A Fascination with Compressor Valves We are your partner for safe, effective and innovative solutions. Serial Compressors, a business area of HOERBIGE

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1 HOERBIGER - One Group, Three Strategic Business Units We set standards wherever we operate. Wherever we operate, we set standards through technologically sophisticated key components and services that enable our customers to substantially increase the value of their businesses in: The oil, gas and process industries (Compression Technology) The mechanical and plant engineering industry (Automation Technology) The automotive industry (Drive Technology). For generations, our corporate culture has been shaped by people committed to HOERBIGER. Our company values pioneering spirit, courage, closeness, and fairness form the basis of our actions. Three stability criteria market orientation, technology, and self-reliance are the cornerstones of any company s sustainable success. That is why every one of HOERBIGER s activities must satisfy the requirements established by the Board of Directors and Executive Board for each stability criterion. Please contact us with your questions: Intelligent Valve Systems for Your Compressor Solutions for refrigeration, air conditioning, air and gas compressors We set standards. This is the vision of the HOERBIGER Group. HOERBIGER Compression Technology is a business unit of HOERBIGER Holding AG, Zug / Switzerland. HOERBIGER is active throughout the world as a leading player in the fields of compression technology, automation technology and drive technology. In 2011, its 6,826 employees achieved sales of 1,048 billion Euro. The focal points of its business activities include key components and services for compressors, gas engines and turbomachines, hydraulic systems and piezo technology for vehicles and machine tools, as well as components and systems for shift and clutch operations in vehicle drive trains of all kinds. Through innovations in attractive technological niche markets, the HOERBIGER Group sets standards and delivers cutting-edge solutions for the benefit of its customers. This brochure contains product specifications based on research and development on the one hand and manufacturing on the other. Depending on where the installation takes place, operating conditions and specifications, several parameters of the described product may change. Thus, HOERBIGER assumes no liability or warranty for the accuracy and completeness of the information covered in this brochure.

2 A Fascination with Compressor Valves We are your partner for safe, effective and innovative solutions. Serial Compressors, a business area of HOERBIGER s Compression Technology Strategic Business Unit, offers core technologies and products for mass-produced equipment. HOERBIGER Serial Compressors is your trusted partner for the development and manufacture of reed valve systems for refrigeration, air conditioning, air / gas compressors, which is always within reach, worldwide. Drive Technology Serial Compressors Mobile Air & Control Systems Our Our DNA HOERBIGER Holding (Switzerland) Compression Technology Compressor Solutions Refrigeration & Air Conditioning Automation Technology Engine Solutions Full Hermetic Engineering Expertise Since 1894 A Revolutionary Valve A Glimpse Behind the R&D Curtain Innovation is Our Driver Automotive Comfort Systems Service Rotary Compressor Components Our Ambition is Satisfying Our Customers Closest Possible R&D Support Toolmaking is Essential for Success Always Within Reach It Depends on the Valve In numerous stationary and mobile applications worldwide, HOERBIGER reed valves prove that heavy commercial vehicles can be brought to a safe halt, coolant can stay fresh every time, compressed air is always available when you need it, and air conditioning can be produced in an environmentally friendly way. Our Applications Rail Vehicle Compressors Commercial Vehicle Compressors Industrial Air & Technical Gas Compressors Refrigeration & Bus Climate Compressors Hermetic Refrigeration & AC Compressors Passenger Car Air Conditioning Compressors Other Valve Applications Hydraulic Axial Piston Pump Components Best Partner HOERBIGER is the world leader in reed valve systems and our customers are our #1#1 priority. Innovative strength 400 1, Highest Durability With 400 patents, over 1,700 intellectual property rights and 10 scientific research partnerships, HOERBIGER has the most sophisticated R&D facilities in the industry. During its lifetime, a reed valve has to open and close over 2 billion times with no 2bnmaintenance and no failures. Zero-Defect Quality Our quality processes ensure the highest quality levels set by 0automotive standards. Precise Production Every 7 seconds, a valve leaves the production line 7secat HOERBIGER. Advanced Customer Value In HOERBIGER s R&D center, more than 30 highly specialized engineers work closely with customers to develop solutions for future 30compressor valve generations.

3 Engineering Expertise Since 1894 We have a strong track record in compressor valves. Renowned compressor manufacturers choose HOERBIGER as their system partner, taking full advantage of our specialists broad range of experience and enthusiasm for joint developments. With our longtime experience in reed valves and entire cylinder head systems, our customers benefit from unmatched expertise in materials science, development and production. Being a system partner with a global presence makes us the first choice for innovative and best-cost solutions. We consult our customers on site, develop mutually beneficial system solutions and produce prototypes under close-toproduction conditions. HOERBIGER employs its own programs for valve motion and p/v diagram simulation, plus the latest 3D CAM, FEM and CFD software, starting in the development phase. Even at this early stage, individual designs are tested to ensure optimal manufacturability and cost-effective serial production. Close to application test runs and test-bed trials allow us to deliver reliable new designs with a quick turnaround, fulfilling our customer s demands. Engineering Expertise Since 1894

4 A Revolutionary Valve A revolutionary valve - that s how everything began in First HOERBIGER valve Courage and a pioneering spirit have always accompanied us right from the start. The frictionless guided steel valve, registered for patent by Hanns Hörbiger in 1894, eliminated the drawbacks of previous valve designs. His valve smoothed the way to efficient steel production, greater productivity Hanns Hörbiger in mining, high-pressure chemistry, and the global natural gas trade. None of these would have been possible without the HOERBIGER valve. Between 1945 and 1989, the foundation was laid for the company s globalization and today s business structure. In 1945 Martina Hörbiger assumed management responsibility. She not only laid the foundation for the company s early globalization, she also decisively expanded its portfolio. All of the HOERBIGER activities today are combined in a holding company under the majority control of the HOERBIGER Foundation based in Switzerland. The task of the HOERBIGER Foundation is to maintain the company s independence and support its continued development. A Revolutionary Valve

5 A Glimpse Behind the R&D Curtain Our development work is aimed at strengthening the competitive advantage of our customers and enhancing value for its consumers. Dr. Bernhard Spiegl, Head of Research & Development, HOERBIGER Compression Technology: In R&D, we consider the principles of sustainability in two ways. First, we develop products which are carefully produced, are gentle on resources, and combine the highest energy efficiency with maximum reliability. Secondly, we pursue the sustainable build-up of knowledge in the pre development phase, through fundamental research and the in-depth application of thermal, mechanical, and material technology. Roland Cesak, Head of Engineering Serial Valves, HOERBIGER Compression Technology: Our development process is designed for long-term futureand market-oriented products. The extensive knowledge and years of experience in the fields of valve and compressor technology, combined with the trust of our customers allow us to respond quickly as well as offer flexibility to global customer trends with tailor-made solutions. A Glimpse Behind the R&D Curtain

6 Innovation is Our Driver Based on our in-depth understanding of customer applications, we use our simulation tools and other engineering software to improve engineering processes as well as optimize valve performance. Simulation Tools At a very early stage in development, the HOERBIGER Competence Center in Germany can simulate valve movement and get performance data for a virtual valve. We use a unique simulation program, specially developed for reed valves, which accurately models the physical processes and allows us to optimize valve designs. Simulation Modern Engineering Software HOERBIGER uses state-of-the-art CAD, FEM and CFD software and pushes forward the development of specific software enhancements to improve the valve engineering process. FEM CFD - Gas flow analysis Innovation is Our Driver

7 Our Ambition is Satisfying Our Customers Technology and manufacturing expertise centers in Europe and Asia use intensive know-how transfer within HOERBIGER to meet the requirements of large global OEMs as well as local producers. HOERBIGER continuously develops and improves compressor valves for all kinds of applications from traditional steel plate valves to advanced non-metallic components and capacity control systems. Our outstanding know-how and competence has enabled us to become the leading engineering and manufacturing company for compressor valves worldwide. R&D test compressor To maintain this position, HOERBIGER has built up a central R&D center in Vienna where more than 30 highly specialized engineers develop solutions for future compressor valve generations, including complete integrated cylinder head systems, mechatronically activated valves and non-metallic materials. Electro-mechanically actuated valve In 2010 the HOERBIGER R&D center started a cooperation with the University of Linz, Austria on the development of mechatronics and implementation on valve systems. By drawing on the university s vast knowledge base and transferring know-how, HOERBIGER is able to use technological synergies and optimize products / systems for local markets based on global product families. Science Park at the Johannes Kepler University Linz Our Ambition is Satisfying Our Customers

8 Closest Possible R&D Support HOERBIGER reed valves are developed in close partnership with our customers. Building on our extensive research and development know-how, customers benefit from innovative valve designs that are in line with their requirements and ready for production. To offer customers the closest possible R&D support for product developments, HOERBIGER has established a global application engineering team with its head office in Germany. These application engineers work closely with customers on all kinds of technical projects such as new compressor generations, the optimization of existing designs, and value analysis / value engineering. The application engineering team is closely linked to our knowledge base in the R&D center in Vienna and supported by development engineers who are responsible for the basic research, calculation and simulation tools, along with our in-house test bench. This set-up allows HOERBIGER to continuously optimize its reed valves for reciprocating compressors and so maintain its global leadership. Bending fatigue test of reeds Test facility Measurement of reed movement Closest Possible R&D Support

9 Toolmaking is Essential for Success Our tooling shops develop, design and produce equipment for serial production for the global HOERBIGER Group as well as for external customers. With its tooling centers in, one in Germany and one in India, HOERBIGER combines the highest engineering standards with cost-effective tooling production, machine engineering and other production equipment. Close cooperation between the tooling shop, product engineering and production departments from the very beginning of the product development process is a key factor for success and ensures cost-efficient product designs. Our high-tech machining facility and the sophisticated skills of our experienced specialists not only yield high-quality tools for serial production but also rapid accurate prototypes. We offer a wide range of engineering and processing competences as well as various tools, fixtures, test equipment and special machinery. Stamping tool Stamped reed variants Semi-automatic assembly line Toolmaking is Essential for Success

10 Always Within Reach HOERBIGER reed valves are available worldwide. Wherever you are you will find us too. HOERBIGER Korea, LTD 8F, KR Tower 73-3, Garak-Dong Songpa-Ku, Seoul, Korea HOERBIGER Nippon K. K. 95, Kobe Imon Building, Edo-Machi, Chuo-Ku J Kobe, Japan HOERBIGER Valves (Changzhou) Co., Ltd. 1A 1C Building, GDH Industrial Park 16 Chuang Ye Road, Xinbei District Changzhou, Jiangsu, P.R.China HOERBIGER (Shanghai) CO., LTD. 119 Guiqing Road, Caohejing Hi-Tech Park PRC Shanghai, P.R. China HOERBIGER India Private Ltd. 3rd Floor, Saffire Park, Galleria No. 4 Old Pune-Mumbai Road, Shivajinagar Pune India Gala Precision Technology Pvt. Ltd. Plot No. 295, Village Vadavali Bhiwandi-Wada Highway At Post Met. Taluka Wada, Masurne Road Thane India HOERBIGER Kompressortechnik GmbH Im Forchet 5 D Schongau, Germany HOERBIGER CORPORATION OF AMERICA INC Gateway Drive, Pompano Beach Florida USA Always Within Reach

11 Rail Vehicle Compressors HOERBIGER reed valves and cylinder head systems are used in air compressors on railway vehicles. Air compressors for railway vehicles must meet demanding requirements: High reliability is a key safety factor. Low noise and vibration levels enhance comfort. Low operating and maintenance costs cut total cost of ownership. Oil-free compressors help comply with environmental regulations. As compressors have improved and developed over the years, HOERBIGER valve and cylinder head systems have contributed to reliability and innovation. Renowned compressor manufacturers worldwide trust our reputation for providing superb tailor-made solutions and delivering on our promises. We develop and manufacture valve systems for: All kinds of trains: long-distance, local, passenger, freight, electric, diesel and subways. Various kinds of operating conditions and compressor types: lubricated, oil-free, with / without energy-saving control, single-stage and two-stage. Our valve systems meet the highest standards for: Efficiency Reliability and durability Noise and vibration reduction Life cycle and low maintenance costs. Valve system with control function Concentric reed valve Rail Vehicle Compressors

12 Commercial Vehicle Compressors Reed valves and cylinder head systems from HOERBIGER are used in air compressors for trucks as well as buses. Reliable compressors are a prerequisite for safety and low operating costs of brake and air suspension systems in commercial vehicles. Valves and cylinder heads are critical parts of every compressor system. They need to be designed for maximum efficiency plus opti- mum cooling performance to cope with the demanding conditions, even in high-pressure applications. Our product roadmap covers high-end solutions as well as optimized systems for low-cost applications. HOERBIGER s innovative water-cooled valve plates and cylinder heads, along with our sophisticated unloading system, are widely appreciated throughout the truck industry. Our systems offer the highest reliability and efficiency, reducing energy consumption to an absolute minimum. We develop and manufacture valve systems for: Low energy consumption Low oil consumption Lightweight High reliability Longevity Optimal cost Market specific requirements. Our portfolio includes: Cylinder head units with unloading systems for energy-saving control Complete valve systems Valve plates with and without water cooling Suction and discharge valves manufactured in high-quality materials to the highest precision. Suction reed with silicon line Reed valve with water cooling Discharge valve unit Valve system with cylinder head Commercial Vehicle Compressors

13 Industrial Air & Technical Gas Compressors For each application a customized valve. Industrial plants need compressed air to drive tools, machines or to clean and dry materials. On construction sites and in quarries for instance, pneumatic hammers are essential for everyday work. Some niche applications such as medical air require the highest air purity, which in turn puts stringent demands on compressor valves. Two main compressor types are used in the industrial market: reciprocating and screw compressors. Screw compressors are mainly used when high volume flows or continuous supply are needed. (the HOERBIGER RCC brochure provides more insight on the screw compressor components). Reciprocating compressors are often used for high pressures or when compressed air demand is sporadic. They can have multiple stages, each of which requires the highest efficiency and reliability. HOERBIGER s range of valves and components for these applications can be easily customized. We develop and manufacture valve systems for: Industrial compressed air Breathing air Medical engineering Natural gas Air compressor starters for diesel engines Technical gases. Our valve systems feature: Reliable operation under extreme conditions Application-specific valve designs for various gases Wear-free operation in non-lube compressors Maximum efficiency for every application. Reed valve Concentric reed valve with silicon line Industrial Air & Technical Gas Compressors

14 Refrigeration & Bus Climate Compressors Well-known manufacturers of refrigeration and bus air conditioning compressors have trusted HOERBIGER for many years. Refrigeration of food transport and bus air conditioning (AC) have become big business worldwide. Cooling devices used in food transport and AC compressors are expected to be reliable, energy-efficient and environmentally friendly, even under extreme conditions. Both conventional fluorocarbon refrigerants and compressor energy consumption have been criticized for their environmental impact, resulting in the development of more efficient compressors and the use of natural refrigerants such as carbon dioxide (R-744) and ammonia (R-717). HOERBIGER s innovative reed valves ensure efficiency, reliability, tightness and low noise. To protect the compressor, HOERBIGER also offers overflow and pressure relief valves. We develop and manufacture valve systems for: Low energy consumption Use of different refrigerants, including transcritical CO2 applications Light weight in mobile applications Variable speed ranges. Our portfolio includes: Reed valves for stationary and mobile refrigeration Reed valves for mobile air conditioning Valve systems with suction through the piston Overflow valves and pressure relief valves. Our valve systems feature: Maximum valve efficiency through minimized clearance volume, maximum flow area and optimized gas flow Robustness against liquid slugs. Concentric reed valve Overflow valve Reed valve Refrigeration & Bus Climate Compressors

15 Hermetic Refrigeration & AC Compressors In hermetic compressor valve applications HOERBIGER is a global solutions partner to the OEM compressor industry. Hermetic compressors are used both commercially and domestically, in refrigerators, supermarket chiller cabinets as well as vending machines. These compressors are hermetically sealed with integrated electric motors. The most important requirements for the compressor and its reed valves are energy efficiency, reliability and low noise levels and minimal vibration. HOERBIGER engineers and produces valve components and systems for well-known global compressor manufacturers. All the components of these valve systems are customized for different compressor types: reciprocating, scroll and rotary compressors. Since the integration of Gala / India in 2009, HOERBIGER has focused on the hermetic compressor market and now offers highly engineered yet cost-effective solutions. We develop and manufacture valve systems for: Refrigeration (domestic and industrial) Air conditioning Different refrigerants, including those which are environmentally friendly. Our portfolio includes: Suction and discharge reeds Retainers Valve plates Valve assemblies Cylinder head systems consisting of reed valve, gasket, cylinder head and intake muffler. Our valve systems feature: Optimized flow Optimized clearance volume Energy efficiency Low noise Durability. Pre-assembled valve unit Single parts (reeds, valve plates, spacers,...) Hermetic Refrigeration & AC Compressors

16 Passenger Car Air Conditioning Compressors The reed valve is a critical part of a passenger car s AC compressor and is a determining factor in the overall performance and reliability. HOERBIGER valve components ensure the highest efficiency, reliability, lowest noise and reduced vibration. HOERBIGER has developed special technologies for the blanking and edge rounding of reeds to improve their durability. We develop and manufacture valve systems for: Maintenance-free operation High reliability. Our portfolio includes: Suction and discharge reeds Retainers Conical washers Gaskets Stopper valves. Our valve systems feature: Maximum reliability Optimal efficiency Reduced noise Single parts (suction reeds, discharge reeds, valve plates,...) Passenger Car Air Conditioning Compressors

17 Other Valve Applications Besides compressor applications, our valves also enhance the performance of vacuum pumps, small engines and where similar functions are needed. HOERBIGER s expertise in compressors can be transferred to other applications where flow mechanics and valve function are important. Wherever the market sets value on long life and reliability, we support our customers with valves which meet these requirements application-optimized, suitable for very limited installation space and perfectly engineered. We develop and manufacture valves for: Highest reliability Best durability for long service life. Our valves portfolio includes: Vacuum pumps for car brake boosters Vacuum pumps for industrial applications Air suspension compressors for passenger cars and SUVs Scavenging air valves for 2-stroke engines Check valves for 4-stroke synchronous engines Shock absorber discs Non-return valves. Our valve systems feature: Application-optimized engineering Customer-specific design Engineering service from valve experts. Scavenging air valve Check valve for vacuum pumps Air suspension compressor Other Valve Applications

18 Hydraulic Axial Piston Pump Components Wherever high forces and low stepless variable speeds are required. HOERBIGER has transferred its engineering expertise and production competence in compressor valve plates to several performance determining components of hydraulic axial piston machines. These are used as both pumps and motors for stepless speed control at high torques: applications include drive trains for tractors, construction vehicles, forklifts and concrete mixers. At hydraulic pressures up to 600 bar precision manufacturing is essential to ensure a reliable and leak-free operation. HOERBIGER has developed and continuously improved its production of key components for these pumps to fulfill the high industry requirements. We develop and manufacture components for: Toughest tolerances Best surface finish Highly stressed conditions. Our portfolio includes: Control discs Pressure discs Guide plates G-rotor rings Washer discs. Our components feature: Different designs for a wide range of applications Various material treatments for optimal surface quality Various alloys to withstand stressed conditions. Guide plates Control disc (bi-metal) Washer disc Control disc Control disc (bi-metal) Pressure disc Hydraulic Axial Piston Pump Components

19 贺尔碧格一个集团, 三个战略业务部门 在所涉及的行业树立标准 在我们所涉及的行业, 从技术复杂的关键部件到客户服务, 我们始终树立标准, 让我们的客户能够持续不断地提升其企业价值 石油 天然气和加工行业 机械制造和设备工程行业 汽车行业 一百多年以来, 我们企业文化一直由那些致力于贺尔碧格事业的人们所塑造 我们的价值观 -- 开拓创新 勇往直前 紧密合作 公平公正 是我们一切行动的基础 市场导向 技术和财务自立这三个稳定准则是企业持续成功的基石 因此, 贺尔碧格的每一项活动都必须满足由董事会和执行委员会针对各项稳定准则而制定的要求 树立行业标准 这是贺尔碧格集团的愿景 压缩机的心脏是我们的核心竞争力 若有疑问, 请联系我们 : 用于制冷 空调 空气和气体压缩机的舌簧阀系统 贺尔碧格压缩机技术公司是位于瑞士楚格的贺尔碧格控股有限公司的分公司 作为压缩技术 自动化技术和驱动技术领域中的领导者, 贺尔碧格积极开展全球性业务 2011 年, 其 6,826 名员工共取得了 亿欧元的销售额, 主要的业务重点包括压缩机关键部件和服务 燃气发动机和涡轮机 车辆和机床的液压系统和压电技术, 以及各种车辆传动系统中用于换档和离合操作的部件和系统 在具有吸引力的科技利基市场中, 贺尔碧格集团通过不断创新来设定标准, 并提供让客户受益的尖端解决方案 本产品手册包括基于研发和制造的产品规格 根据安装地点 操作条件和规格的不同, 所述产品的某些参数可能会有变化 贺尔碧格对本手册中所含信息的准确性和完整性不承担任何责任或提供任何担保

20 对压缩机气阀的专注 我们是为您提供安全 有效和创新解决方案的合作伙伴 压缩机技术系列产品是贺尔碧格压缩机技术战略业务部的业务领域之一, 为批量生产的设备提供核心技术和产品 在研发和制造用于制冷 空调 空气 / 气体压缩机的舌簧阀系统方面, 贺尔碧格作为一家本地化的国际供应商, 是您值得信赖的合作伙伴 我们的基因 HOERBIGER Holding ( 瑞士 ) 驱动技术压缩技术自动化技术汽车舒适系统 串联 移动式空气与控制系统 解决方案 制冷与空调 始于 1894 年的专业技术 革命性的气阀 研发幕后一瞥 创新是我们的动力 我们的目标就是满足客户 更快的研发支持 工具制造对成功至关重要 本地化的国际供应商 发动机解决方案 全封闭 服务 旋转式压缩机组件 我们的气阀系统是您各类应用的心脏 在全球无数个固定式和移动式应用中已得到证明 : 使用贺尔碧格舌簧阀, 重型商用车辆可安全停车, 冷冻机组可稳定运行, 压缩空气可随时获得, 空调可以环保节能 我们的应用领域 轨道车辆压缩机 商用车辆压缩机 工业空气与工艺气体压缩机 制冷和客车空调压缩机 密闭型与空调压缩机 客车空调压缩机 其它应用 液压轴向活塞泵部件 最佳合作伙伴 #1 贺尔碧格是全球舌簧阀系统领域的领导者 我们秉承客户至上的服务理念 创新实力 400 1, 耐用性最高 20 一个蝶阀要在其寿命周期内开合 20 亿次以上 无需亿维护, 亦无故障 精细化生产 拥有 400 项专利,1700 多项知识产权和 10 个科研合作伙伴, 贺尔碧格拥有业内最先进的研发设施 零缺陷质量 0 我们的质量控制流程确保实现汽车行业标准设定的最高质量水平 每 7 秒钟就有一个阀门离开贺尔碧格的生产 7 秒线 先进的客户价值体系 在贺尔碧格的研发中心,30 多名高度专业化的工程师与客户紧密合作, 为未来的压缩机舌簧阀产品研制解决方 30 案

21 始于 1894 年的专业技术 我们在压缩机气阀领域拥有出色的业绩 为充分利用贺尔碧格专家丰富的经验及对技术的热情, 各知名压缩机制造商选择贺尔碧格作为系统供应商以共同开发产品 我们在舌簧阀和整个缸盖头系统方面长期积累的经验使开发的产品能体现我们在材料科学 开发和生产方面的专有技术 而系统性的合作和全球化的业务使我们成为创新和成本方案的首选 我们积极与客户交换意见, 开发符合双方要求的系统方案, 并在接近量产状态的条件下制造样品 在开发阶段, 贺尔碧格使用自己开发的舌簧阀运行和示功图仿真软件, 以及最新的 3D CAM FEM 和 CFD 软件 在初期, 我们会测试每个设计方案以确保优化的工艺和量产后的成本 接近于实际工况的测试和台架试验使我们能快速提交可靠的 满足客户要求的新设计 始于 1894 年的专业技术

22 革命性的气阀 革命性的气阀 一切始于 1894 年 第一个贺尔碧格气阀 我们从从一开始就具有勇往直前和开拓创新的精神 Hanns Hörbiger 于 1894 年注册专利的无摩擦钢制气阀消除了之前各种设计的弊端 这种气阀为钢铁的有效生产以及矿业 高压化工和全球天然气贸易效率的提高铺平了道路 没有贺尔碧格气阀, 这一切都是不可能实现的 Hanns Hörbiger 1945 到 1989 年期间奠定了公司的全球化和现在企业结构的基础 1945 年,Martina Hörbiger 接手了公司的管理工作 她不仅为公司的早期全球化奠定了基础, 还果断地扩大了公司的产品线 如今, 贺尔碧格的所有经营活动都整合在一个控股公司, 总部设在瑞士的贺尔碧格基金会拥有其过半数控制权 该基金会的任务是保持公司的独立性并支持其持续发展 革命性的气阀

23 研发幕后一瞥 我们的开发工作旨在加强客户的竞争优势, 为其用户创造更多的价值 贺尔碧格压缩技术研发部门主管 Bernhard Spiegl 博士 : 在研发部门, 我们以两种方式考虑可持续发展原则 第一, 我们开发的产品不能粗制滥造, 资源的耗费程度要轻, 要有最高的能效比和最大的可靠性 第二, 我们通过对热工 机械和材料技术的基础研究和深入应用, 在前期研发阶段追求知识的可持续积累 贺尔碧格压缩机技术系列产品工程部门主管 Roland Cesak: 我们的开发过程不局限于短期的解决方案和产品改进 我们还建立了气阀和压缩机技术的综合知识库 这一技术平台再加上我们与客户的密切联系, 使得我们可以对客户需求和全球趋势作出快速反应并提供量身定制的解决方案 研发幕后一瞥

24 创新是我们的动力 我们对客户产品的应用有着深入的了解, 在此基础之上, 我们利用自己的模拟工具和其它工程软件来改进工程流程并优化气阀性能 模拟工具在开发过程的最早期, 位于德国的贺尔碧格产品中心可以模拟阀片动作并获得 虚拟阀 的性能数据 我们使用了一个专为舌簧阀设计的独特模拟程序, 它可以精确模仿物理过程, 从而让我们对舌簧阀设计作出优化 Simulation 现代工程软件 贺尔碧格采用一流的 CAD FEM 和 CFD 软件, 促进了软件在特定强化功能上的开发进程, 从而改进了气阀的工程流程 FEM CFD - 气体流动分析 创新是我们的动力

25 我们的目标就是满足客户 位于欧洲和亚洲的产品中心在贺尔碧格内部通过深度的转移技术和制造的专有知识来满足大型国际主机厂和本地主机厂的要求 贺尔碧格持续不断地研发并改进各种应用领域的压缩机气阀 从传统的钢板阀到先进的非金属组件和压缩机运行控制系统 我们卓越的技术和竞争力已使我们成为全球领先的压缩机气阀设计与制造企业 为了保持这一地位, 贺尔碧格在维也纳建立了一个研发中心 在那里,30 多名高度专业化的工程师为未来的压缩机气阀开发解决方案, 包括整体集成式缸盖系统 机电启动阀和非金属材料 2010 年, 贺尔碧格研发中心开始与奥地利 Linz 大学合作气阀系统的机电一体化技术和装置 通过利用该大学庞大知识库以及技术的共享, 贺尔碧格得以利用技术协同效应并根据国际产品系列 为本地市场优化产品 / 系统 研发测试用压缩机 电控阀 Linz 大学内的科学园 我们的目标就是满足客户

26 更快的研发支持 贺尔碧格舌簧阀的开发离不开我们与客户的密切合作 在我们广泛的研发技术支持下开发的舌簧阀, 符合客户要求及当前制造工艺水平 如此各客户均能受益 为了尽可能地向客户提供更快的研发支持, 贺尔碧格在德国产品中心成立了一个全球应用工程小组 这些应用工程师们与客户就各种技术项目密切合作, 如新型压缩机 现有设计的优化以及价值分析 / 价值工程 应用工程小组与贺尔碧格在维也纳研发中心的知识库紧密联线, 并得到负责基础研究 计算和模拟工具的研发工程师的协助, 以及内部试验台的支持 这使德国贺尔碧格能够持续不断地优化其用于往复式压缩机的舌簧阀阀, 从而保持全球领先地位 阀片弯曲疲劳试验 测试设备 阀片运行测量 更快的研发支持

27 工具制造对成功至关重要 我们的模具车间为贺尔碧格集团在全球范围内的公司以及外部客户提供量产所需设备的开发 设计和制造服务 贺尔碧格拥有两个模具中心, 一个在德国, 另一个在印度, 由此结合了最高的工程标准与符合成本效益的模具生产 机械工程和其它生产设备 从产品开发过程的最初阶段开始, 模具车间 产品工程和生产部门之间密切合作是成功的关键因素, 它确保产品设计符合成本效益 我们的高科技加工设备以及专家们的丰富经验和尖端技能不仅为批量生产提供优质模具, 同时可快速而精确地提供样品 我们具备广泛的工程和加工能力, 提供各种机床 夹具 测试设备和专用机械 冲压模具 各种冲压阀片 半自动装配线 工具制造对成功至关重要

28 本地化的国际供应商 簧片阀在全球发售 无论在什么地方, 您都能找到我们 HOERBIGER Korea, LTD 8F, KR Tower 73-3, Garak-Dong Songpa-Ku, Seoul, Korea ( 韩国 ) 电子信箱 贺尔碧格阀业 ( 常州 ) 有限公司粤海工业园 1A 1C 号厂房新北区创业路 16 号中国江苏常州, 邮编 : 电子信箱 HOERBIGER Nippon K. K. 95, Kobe Imon Building, Edo-Machi, Chuo- Ku J Kobe, Japan( 日本 ) 电子信箱 贺尔碧格 ( 上海 ) 有限公司桂箐路 119 号, 漕河泾新兴技术开发区中国上海, 邮编 : 电子信箱 HOERBIGER India Private Ltd. 3rd Floor, Saffire Park, Galleria No. 4 Old Pune-Mumbai Road, ShivajinagarPune India( 印度 ) 电子信箱 Gala Precision Technology Pvt. Ltd. Plot No. 295, Village Vadavali Bhiwandi-Wada Highway At Post Met.Taluka Wada, Masurne Road Thane India( 印度 ) 电子信箱 HOERBIGER Kompressortechnik GmbH Im Forchet 5 D Schongau, Germany( 德国 ) 电子信箱 HOERBIGER CORPORATION OF AMERICA INC Gateway Drive, Pompano Beach Florida USA( 美国 ) 电子信箱 本地化的国际供应商

29 轨道车辆压缩机 应用于轨道车辆空压机中的贺尔碧格舌簧阀和缸盖系统 用于轨道车辆的空气压缩机必须满足各项严格要求 : 高度的可靠性是关键的安全因素之一 低的噪音和振动水平提高舒适度 低运营 / 维护成本降低了总体拥有成本 无油压缩机有助于在环保法规上达标 随着压缩机多年来的改进和发展, 贺尔碧格舌簧阀和缸盖系统也一直在可靠性和创新方面做出贡献 世界各地的知名压缩机制造商信赖我们在提供卓越定制解决方案以及信守承诺方面的声誉 我们研发并制造的阀门系统应用于 : 各种列车 : 长途 区间 客运 货运 电动 内燃机和地铁 各种工作条件和压缩机类型 : 润滑 无油 有 / 无节能控制装置 单级 双级 我们的舌簧阀系统在以下几个方面达到了最高标准 : 效率 可靠性和耐久性 减噪减振 寿命周期和低维护成本 带控制的舌簧阀系统 同心舌簧阀 轨道车辆压缩机

30 商用车辆压缩机 应用于卡车和客车空压机中的贺尔碧格舌簧阀和缸盖系统 可靠的压缩机是商用车辆制动和空气悬挂系统保障安全性和低运营成本的先决条件 舌簧阀和缸盖是每一个压缩机系统的关键部件 它们的设计需要实现最大效率和最佳冷却性能以应对严酷工况, 甚至是在高压应用中 我们的产品战略蓝图涵盖了高端解决方案以及针对低成本应用的优化系统 贺尔碧格的创新水冷式阀板和缸盖以及我们先进的卸荷系统在整个卡车行业内受到广泛好评 我们的系统可实现最高的可靠性和功效, 将能耗减少到绝对最低水平 我们研发并制造的舌簧阀系统具有以下优势 : 低能耗 低油耗 重量型 高可靠性 长寿命 最佳成本效益 满足具体市场的要求 我们的产品组合包括 : 带卸载系统的汽缸头装置, 可实现节能控制 完整阀门系统 水冷式 / 非水冷式阀板 优质材料生产的吸入阀和排出阀, 精度达到最高水平 带硅胶线的吸气阀片 水冷舌簧阀 排气阀组件 缸盖舌簧阀系统 商用车辆压缩机

31 工业空气与工艺气体压缩机 为每一个应用量身定制阀门 工业厂房需要用压缩空气来驱动工具 机器或清洁并烘干材料 例如, 在建筑工地和采石场, 气动锤是日常工作中必不可少的 某些利基应用 ( 如医用气体 ) 要求空气洁净度达到最高水平, 这反过来就对压缩机舌簧阀提出了十分严格的要求 用于工业市场的压缩机主要有两类 : 往复式压缩机和螺杆式压缩机 螺杆式压缩机主要用应用于需要高流量或连续供给的情况下 ( 贺尔碧格 RCC 手册提供了关于螺杆式压缩机配件的更多信息 ) 往复式压缩机通常用于高压或偶尔需要压缩空气的情况 它们可以具有多级, 每一级都要求效率和可靠性要达到最高水平 贺尔碧格可为这些应用轻松定制各种气阀和配件 我们研发并制造的阀门系统应用于 : 工业压缩空气 呼吸用空气 医疗工程 柴油发动机的空气压缩机启动器 工艺气体 我们的阀门系统具有以下特点 : 在极端条件下可靠运行 特定于具体应用的阀门设计 ( 针对各种气体 ) 在无润滑压缩机中无磨损运行 为各种应用实现最大效率 舌簧阀 带硅胶线的同心舌簧阀 工业空气与工艺气体压缩机

32 制冷和客车空调压缩机 多年来, 贺尔碧格一直广受制冷和客车空调压缩机知名制造商的信赖 在全球, 冷藏食品运输, 特别是客车空调已成为大型业务 车辆制冷和空调压缩机即使是在极端条件下, 需要做到可靠 高效节能和环保 传统的氟利昂制冷剂和压缩机能耗因对环境的影响而一直受到批评, 这催生了使用天然制冷剂如二氧化碳 (R-744) 和氨 (R-717) 的更高效的压缩机 贺尔碧格创新的舌簧阀确保高效 可靠 气密性和低噪音 为保护压缩机, 贺尔碧格还推出了溢流阀和泄压阀 我们研发并制造的阀门系统具有以下优势 : 能耗低 可使用各种制冷剂, 包括超临界 CO2 的应用 重量轻, 方便机动应用 适用于各种转速范围 我们的产品组合包括 : 用于固定式制冷的簧片阀 用于移动式空调的同心簧片阀 通过活塞实现抽吸功能的阀门系统 溢流阀和泄压阀 我们的阀门系统具有以下特点 : 通过余隙容积最小化 流量区最大化和气流最优化实现了阀门效率最大化 依靠液塞, 结实耐用 同心舌簧阀 溢流阀 舌簧阀 制冷和客车空调压缩机

33 密闭型与空调压缩机 在全封压缩机气阀应用领域, 贺尔碧格是主机厂全球解决方案合作伙伴 全封压缩机用于商用或家用的冰箱 超市冷柜以及自动售货机中 这些压缩机带有一体式电机并全部封闭 对此类压缩机及其舌簧阀而言, 最重要的要求就是高效节能 可靠 低噪和振动小 贺尔碧格为全球知名的压缩机制造商设计并生产气阀组件和系统 这些气阀系统的所有组件均为定制, 以适应不同类型的压缩机 : 往复式 涡旋式和旋转式压缩机 自 2009 年收购了印度的 Gala 公司以来, 贺尔碧格一直致力于全封压缩机市场, 目前供应高度专业化且极具成本效益的解决方案 我们研发并制造的阀门系统应用于 : 制冷 ( 家用和工业用 ) 空调 各种制冷剂, 包括环保型制冷剂 我们的产品组合包括 : 吸入和排出簧片 固位器 阀板 阀门总成 汽缸头系统, 包括簧片阀 衬垫 汽缸头和进气消声器 我们的阀门系统具有以下特点 : 优化流量 优化余隙容积 高效节能 低噪 经久耐用 预装配的阀组 零件 ( 阀片 阀板 隔件 ) 密闭型与空调压缩机

34 客车空调压缩机 簧片阀是客车空调压缩机的关键部件之一, 也是其整体性能和可靠性的决定性因素 贺尔碧格的气阀组件确保最大程度地实现效率 可靠性 低噪和减振 为提高耐用性, 贺尔碧格已开发出了用于阀片冲裁和边缘倒圆的专业技术 我们研发并制造的阀系统具有以下优势 : 免维护运行 高度可靠 我们的产品组合包括 : 吸入和排出阀片 固位器 升程限位器 蝶形垫片 垫片 我们的阀门系统具有以下特点 : 可靠性 效率 减噪 零件 ( 吸气阀片 排气阀片 阀板 ) 客车空调压缩机

35 其它应用 除了压缩机应用, 我们的阀门还提升了真空泵 小型发动机以及类似功能之设备的性能 贺尔碧格在压缩机方面的专业技术可使用到阀门具有重要功能的气体流体机械钟 不论市场对长寿命和可靠性是如何定义的, 我们都会全力支持客户, 为其提供符合要求的气阀, 即 : 针对具体应用进行了优化, 适合狭小安装空间的, 且设计完美的产品 我们研发并制造的阀门系统具有以下优势 : 可靠性最高 耐用性最佳, 实现超长使用寿命 我们的阀门产品组合包括 : 用于汽车制动助力器的真空泵 工业用真空泵 用于客车和 SUV 的空气悬挂压缩机 用于二冲程发动机的换气阀 用于四冲程同步发动机的止回阀 减震盘 止回阀 我们的阀门具有以下特点 : 针对应用进行了优化的设计 具体客户, 具体设计 来自阀门专家的工程服务 换气阀 真空泵止回阀 空气悬挂压缩机 其它应用

36 液压轴向活塞泵部件 满足任何高力矩和低无级变速速度要求 贺尔碧格已将其压缩机阀板方面的专业工程技术和生产能力应用到液压轴向活塞泵的几个决定性能的部件中 用作高扭矩条件下实现无级变速控制的泵机和电机 : 应用包括牵引车辆 工程车辆 叉车和混凝土搅拌机的传动系统 在高达 600 巴的液压条件下, 精密制造是确保可靠无泄漏运转的关键所在 为满足高水准的行业要求, 贺尔碧格已开发出此类泵机的关键组部件, 且在不断改良其生产工艺 我们研发并制造的阀门系统具有以下优势 : 最严格的公差 最佳表面光洁度 高应力条件 我们的产品组合包括 : 控制盘 压力垫圈 导板 G- 转子环 垫圈盘 我们的组件具有以下特点 : 针对各种应用的不同设计 各种材料处理, 实现最佳表面质量 各种合金抵抗应力条件 导向板 双金属控制盘 隔垫盘 控制盘 双金属控制盘 压力盘 液压轴向活塞泵部件