Usually, the port on the top of the Graphic Card is the Secondary port. However, this may differ per brand according to the specs of each graphics card. The 7"LCD's RGB Terminal is a D-Sub port. When connecting the DVI, use the DVI to D-Sub adapter to connect. In order to use the 7"LCD in Front View mode, It must be set up on Dual Display mode. Refer to the Graphic Card's Manual to set up this mode. Any problems or errors that occur whilt setting up this mode may have to be taken to the Graphic Card manufacturer. 22 ENGLISH

23 2-12. Attaching ODD Bezel Tape 1. After completion of Case assembly turn the power on and eject ODD 2. Remove the tape on the back side of ODD bezel provided as an accessory part. 3. Align ODD bezel and tray and attach the ODD bezel to ODD tray Remove the original ODD bezel before installing ODD and attach the ODD bezel provided as an accessory part. If it is difficult to remove the original ODD bezel, consult to the maker or seller of ODD It is not possible to install ODD of which the depth is over 170mm. Be sure to check the ODD specification before purchasing ODD. ENGLISH 23

24 2-13. Installing the wireless keyboard Wireless keyboard is optional device. Plug the USB receiver to the USB port of the front or rear panel of the MonCaso 932 system. A USB extension cable can be used to connect the USB receiver. 1. Install the keyboard batteries. 2. Press the connect button on the USB receiver. 3. Press the on/off button on the front side of keyboard. 4. Press the "Connect" key under the keyboard. If the keyboard does not work suddenly, press the trackball of the keyboard or reset Connect key. 24 ENGLISH

25 Chapter 3. PAD Remote Control Software Installation MonCaso 932 series Multimedia Home Theater PC Case ENGLISH 25

26 3-1. Software Installation Before installation, make sure the resolution of 7 touch screen monitor. (800x600). 1. Insert the imon software CD into the optical drive then it will run automatically. On the screen menu, click imonsetup.exe. Select Read the contents and click Start Setup. Follow the onscreen instructions to begin the installation, when setup is completed, click OK. 2. Select Remote control, Quick Launch Application and FrontView option. It is recommend to choose imon PAD, Media Center (or imedian), Automatically respectively. 3. When the installation finished, use the imon icon for more specific setting. Adobe Acrobat Reader or Adobe Acrobat need to be installed in your system because manual is described as PDF format. 26 ENGLISH

27 Service Notice Free after-sales service for hardware of the product is guaranteed for a year. However, free-of-charge warranty does not applied to any breakage and defect caused by consumer s mistakes or force majeure. * Purchase in Korea After-sales Service through Lemon Service TEL: Service Center Availability Monday ~ Friday Saturday Sunday and public holiday are not available. * Purchase in North America & South America Service Center Telephone: Service Center Available Time: Monday ~ Friday 09:00 18:00 Saturday and public holiday are not available. Technical Support * For purchase in China, Europe and other areas, contact your local agency. Manufacturer: Moneual Inc. 611, Kolon Digital Tower Villant 2, 222-8, Guro-dong, Guro-gu, Seoul, Korea TEL: ENGLISH 27


29 MonCaso 932 系列产品指南 请在进行系统安装之前仔细阅读本手册 CHINESE 1

30 MonCaso 932S 系列产品指南 手册版本 :2.0 发布日期 :2008 年 11 月 版权所有 c 2008 Moneual Inc 保留所有权利 未经 Moneual Inc (Moneual) 的书面许可, 不得对此手册 ( 包括其中所描述的产品和软件 ) 进行任何形式或任何方式的复制 传播 转写或将其存储于检索系统, 购买者出于备份目的而保留的文件除外 如果发生以下情况, 将不再提供产品保修服务 :(1) 产品已被修理 更改或改造 (Moneual 书面授权的除外 );(2) 产品序列号被磨损或丢失 本 Moneual 提供的手册不作任何明示或暗示的担保, 包括但不限于为特定目的所作的适销性或适用性的暗示担保或条件 无论在任何情况下,Moneual 及其主管 官方人员 职员或代理商不对任何间接的 特殊的 意外的或余波所及的损失 ( 包括利润损失 经营亏损 使用或数据丢失 经营中断以及类似损失 ) 负任何责任, 即使在本手册或产品中 Moneual 已被通知此等由于任何过失或错误而导致损失的可能性 此手册中包含的技术说明和信息仅供参考, 而且会随时变更, 恕不另行通知,Moneual 亦对此不承担责任 Moneual 对在本手册 ( 包括其中描述的产品和软件 ) 中可能出现的任何错误或偏差不承担责任或义务 本手册中述及的其它产品和公司名称是指拥有相应注册或未注册商标或版权的公司,Moneual Inc 仅用于认定或解释, 对所有者的权益不作任何侵犯 修订记录 修订版本 日期 V 年 4 月 V1.1e V 年 6 月 2008 年 11 月 2 CHINESE

31 目录 安全信息... 4 拆卸图示... 5 包装内容... 6 第 1 章简介 简介 前置面板 后置面板 第 2 章安装指南 安装警示 打开机箱 安装硬盘 安装光驱 安装主机板 安装电源装置 连接电线 连接电源开关和指示灯 连接 imon 连接前置输入 / 输出接口和读卡器 RGB Terminal Connection 安装光驱盖板 安装无线键盘 第 3 章 PAD 远程控制软件安装 软件安装 服务介绍.. 27 CHINESE 3

32 安全信息 电气安全 4. 要防止电击危险, 请在重新定位系统之前将电源线从电源插座上拔下 5. 当将设备加至系统或将其从系统中删除时, 请确保在连接信号电线之前拔下设备电源线 6. 如果电源受损, 请勿尝试自行修理 请联系通过认证的维修技术人员或您的零售商 操作安全 1. 将设备安装至系统中之前, 请仔细阅读包装中随附的所有文件 2. 在使用产品之前, 请确保已正确连接所有的电线, 并确定电源线没有损坏 如果发现任何损坏, 请立即联系您的经销商 3. 要避免短路, 请勿将纸夹 螺钉和订书钉靠近连接器 插槽 插座和电路放置 4. 避免灰尘 潮湿以及极端温度环境 请勿将产品放置在任何容易受潮的地方 将产品置于稳固的表面上 5. 如果产品遇到技术方面的问题, 请联系通过资格认证的维修技术人员或您的零售商 免责声明 Moneual Inc 对任何由于外部原因导致的损害不承担责任, 包括但不限于不当使用 电力问题 意外事件 疏忽 改造 修理 不当安装或不当测试 4 CHINESE

33 拆卸图示 (HDD 80 毫米风扇为备选部件 CHINESE 5

34 包装内容 检查您的 MonCaso 932S 系列包装是否包含以下项目 如果发现以下任意一项受损或缺 失, 请立即联系您的零售商 项目 数量 机箱 1 顶盖 1 硬盘架 2 HDD80 毫米风扇 ( 备选 ) (2) 后端 80 毫米风扇 2 机箱组件 光驱架 1 读卡器 1 读卡器架 1 LCD 上盖 1 S/S 7 LCD 1 机箱零件 附件包 无线键盘 ( 备选 ) 触控面板 1 手拧螺钉 (#6-32*5) 2 支承螺钉 (3x5x3) 2 凸缘螺钉 (3x5) 20 螺钉 (No.6-32) 8 Pad 遥控器 1 Pad 遥控器 AAA 电池 2 imon 电缆 2 触屏笔 1 光驱面板 1 软件安装光盘 1 用户指南 1 螺丝刀 1 无线键盘 (1) USB 接收器 (1) USB 延长电线 (1) AAA 电池 (2) 键盘驱动程序光盘 (1) 为改进产品性能, 我们可能随时改变产品规格与包装内容, 恕不事先通知 ( 不包括备选部件 ) 6 CHINESE

35 第 1 章 简介 本章节提供了 MonCaso 系列的一般性说明 章节中列出了系统特点, 包括有关前置面板 后置面板以及内部组件的介绍 MonCaso 932S 系列多媒体家庭影院电脑机箱 CHINESE 7

36 1-1. 简介 感谢您选择 MonCaso 系列家庭影院电脑机箱 MonCaso 932 系列将让您体验完美的多媒体世界 MonCaso 932 系列是针对完全兼容世界上最好的硬件组件而设计 ; 它通过其专利气流结构和冷却系统为我们提供了安静的计算环境 其精致的外形, 采用了与其他 AV 系统管理相匹配的高级全铝底座以及内置 7 LCD 触摸屏显示的设计, 将为您的家居环境带来焕然一新感觉 特别是, 机箱随附的通用无线远程控制装置将为您的居家使用带来更多方便 MonCaso 932S 系列将为您的计算和多媒体娱乐需求提供前沿技术支持 1-2. 前置面板 1. 系统电源按钮 : 按下此按钮开启系统 2. 红外线接收器 : 该接收器接收来自 Moneual PAD 远程控制的信号 3. 麦克风接口 : 此接口用于连接麦克风 4. 耳机接口 : 此接口用于连接带有立体声迷你插头的耳机 8 CHINESE

37 5. 6 针 IEEE1394 接口 :IEEE1394 高速串行母线通过为多种设备 包括音频 / 视频 (A/V) 设备 存储外围设备 其他类型 PC 以及便携式设备 提供增强的 PC 连接性来辅助 USB 的使用 6. USB 2.0 接口 : 此通用串行母线 2.0(USB 2.0) 接口可用于连接 USB 2.0 设备 ( 例如鼠标 打印机 扫描仪 照相机 PDA 等 ) 7. LCD 触摸屏 :7 LCD 触摸屏 注意双荧幕显示卡应用于 LCD 触摸屏 8. 光驱盖板 : 此盖板安装在光驱托盘上 请参阅第 28 页上有关 如何在光驱托盘上安装盖板 的说明 9. 光驱托盘退出按钮 : 按此按钮退出光驱托盘 10. 控制按钮 - 直接按钮 (MCE): 该按钮可直接启动应用程序 可以自定义 - App.Exit( 关闭当前程序 ) 按钮 : 使用此按钮可退出应用程序 它相当于 AL T+F4 的作用 - 回退按钮 : 该按钮用于回到 MCE 或 imedian 上 - 方向按钮 : 该按钮为箭头按键, 用于上 / 下 / 左 / 右移动 - 启动按钮 : 此按钮相当于键盘上的 Windows 图标按键 - 菜单按钮 : 此按钮相当于 Moneual PAD 遥控器的菜单按钮 11. 音量控制 / 静音按钮 : 该按钮用于音量调节 / 静音控制 12. 电源指示灯 : 当存储卡插入任一读卡插槽时此指示灯将亮起, 在存储卡被拔出之后此指示灯将熄灭 13. 读卡插槽活动 ( 写 / 读 ) 指示灯 : 从插入任一读卡插槽的存储卡中读取数据或向其写入数据时, 此指示灯会闪烁 14. Memory Stick /Memory Stick Pro 读卡插槽 : 此插槽用于 Memory Stick /Memory Stick Pro 存储卡 15. Secure Digital / 多媒体读卡插槽 : 此插槽用于 Secure Digital / 多媒体卡存储卡 16. Compact Flash /Microdrive 读卡插槽 : 此插槽用于 Compact Flash /Microdrive 存储卡 17. Smart Media 读卡插槽 : 此插槽用于 Smart Media 存储卡 CHINESE 9

38 1-3. 后置面板 1. 电源开孔 2. 翼形螺钉 : 这些翼形螺钉用于将顶盖固定在底座上 3. 主机板输入 / 输出接口防护孔 : 用于主机板输入 / 输出接口的开孔 4. 通风孔 : 用于空气流通的开孔 如果堵塞此通风孔, 会导致系统出错 5. PCI 支架 : 在安装显示卡或电脑外围设备时, 轻轻卸下此支架 6. RGB 端子 : 此电线将被连接至显示卡的 RGB 接口 它用于 LCD 触摸屏显示 注意双荧幕显示卡应用于 LCD 触摸屏 10 CHINESE

39 第 2 章 安装指南 本章节将逐步说明 如何在机箱中安装组件 MonCaso 932 系列多媒体家庭影院电脑机箱 CHINESE 11

40 2-1. 安装警示 安装注意事项在安装或测试 MonCaso 932S 系列系统时, 请遵守安装说明中提到的所有警告和注意事项 为避免伤害, 请注意以下细节 : 连接器上的锋利针脚 印刷电路配件上的锋利针脚 底座上的粗糙边缘和锋利拐角 热组件 ( 例如处理器 稳压器和发热的接收器 ) 可导致短路的线路破损请遵守所有警告和注意事项, 他们将指导您从通过认证的技术人员那里获得计算机维修帮助 防止电源过载 请勿过载输出电源 要避免过载电源, 请确保计算机内所有模块的总计算电流负载小于每个电源输 出电路的输出电流额定值 遵守安规要求阅读并遵守本章节中的说明以及底座和相关模块中提出的说明 如果未遵守这些说明以及底座与模块供应商提供的说明, 将增加安全风险和区域法与规定之非依从性的可能 如果底座说明与相关模块说明不一致, 请联系供应商的技术支持以确定您的计算机是否符合安规要求 12 CHINESE

41 2-2. 打开机箱 后置面板上有翼形螺钉, 该螺钉用于固定底座上的盖板 这些是顶盖的夹紧导轨 逆时针方向旋动 翼形螺钉直到螺钉松开 向后置面板方向 轻轻推动并提起顶盖 小心打开和闭合顶盖 此操作可能刮花机箱 CHINESE 13

42 2-3. 安装硬盘 要卸下硬盘架, 旋松平头螺钉 和凸缘螺钉 ( 如左图所示 ) 螺钉 ( 平头 M3*5) 螺钉 ( 凸缘 M3*5) 硬盘架可被卸下 ( 如左图所示 ) (HDD 80 毫米风扇为备选部件 ) 使用提供的螺钉安装硬盘 ( 如左图所示 ) (HDD 80 毫米风扇为备选部件 ) 14 CHINESE

43 2-4. 安装光驱 螺钉 ( 凸缘 M3*5) 螺钉起子 要卸下光驱架, 请使用提供的长 螺钉起子旋松凸缘螺钉 ( 如左图 所示 ) 小心使用长螺钉起子 它可能刮花 前置面板 使用提供的螺钉安装光驱 ( 如左图所示 ) 在安装光驱之前先卸下原始的光驱盖板, 然后装上作为附件提供的光驱盖板 无法安装光驱, 因为长度超过了 170mm 在购买光驱之前, 请确定检查光驱规格 CHINESE 15

44 2-5. 安装主机板 matx 插孔 _2 个 在底部面板上, 有 ATX 或 matx 插孔 ( 如左图所示 ) ATX 插孔 _ 9 个 由于在光驱和主机板之间没有足够 的空间, 请在安装主机板之前安装 光驱 16 CHINESE

45 支撑螺钉 (M3-5-3) 在安装 matx 主机板之前, 固定作为附件提供的 两件套支承螺钉 (M3-5-3) 在安装 ATX 主机板时 确保卸下两件套支承螺钉 它可能导致短路 使用作为附件提供的 九件套凸缘螺钉 安装主机板 CHINESE 17

46 2-6. 安装电源装置 电源装置通风孔 在安装电源装置之前, 电源装置向导 卸下电源装置向导 将电源装置安放在风扇正对侧面面板上 的电源装置通风孔处 安装电源装置之后, 将电源装置向导拧紧, 以使电源装置固定在底部面板上 使用作为附件提供的螺钉 (#6-32*5) 安装电源装置 18 CHINESE

47 2-7. 连接电线 前面板内视图 A. 配电板 B. 前端输入 / 输出插板 C. 读卡器 D. 7" LCD 模块 E. 10 键键盘 F. 音量旋钮插板 G. IR 接收器 2-8. 连接电源开关和指示灯 1. 把配电板的电源开关电缆连接至 imon LCD 的 2 针电源接头 2. 把配电板的 LED 电缆连接至主板的前置端口 LED 接头 3. 使用电源开关插头, 把 imon LCD 的电源输入 2 针电缆连接至主板前置端口 * 参见主板手册, 了解前置端口的详细信息 * 确保按照正确的方向进行所有连接 CHINESE 19

48 2-9. 连接 imon USB 连接器的方向接错, 可能导致部件损坏 把 imon 电缆连接至电源的 24 针或 20 针连接器 连接后, 把 imon LCD 电缆对应的连接器连接至主板的 24 针或 20 针连接器 把 imon LCD 电缆的 4 针连接器连接至 imon LCD 主板的 4 针连接器 注意 把 imon LCD 电缆连接至 24 针或 20 针连接器 参见主板手册, 查看电缆的位置 把 imon LCD 的 USB 电缆连接至主板的 USB 端口 注意 参见主板手册, 查看主板的 USB 连接器的位置 20 CHINESE

49 2-10. 连接前置输入 / 输出接口和读卡器 前端输入 / 输出连接确定主板连接器的位置后, 按照正确的方向连接前端输入 / 输出 注意请参见主板手册, 查看 USB2.0 / IEEE1394 / 音频端口的位置 读卡器连接 确定主板连接器的位置后, 按照正确的方向连接读卡器 警告连接器插错方向会导致部件损坏 CHINESE 21

50 2-11. RGB Terminal Connection 安装支持双屏显示的显卡 参照显卡手册, 把主副显示器的 RGB 电缆连接至显卡 安装操作系统后, 参考显卡手册, 设置双屏显示功能 说明 购买用于 7'' LCD 显示屏的显卡时, 确保购买支持多屏 / 双屏显示的显卡 通常情况下, 显卡顶端的端口为二级端口 然而, 根据每种显卡的规格, 各品牌之间可能有所不同 7"LCD 的 RGB 终端为 D-Sub 端口 连接 DVI 时, 请按照 DVI 到 D-Sub 适配器的方向进行连接 为了能够使用 7"LCD 的 前视图 模式 必须设置 双屏 模式 设置该模式时, 请参考显卡手册 如果在设置时出现任何问题或错误, 可咨询显卡制造商 22 CHINESE

51 2-12. 安装光驱盖板 胶带 1. 在完成机箱组装之后, 打开电源并退出光驱 2. 撕下作为附件提供的光驱盖板背面的胶带 3. 对齐光驱盖板和托盘, 然后将光驱盖板安装到光驱托盘上 安装光驱之前先拆下原始的光驱盖板, 然后装上作为附件提供的光驱盖板 如果难以拆下原始的光驱盖板, 请联系光驱制造商或销售商 无法安装光驱, 因为长度超过了 170mm 在购买光驱之前, 确定检查光驱规格 CHINESE 23

52 2-13. 安装无线键盘 无线键盘为备选装置 将 USB 接收器插入 MonCaso 972 系统前置面板或后置面板上的 USB 接口 可使用 USB 延长电线连接 USB 接收器 1. 安装键盘电池 2. 按 USB 接收器上的连接按钮 3. 打开键盘前部的 开 / 关 4. 按键盘下面的 连接 键 如果键盘突然无法工作, 请按下键盘上的轨迹球或重置 ID Link 24 CHINESE

53 第 3 章 PAD 远程控制 软件安装 MonCaso 932 系列多媒体家庭影院电脑机箱 CHINESE 25

54 3-1. 软件安装 安装前请确认 7 触摸屏显视器的分辨率 ( ) 4. 将 imon 软件安装光盘放入光驱, 使其自动运行 在屏幕菜单中, 点击 imonsetup.e xe 选择 Read the contents ( 阅读内容 ), 然后单击 Start Setup ( 开始安装 ) 按照屏幕上的说明开始安装, 当安装完成后, 请单击 O K ( 确定 ) 5. 选择 Remote control ( 遥控器 ) Quick Launch Application ( 快速启动应用程序 ) 和 FrontView ( 前视图 ) 选项 建议分别选择 imon PAD Media Center (or imedian) ( 媒体中心 [ 或 imedian]) Automatically ( 自动 ) 6. 当安装完成后, 使用 imon 图标完成更多特殊设定 由于手册为 PDF 格式, 因此需要在系统中安装 Adobe Acrobat Reader 或 Adobe Acrobat 26 CHINESE

55 服务介绍 本产品硬件免费维护维修期限为 1 年 但, 因消费者过失或天灾之变引起的破损及不良除外 * 在韩国地区购买产品时通过柠檬服务代理维护维修服务代表电话 : 服务中心工作时间平日周六周日及法定公休日休息 * 在北美 南美地区购买产品时服务代表电话 : 服务中心工作时间 : 平日 09:00 18:00 周六及法定公休日休息 技术支援邮件 : * 中国 欧洲及其他地区购买产品时请向当地购买产品的销售处咨询 生产商 CHINESE 27