V V5 80 OpenScale IP ,000 25,000 IP 2

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1 V5 IP AC-Win IP V1.0

2 V V5 80 OpenScale IP ,000 25,000 IP 2

3 OpenScape optipoint () /VoIP OpenStage /VoIP OpenScape CTI DECT / / IP IP SoftGate SIP HiPath OpenExchange SIPSOAP/XMLSNMPMIB TrapsSIP Interface To SubscribersQSIG Assistant TAPIJTAPICSTACDR VoWLAN Manager V5 IT V5 IP 15 AP3700 IP " 83IP " ( SoftGate HiPath IP TDMIP) , ,000 SoftGate IP HiPath IP 83 MMCS Meet Me AP IT SoftGat x86 Shimano Bill Crane Shimano 3

4 IP Dirk Klockner IT Viessmann Werke Gmbh & Co KG IPHG 3500 SoftGate SoftGate IT Linux SLES 10 IP HiPath Feature AP-Emergency Access SIP HiPath Fault Mangement CAPEX OPEX HG 3500VoIP IP PSTN IP WANPSTN IPDA AP 3700 IP HG 3500 VoIP SoftGate G.168 PSTN SIPT.38 PSTNIP IPTDM OpenScape HiPath G SoftGate OPEX SNMP AgentSNMP Version 2MIB2Private MIB IEEE 802.1p/q VLAN DiffServ IETF RFC 2474 QoS IT QoS QDC IP OpenStage HFAAC-WIN IP HiPath Feature Access HFA Gatekeeper WLAN H.323 Annex M1 IP Trunking Comet IP/SIP IP SIPOpenStage SIPHiPath MobileConnect SIP ISDN PSTN SIP WLAN OpenScape VoiceHiPath SIP-Qv2 Trunking TLSSRTP 120 IP WLAN IPHFA HiPath DECT Feature Access SIP 240 HG 3500HG 3500 LANIP 4

5 HiPath ComScendo HiPath ComScendo Plus () SoftGateHiPath 4 HiPath ComScendo HiPath ComScendoHiPath ComScendo Plus UNIX HiPath Xpressions VM CTI HiPath Xpressions Basic CTI Client IP (QSIG) IPTDM SIP (CSTA) TDM IP IP ISDNIP IP Christian Teickner HiPath CorNet NQ Infrastructure Telecommunication & CorNet NQ Mobiles Heidelberger Druckmachinen AG Q.SIG OpenScape SIP-Q SIP / TDMHFASIP V5 SIP TDMIP Networking IT Manager OpenScape IP IPDA Xpressions U ComScendo on a Butto SoftGate IPDA IPDA LCR / VoIP(Voice over IP) TLS LCR OpenScape Video SRTP OpenPath PKI Manager OpenPath IP LCR CSTASIP OpenScale SNMP MLPP HiPath 4000 Assistant 5

6 OpenStage OpenStage 80 HiPath ComScendo Plus () OpenScape AC-Win IP PC IP opticlient USB / 130 HFA AC-Win AC-Wi IP 2Q IP AC-Win MQ PC LDAP IP HG 3500 OpenScape SoftGate V5 DS-Win AC-Win OpenStage GUIOpenScape optipoint/openstage DS-Win VHD100VHD400VHD600 OpenScape Video SIP OutlookLotus Notes OpenStage ManagerDS-Win LED OpenScape Video VHD100 TouchSliderTouchGuide VHD100 TFT HiPath Meet-Me(MMCS) MMCS OpenScape Video VHD400 / VHD400 / MMCS VHD400 1, meet-me OpenScape Video VHD600 OpenStage VHD600 HiPath MMCS G.722 VHD400 VHD600 V5 OpenStage OpenStage T(TDM)OpenStage HFA (HiPath Feature Access)OpenStage SIP ( ) VoWLAN OpenScape () HiPath ComScendo HiPath ComAssistant HiPath 4000 UNIX HiPath Xpressions DECT DECT opticlient HiPath ProCenter HiPath OpenScape (BLF-Win) BLF-Win PC AC- Win IP HiPath 8000 HiPath 2000 OpenStage AC-Win IP optipoint 6

7 Manager HiPath QoS optipoint WL2 Professional ManagerHG 3500 IPHiPath QoS Element Manager LAN HiPath MetaManagement / IP Manager CM QCU QoS PM Collecting Agent COL VoIP HiPath Wireless API Deployment Service SNMP Proxy Agent Deployment Service DLS HiPat h HiPath MobileConnect HiPath MetaManagement HiPathIP IP MobileConnect HiPathHiPath FM VoWLAN HiPathHiPath AM HiPathHiPath UM HiPath HFA/H.323 SIP SIP Wi- OpenScape DLS Fi/HiPath MobileConnect HiPath MobileConnect IP QoS HiPath- MobileConnect HiPath MetaManagement DLSTLS " / " HiPath PKI IT Assistant V5 SNMP Traps SNMP Proxy SIP FMC/ Agent (VM, UM, UC, VoWLAN (CM) ) (SDS) (HBR) Router LAN (EMI) I and C LAN Infrastructure ACL Tracer SNMP Proxy Agent AP3700 UM, IM LEC Web SIP HFA FMC/ VoWLAN PSTN HiPath 4000 SoftGate 7

8 HiPath CAP V5HiPath CAP V3.0 ICT OpenScape Contact Center V7 TAPIJTAPICSTA ComScendo on a Button Suite OpenScape Contact Center OpenStage UC T HiPath ComScendo on a Button Suite / HiPath CAP - OpenScape Contact Center HiPath ComAssistant HiPath ComAssistant V EasyLookup: LDAP HiPath EasySee: PC HiPath ComAssistant V2.0 HiPath HHSC (PhoneCard) CRM EasyMail: PC HiPath ComAssistant V2.0 CTI EasyShare: Click & Dial PCMicrosoft Netmeeting HHSC OpenScape Xpressions LDAP V5 OpenScape Xpressions HiPath Meta Directory OpenScape Contact Center V6 Microsoft Exchange HiPath Trading / OpenScape Xpert V5 CTI IP HiPath Trading OpenScape HiPath DAKS Xpert HiPath Trading HiPath DAKS SIPIP V4 cpci V5 S0S2M CorNet NQ HiPath Manager V5 8

9 S0() E1(S2M)(30) T1(24) DPNSS() SIP(SIP) S 0/ 2M)/T1 E1(S CorNet NQ, QSIG, DSS1, CAS MFC-R2, E&M,... IP(H323 Annex M1) HiPath SIP(SIP-Q) IP SIP (xxmm) 440x170x300(5 11) UPO/EOpenStage TptPoint 500 HiPath AP x 645 x 515 IP HiPath Feature Access(HFA) HiPath AP 3700 OpenStage HFAoptiPoint410/420 IPSIPOpen-Stage HiPath AP SIP 3300 IP S0ISDNS HiPath AP 3700 IP a/b(clip MWI) TCP/IP PPP HTTP /V C C ""48V IP /IP % 100 V V 190 V/400 V 440 x 445 x 433 (11 U) 773 x 645 x x 445 x 433 (11 U) EN60950 EN55022 A EN55024EN , kg 30 kg 25 kg 30 kg 22 kg 9

10 AC-Win IP V1.0 LAN AC-Win IP V1.0 AC-Win IP V1.0 V3.0/V4.0 IP Windows PC PSTN 60AC-Win Windows 2(AC-Win 2Q IP V1.0)12(AC-Win MQ IP V1.0) MQ AC-Win 2Q IP / AC-Win MQ IP TAP MQ AC-Win IP V1.0 IPHiPath V3.0/ V4.0 HG3530 V2.0 USB PC PC PC - PC 10

11 BLF-Win BLF-Win Windows AC-Voice AC-Win AC-Voice DS-Win DS-Win Windows BLF-Win PC Mic Win DS-Win Office AC-Win DS-Win Manager DS-Win " " PC DS-Win Manager DS-Win AC-Win PC AC-Win 2Q IP AC-Win AC-Win 2Q IP V1.0 Windows XP V3.0 / HiPath 4000 V4.0 HG3530 V2.02 AC-Win MQ IP V1.0 Windows XP V3.0 / HiPath 4000 V4.0 HG3530 V2.012 AC-Win 2Q IP V1.0AC-Win MQ IP V1.0 HFA IP AC-Win MQ IP AC-Win IP V1.0 AC-Win 2Q IP V1.0AC-Win MQ IP V1.0 Windows XP Professional Service Pack 2 Pentium GHz RAM 512 MB AC-Win IP V MB 19" 1240 x 1024 CD ROMDVD AC-Win IPUSB / 11

12 (SBCS) SBCS " " IP SBCS IP H4000_BR_V12