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1 LCD TV Operating Instructions GB 操作手冊 CT KD-65X9000A / 55X9000A

2 Introduction Thank you for choosing this Sony product. Before operating the TV, please read this manual thoroughly and retain it for future reference. Instructions about Installing Wall-Mount Bracket are included within this TV s instructions manual. The illustrations used in this manual may differ depending on your TV model. The illustrations of the remote control used in this manual are of the RM-GD026 unless otherwise stated. Before operating the TV, please read page 28 (Safety Information). Retain this manual for future reference. Trademark information The terms HDMI and HDMI High-Definition Multimedia Interface, and the HDMI Logo are trademarks or registered trademarks of HDMI Licensing LLC in the United States and other countries. DLNA, the DLNA Logo and DLNA CERTIFIED are trademarks, service marks, or certification marks of the Digital Living Network Alliance. Manufactured under license from Dolby Laboratories. BRAVIA and are trademarks of Sony Corporation. TrackID is a trademark or registered trademark of Sony Mobile Communications AB. Music and video recognition technology and related data are provided by Gracenote. Gracenote is the industry standard in music recognition technology and related content delivery. For more information, please visit CD, DVD, Blu-ray Disc, and music and video-related data from Gracenote, Inc., copyright 2000-present Gracenote. Gracenote Software, copyright 2000-present Gracenote. One or more patents owned by Gracenote apply to this product and service. See the Gracenote website for a nonexhaustive list of applicable Gracenote patents. Gracenote, MusicID, VideoID, Video Explore, the Gracenote logo and logotype, and the Powered by Gracenote logo are either registered trademarks or trademarks of Gracenote in the United States and/or other countries. Opera Devices SDK from Opera Software ASA. Copyright Opera Software ASA. All rights reserved. Wi-Fi, Wi-Fi Direct and Miracast are marks or registered marks of the Wi-Fi Alliance. Blu-ray Disc, Blu-ray and Blu-ray Disc logo are trademarks of Blu-ray Disc Association. Sony Entertainment Network logo and Sony Entertainment Network are trademarks of Sony Corporation. MHL, Mobile High-Definition Link and the MHL Logo are trademarks or registered trademarks of MHL Licensing, LLC. Manufactured under license from DTS Licensing Limited. For U.S. and worldwide patent and trademark information, see legacy.aspx. (c) DTS Licensing Limited and DTS, Inc The Bluetooth word mark and logos are owned by the Bluetooth SIG, Inc. and any use of such marks by Sony Corporation is under license. Other trademarks and trade names are those of their respective owners. Color IQ and the Color IQ logo are trademarks of QD Vision, Inc RealNetworks, Inc. Patents Pending. All rights reserved. RealNetworks logo is a trademark of RealNetworks, Inc. The N Mark is a trademark or registered trademark of NFC Forum, Inc. in the United States and in other countries. 2 GB

3 This television is designed for use in Hong Kong and ensured the usage in Hong Kong only. Location of the identification label Labels for Model No. and Power Supply rating (in accordance with applicable safety regulation) are located on the rear of the TV. GB 3 GB

4 About this manual (Operating Instructions) This manual explains how to set up your TV. For more information on how to use BRAVIA TV, refer to the Electronic manual. Operating Instructions Explains how to set up your TV such as connections, initial set-up, and basic operations. For more information, press the i-manual button Electronic manual (i-manual) Explains how to use all the features. See page 19 on how to use the i-manual. Images and illustrations used in this manual may differ from the actual screen. 4 GB

5 Table of Contents Getting Started Checking the accessories... 6 Inserting batteries into the remote control : Attaching the Table-Top Stand : Connections : Preventing the TV from toppling over : Bundling the cables : Connecting the TV to the Internet : Performing the initial set-up GB Using Your BRAVIA TV Watching TV B... qf Selecting various functions and settings (Home Menu) Watching Internet Video Looking for Instructions Looking for instructions in the electronic manual (i-manual) B... ql Additional Information Troubleshooting Specifications Installing the Accessories (Wall-Mount Bracket) (KD-55X9000A only) Safety Information Precautions GB

6 Getting Started Checking the accessories Remote Control (1) One-touch Remote Control (1) Size AAA batteries (R03/LR03 type) (4) Table-Top Stand (1)* Fixing screws for Table-Top Stand (M5 12) (4) Under cover (1) Cable clamper (1) Passive 3D Glasses (4) Operating Instructions (this manual) and other documents Inserting batteries into the remote control R03 type batteries * Refer to the supplied Table-Top Stand leaflet to assemble the Table-Top Stand. 1 Remove the protection sheet. 2 Push and slide the cover to open. R03/LR03 type batteries 1 Remove the protection sheet. 2 Push and slide the cover to open. One-touch Remote Control can only be used after registration with the TV. For more information on how to register, press i-manual, then select Table of Contents t Configuring Various Settings t General Settings t Setting One-touch Remote Control. 6 GB

7 1: Attaching the Table-Top Stand 3 Attach the under cover. 1 Refer to the supplied Table-Top Stand leaflet for proper attachment. 1 Place the TV set on the Table-Top Stand. 2 GB 3 2 Ensure that there are no objects in front of the TV. Arrow direction shows front of the Table-Top Stand. 2 Fix the TV to the Table-Top Stand using the supplied screws. The arrow marks indicate the location of the screw holes used for securing the Table-Top Stand. IR Sensor Detaching the Table-Top Stand from the TV To detach the Table-Top Stand from the TV, remove the screws fixed in step 2. If using an electric screwdriver, set the torque at approximately 1.5 N m {15 kgf cm}. Do not remove the Table-Top Stand for any reason other than to install corresponding accessories on the TV. 7 GB

8 2: Connections x To connect a Set Top Box/recorder (e.g. DVD recorder) with HDMI Use an antenna (aerial) cable connector no greater than 14 mm in thickness. Use an HDMI cable connector within 12 mm (thickness) 21 mm (width). Use Sony HDMI cable with High Speed indication for HDMI connection. For more information on connections, refer to the i-manual. Connecting an antenna (aerial)/cable/vcr x To connect an antenna (aerial)/cable HDMI cable (not supplied) Antenna (aerial) cable (not supplied) Set Top Box/recorder (e.g. DVD recorder) Antenna (aerial) cable (not supplied) 8 GB

9 x Connecting an antenna (aerial)/cable and VCR Connecting audio/video devices GB Antenna (aerial) cable (not supplied) AV cable (not supplied) AV cable (not supplied) Antenna (aerial) cable (not supplied) Antenna (aerial) cable (not supplied) Antenna (aerial) cable (not supplied) VCR DVD recorder (Continued) 9 GB

10 Connecting MHL device 3: Preventing the TV from toppling over 1 2 Use authorized MHL2 cable with MHL logo (not supplied) MHL device The MHL (Mobile High-Definition Link) enables the TV to communicate with a connected MHL-compatible device. The TV can charge the connected MHL-compatible device while playing photo/music/video from it. You can use the TV remote control to control the connected MHL-compatible device. If Auto Input Change (MHL) is set to On, the TV automatically switches to HDMI IN 2/MHL from other input when MHL-compatible device is connected to HDMI IN 2/MHL jack. The availability of Auto Input Change (MHL) depends on whether the MHL-compatible device can support this feature. You can continue normal usage of the connected MHL-compatible device (such as receiving calls) depending on its capability. Some remote control functions may not be available depending on features of the connected MHL-compatible device. Please refer to the device manual for details. If MHL Charging during Standby is set to On, you can continue charging the MHL-compatible device even when the TV is in standby mode. This product is officially MHL-certified for operation with other MHL-certified devices. If you encounter any problems when using the MHL function, please consult the device manufacturer for support. Before install the machine screw, lay the display face down on a stable work surface that is larger than the TV. To prevent damaging the surface of the LCD display, make sure to place a soft cloth on the work surface. 1 Install a machine screw (M4, not supplied) into the screw hole of the TV and tie with a strong cord (not supplied). 2 Install a wood screw (not supplied) in the TV stand. Then, tie the strong cord to the wood screw. The length of the M4 machine screw differs depending on the cord diameter. Please see below illustration. 6-7 mm Screw M4 Cord TV s Table-Top Stand 10 GB

11 4: Bundling the cables * When installing on the wall, attach the cable holder under the terminals. Before bundling the cables, remove the cable holder from the AC cover. Reuse the cable holder to bundle the other cables. Do not bundle the AC power cord (mains lead) together with other cables. OR GB * 5* GB

12 5: Connecting the TV to the Internet When you connect this TV to the Internet, you can enjoy multiple functions. For details on the functions, refer to the i-manual. You will need to contract with an Internet service provider to connect to the Internet. TV Preparing a wired network The built-in wireless LAN device allows you to access the Internet and your home network. With this feature, you can connect to a wireless LAN and enjoy the benefits of networking in a cable-free environment. Before setting up the wireless LAN function of the TV, be sure to set up a wireless LAN router. TV Preparing a wireless LAN Wireless router Modem Internet or Internet Modem with router functions Router Modem Internet For LAN connections, use a Category 7 cable (not supplied). 12 GB

13 6: Performing the initial set-up 3 Press V/v/B/b to select an item, then press. Follow the instructions on the screen. GB 1 Connect the TV to your AC power outlet (mains socket). 2 Press "/1 on the TV. The illumination LED will light up in white. When you switch on the TV for the first time, the Language menu appears on the screen. When you turn on the TV for the first time, the TV requires some internal processing for optimisation before you can perform the initial setup. There will be no picture and sound, and the illumination LED on the front of the TV blinks white for about 40 seconds. Do not turn off the TV during this process. This process has been completed at the factory for some TVs. LED lights up in different colours according to the status of the TV. If you do not wish to light up the illumination LED, you can turn it off later. Press HOME, then select Settings t System Settings t General Set-up t Illumination LED t Off. You can also press OPTIONS, then select Illumination LED t Off. Programme Sorting: Changes the order of analogue channels stored in the TV. 1 Press V/v to select the channel you want to move to a new position, then press. 2 Press V/v to select the new position for the channel, then press. You can also tune channels manually. Network Set-up: Sets up the Internet settings. If you do not access the Internet, or to set up later, select Skip. After you select Continue or Start (depending on model) at the Internet setup confirmation screen, select Auto to connect to the network automatically. Select Custom to connect manually. If you use WEP security, select Custom t Wireless Set-up t Scan. Then, select the network name (SSID) you want to connect. If you cannot find the required network name, select [Manual Entry] and press to enter network name. To set Network Set-up later, press HOME, then select Settings t Network t Network Set-up. Use the optional USB Wireless LAN Adapter to connect with your wireless router (or access point) at 5GHz. Insert USB Wireless LAN Adapter and set Wi-Fi Direct to Off. Press HOME, then select Settings t Network t Wi-Fi Direct t Off. 13 GB

14 Using Your BRAVIA TV Watching TV 1 1 Turn on the TV. Press =/1 on the TV or remote control to turn on the TV. 2 Select a mode Select a TV channel or select an input. or or 2 3 x To select digital channels Use 0-9. For channel numbers 10 and above, press the next digit quickly. See below illustration for location of the CH+/-, 2+/-, V/v/B/b,, and HOME buttons on the TV. Rear of TV 14 GB

15 Watching 3D contents This feature lets you experience powerful 3D entertainment, such as stereoscopic 3D games and 3D Blu-ray Disc. Refer to the i-manual on how to set the 3D settings or watch the 3D contents. GB Frequently used buttons Subtitle setting You can turn subtitle on/off while watching digital broadcasting. 2 AUDIO You can select the sub sound or secondary language while watching multiplex broadcasts. 3 Colour buttons When the colour buttons are available, an operation guide appears on the screen. 4 GUIDE Displays the digital programme guide. 5 / Info/Text reveal Displays channel number, details of programmes, and the clock. 15 GB

16 Selecting various functions and settings (Home Menu) You can select the features of your TV from the Home menu. Here is an example on how to select an item and modify the TV settings. 1 Press HOME. 2, 3 2 Press V/v to select Settings category. The contents of Settings are displayed horizontally. OPTIONS 1 See page 17 (Category list) for all categories. 3 Press B/b to select a desired setting item, then press. 4 Modify the settings. x To exit the Home menu Press HOME. x To select using the OPTIONS button Press OPTIONS. A list of convenient functions and menu shortcuts are displayed. The menu items vary based on the current input and/or content. 16 GB

17 Category list Category The categories are available depending on your TV model, region and country. GB Featured History TV Applications Connected Devices Settings Provides information on available applications and content. If there is no network connection, or the Featured Display setting is set to Off, the Featured category will not be displayed. Displays recently viewed items. Allows you to select a list of TV channels, or a programme guide. Programme guide is available depending on your TV model or region. A list of channels registered as favourites in the TV category are displayed. Launches applications that require an Internet connection, including Media Player which does not require an Internet connection. A list of applications registered as favourites in the Applications category are displayed. Enables selection of devices connected to the TV. Provides settings (e.g. picture settings, sound settings, key tone setting) that allow you to customise your TV. 17 GB

18 Watching Internet Video This feature serves as a gateway to Internet content, delivering a variety of on-demand entertainment straight to your TV. You can enjoy video content, including movies and cartoons. You will need to make a broadband Internet connection. For details, see page 12 (5: Connecting the TV to the Internet). 1 Press HOME. 2 Press V/v to select Applications category. 2, 3, 4 3 Press B/b All Applications, then press. 4 Press V/v/B/b to select the desired service, then press. 1 If you experience difficulties with this feature, check that the Internet connection is set up properly. The interface to Internet content depends on the Internet content providers. Services block video content based on the Parental Lock setting of the TV. Some service providers do not support this function. To update Internet Video content services, press HOME, then select Settings t Network t Refresh Internet Content. 18 GB

19 Looking for Instructions Looking for instructions in the electronic manual (i-manual) Operating instructions are built into your BRAVIA TV and can be displayed on the screen. To learn more about your TV features, access your i-manual with the touch of a button. 1 Press i-manual. GB 1 2 Select an item. 1 Press B/b to select an item. 2 RETURN 2 Press V/v/B/b to select an item, then press. Arrow mark* * If an arrow mark appears, press v repeatedly to display more items. The page of the selected item appears. You can step through pages using B/b. Press RETURN to return to the previous page. (Continued) 19 GB

20 Saving frequently viewed pages (Bookmark) You can save frequently viewed pages for easy access anytime. x To save a page In the page to bookmark, press the yellow button on the remote control. Displaying the page again while operating the TV You can switch between the i-manual screen and the TV screen. This feature allows you to refer to the instructions in the i-manual while using your BRAVIA TV. Press i-manual to switch between the i-manual screen previously displayed and the TV screen. i-manual screen previously displayed x To access the bookmarked page When displaying the i-manual, press the green button on the remote control to display the bookmark list. Press V/v to select the desired item, then press. BRAVIA TV screen To return to the previous screen, press RETURN. x To remove a bookmark When the bookmarked page is displayed, press the yellow button on the remote control. To jump to the top page of i-manual, press the red button on the remote control. You can also press HOME, then select Settings t i-manual to jump to the top page of i-manual. Once you turn off the TV or the TV goes to standby mode, the i-manual will be displayed from the top page when you select i-manual. 20 GB

21 Additional Information Troubleshooting When the illumination LED is flashing in red, count how many times it flashes (interval time is three seconds). Press "/1 on the TV to turn it off, disconnect the AC power cord (mains lead), and inform your dealer or Sony service centre of how the indicator flashes (number of flashes). When the illumination LED is not flashing, check the items in the table below. Also refer to Troubleshooting in the i-manual. If the problem persists, have your TV serviced by qualified service personnel. GB Condition There is no picture (screen is dark) and no sound. Some programmes cannot be tuned. The remote control does not function. The Parental Lock password has been forgotten. The TV surrounds become warm. Frozen audio or video, a blank screen, or the TV does not respond to TV or remote control buttons. Explanation/Solution Check the antenna (aerial)/cable connection. Connect the TV to the AC power (mains), and press "/1 on the TV or remote control. Check the antenna (aerial). Replace the batteries. Your TV may be in SYNC mode. Press SYNC MENU, select TV Control and then select Home (Menu) or Options to control the TV. Enter 9999 for the PIN code. (PIN code 9999 is always accepted.) When the TV is used for an extended period, the TV surrounds become warm. You may feel hot when touching there by the hand. Perform a simple reset of the TV by unplugging the AC power cord (mains lead) for two minutes, then plug it in again. When viewing photo files in 4K resolution: The menu screen, operation guide or messages may not appear when displaying photos. To finish playback of photos, press RETURN, or switch the input by pressing. 21 GB

22 Specifications System Panel system LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) Panel TV system Analogue: B/G, I, D/K, M, L Digital: DTMB Colour/video system Analogue: PAL, SECAM, NTSC3.58, NTSC4.43 Digital: Refer to the i-manual Channel coverage Analogue:B/G: VHF: E2 E12/UHF: E21 E69/CATV: S01 S03, S1 S41 I: UHF: B21 B69/CATV: S01 S03, S1 S41 D/K: VHF: C1 C12, R1 R12/UHF: C13 C57, R21 R60/CATV: S01 S03, S1 S41 M: VHF: A2 A13/UHF: A14 A79 L: VHF: F2-F10/UHF: F21-F69/CATV: B Q Digital: UHF Sound output 12.5 W W + 20 W + 20 W Input/Output jacks Antenna (aerial)/cable 75 ohm external terminal for VHF/UHF / VIDEO IN 1 Video/Audio input (phono jacks) / COMPONENT IN YPBPR (Component Video): 1080p (50, 60Hz), 1080i (50, 60Hz), 720p (50, 60Hz), 576p, 576i, 480p, 480i Audio input (phono jacks) VIDEO IN 2 Video input (common phono pin with Y input) HDMI IN1, 2, 3, 4 (Support 4k resolution) MHL (common with HDMI IN 2) DIGITAL AUDIO OUT (OPTICAL) AUDIO OUT/ i Video(2D): 4096 x 2160p (24Hz), 3840 x 2160p (24, 25, 30 Hz), 1080p (30, 50, 60Hz), 1080/24p, 1080i (50, 60Hz), 720p (30, 50, 60Hz), 720/24p, 576p, 576i, 480p, 480i, PC Formats Video(3D): Frame Packing 1080p (30Hz), 1080/24p, 1080i (50, 60Hz), 720p (30, 50, 60Hz), 720/24p Side-by-Side 1080p (50, 60Hz), 1080/24p, 1080i (50, 60Hz), 720p (50, 60Hz) Over-Under 1080p (30, 50, 60Hz), 1080/24p, 1080i (50, 60Hz), 720p (50, 60Hz) ARC (Audio Return Channel) (HDMI IN 1 only) Video (2D):1080p (30Hz), 1080/24p, 1080i (50, 60Hz), 720p (30, 50, 60Hz), 720/24p, 576p, 576i, 480p, 480i Video (3D): Side-by-Side 1080/24p, 1080i (50, 60Hz), 720p (50, 60Hz) Over-Under 1080p (30Hz), 1080/24p, 1080i (50, 60Hz), 720p (50, 60Hz) Audio: Two channel linear PCM: 32, 44.1 and 48kHz, 16, 20 and 24 bits, Dolby Digital Digital optical jack (Two channel linear PCM, Dolby Digital) Audio output (stereo minijack) Headphones jack 1, 2, 3 USB port LAN 10BASE-T/100BASE-TX connector (Depending on the operating environment of the network, connection speed may differ. 10BASE-T/100BASE-TX communication rate and communication quality are not guaranteed for this TV.) 22 GB

23 Others Supplied accessories See Checking the accessories (page 6). Optional accessories Wall-Mount Bracket: SU-WL400 (KD-55X9000A only) USB Wireless LAN Adapter: UWA-BR100 Camera and Microphone Unit: CMU-BR200/CMU-BR100 Passive 3D Glasses: TDG-500P SimulView Passive Glasses: TDG-SV5P GB Operating temperature 0 ºC 40 ºC Operating humidity 10 % 80 % RH (non-condensing) Model name KD- 65X9000A 55X9000A Power and others Power requirements 220 V 240 V AC, 50 Hz Screen size (measured diagonally) Approx cm/65 inches Approx cm/55 inches Display resolution 3,840 dots (horizontal) 2,160 lines (vertical) Power consumption Indicated on the rear of the TV Dimensions (Approx.) (w h d) with Table-Top Stand (mm) 1, , without Table-Top Stand (mm) 1, , Mass (Approx.) with Table-Top Stand (kg) without Table-Top Stand (kg) Optional accessories availability depends on countries/region/tv model/stock. Design and specifications are subject to change without notice. 23 GB

24 Installing the Accessories (Wall-Mount Bracket) (KD-55X9000A only) x To Customers: For product protection and safety reasons, Sony strongly recommends that installing of your TV be performed by Sony dealers or licensed contractors. Do not attempt to install it yourself. x To Sony Dealers and Contractors: Provide full attention to safety during the installation, periodic maintenance and examination of this product. Your TV can be installed using the SU-WL400 (KD-55X9000A only) (page 25) Wall-Mount Bracket (sold separately). Refer to the Instructions supplied with the Wall-Mount Bracket to properly carry out the installation. Sufficient expertise is required for installing this product, especially to determine the strength of the wall for withstanding the TV s weight. Be sure to entrust the attachment of this product to the wall to Sony dealers or licensed contractors and pay adequate attention to safety during the installation. Sony is not liable for any damage or injury caused by mishandling or improper installation. SU-WL400 When installing the TV on the wall, remove the screws from the rear of the TV. Be sure to store the removed screws in a safe place, keeping them away from children GB

25 SU-WL400 4 Pulley B Screw (+PSW 6 x 20) C GB Band F Spacer E Screw (+PSW 6 x 50) G With the screen of the TV facing down, attach the SU-WL400 accessories. For more details of B, C, E, F and G, refer to Instruction Guide provided with Wall-Mount Bracket. Attach the Pulleys and Screws (+PSW6 x 20) to the upper rear of the TV. Attach the Band and Spacers with Screws (+PSW6 x 50) to the lower rear of the TV. If using an electric screwdriver, set the torque at approximately 1.5 N m {15 kgf cm}. Screw (+PSW 4 x 20) D, Bush (M4) H and Screw (+PSW 4 x 50) I will not be used depends on model. Be sure to store the unused parts in a safe place for future use. Retain this manual for future reference. Before mounting the TV to the wall, detach the Table-Top Stand from the TV. See Detaching the Table-Top Stand from the TV (page 7) for details. (Continued) 25 GB

26 Hook locations diagram/table 55X9000A Model Name KD- Hook location SU-WL400 a x SU-WL400 Hook location When installing the TV onto the Base Bracket. a b c 26 GB

27 TV installation dimensions table SU-WL400 a e 80 GB b c d Screen centre point Unit: mm Model Name KD- Display dimensions Screen centre dimension Length for mounting SU-WL400 55X9000A 1, Figures in the table may differ slightly depending on the installation. When your TV is installed on the wall, the upper side of the TV slightly leans forward. WARNING The wall that the TV will be installed should be capable of supporting a weight of at least four times that of the TV. See page (Specifications) for its weight. Refer to the instructions supplied with the Wall-Mount Bracket for your model to install the TV on the wall. 27 GB

28 Additional Information Safety Information WARNING Batteries must not be exposed to excessive heat such as sunshine, fire or the like. Installation/Set-up Install and use the TV set in accordance with the instructions below in order to avoid any risk of fire, electrical shock or damage and/or injuries. Installation The TV set should be installed near an easily accessible AC power outlet (mains socket). Place the TV set on a stable, level surface to avoid it from falling down and cause personal injury or damage to the TV. Only qualified service personnel should carry out wall installations. For safety reasons, it is strongly recommended that you use Sony accessories, including: Wall-Mount Bracket: SU-WL400 (KD-55X9000A) Be sure to use the screws supplied with the Wall-Mount Bracket when attaching the mounting hooks to the TV set. The supplied screws are designed as indicated by illustration when measured from the attaching surface of the mounting hook. The diameter and length of the screws differ depending on the Wall-Mount Bracket model. Use of screws other than those supplied may result in internal damage to the TV set or cause it to fall, etc. 8mm - 12mm Screw (supplied with the Wall-Mount Bracket) Mounting Hook Hook attachment on rear of TV set Transporting Before transporting the TV set, disconnect all cables. Two or three people are needed to transport a large TV set. When transporting the TV set by hand, hold it as shown below. Do not put stress on the LCD panel and the frame around the screen. When transporting the TV set, do not subject it to jolts or excessive vibration. When transporting the TV set for repairs or when moving, pack it using the original carton and packing material. Ventilation Never cover the ventilation holes or insert anything in the cabinet. Leave space around the TV set as shown below. It is strongly recommended that you use a Sony Wall-Mount Bracket in order to provide adequate aircirculation. Installed on the wall 30 cm 10 cm 10 cm 10 cm Leave at least this space around the set. Installed with stand 30 cm 10 cm 10 cm 6 cm Leave at least this space around the set. To ensure proper ventilation and prevent the collection of dirt or dust: Do not lay the TV set flat, install upside down, backwards, or sideways. Do not place the TV set on a shelf, rug, bed or in a closet. Do not cover the TV set with a cloth, such as curtains, or items such as newspapers, etc. Do not install the TV set as shown below. Air circulation is blocked. Wall Wall AC power cord (mains lead) Handle the AC power cord (mains lead) and outlet (mains socket) as follows in order to avoid any risk of fire, electrical shock or damage and/or injuries: Use only Sony supplied AC power cords (mains lead), not those of other brands. Insert the plug fully into the AC power outlet (mains socket). Operate the TV set on a V AC supply only. When wiring cables, be sure to unplug the AC power cord (mains lead) for your safety and take care not to catch your feet on the cables. Disconnect the AC power cord (mains lead) from the AC power outlet (mains socket) before working on or moving the TV set. Keep the AC power cord (mains lead) away from heat sources. Unplug the AC power plug and clean it regularly. If the plug is covered with dust and it picks up moisture, its insulation may deteriorate, which could result in a fire. Notes Do not use the supplied AC power cord (mains lead) on any other equipment. Do not pinch, bend, or twist the AC power cord (mains lead) excessively. The core conductors may be exposed or broken. Do not modify the AC power cord (mains lead). Do not put anything heavy on the AC power cord (mains lead). Do not pull on the AC power cord (mains lead) itself when disconnecting the AC power cord (mains lead). Do not connect too many appliances to the same AC power outlet (mains socket). Do not use a poor fitting AC power outlet (mains socket). 28 GB

29 Prohibited Usage Do not install/use the TV set in locations, environments or situations such as those listed below, or the TV set may malfunction and cause a fire, electrical shock, damage and/or injuries. Location: Outdoors (in direct sunlight), at the seashore, on a ship or other vessel, inside a vehicle, in medical institutions, unstable locations, near water, rain, moisture or smoke. If the TV is placed in the changing room of a public bath or hot spring, the TV may be damaged by airborne sulfur, etc. For best picture quality, do not expose the screen to direct illumination or sunlight. Avoid moving the TV from a cold area to a warm area. Sudden room temperature changes may cause moisture condensation. This may cause the TV to show poor picture and/or poor colour. Should this occur, allow moisture to evaporate completely before powering the TV on. Never spray water or detergent directly on the TV set. It may drip to the bottom of the screen or exterior parts and enter the TV set, and may cause damage to the TV set. Environment: Places that are hot, humid, or excessively dusty; where insects may enter; where it might be exposed to mechanical vibration, near flammable objects (candles, etc). The TV set shall not be exposed to dripping or splashing and no objects filled with liquids, such as vases, shall be placed on the TV. Do not place the TV in a humid or dusty space, or in a room with oily smoke or steam (near cooking tables or humidifiers). Fire, electric shock, or warping may result. Do not install the TV in places subject to extreme temperature, such as in direct sunlight, near a radiator or a heating vent. The TV may overheat in such conditions which can cause deformation of the enclosure and/or TV malfunction. Situation: Do not use when your hands are wet, with the cabinet removed, or with attachments not recommended by the manufacturer. Disconnect the TV set from AC power outlet (mains socket) and antenna during lightning storms. Do not install the TV so that it sticks out into an open space. Injury or damage from a person or object bumping into the TV may result. Broken pieces: Do not throw anything at the TV set. The screen glass may break by the impact and cause serious injury. If the surface of the TV set cracks, do not touch it until you have unplugged the AC power cord (mains lead). Otherwise electric shock may result. When not in use If you will not be using the TV set for several days, the TV set should be disconnected from the AC power (mains) for environmental and safety reasons. As the TV set is not disconnected from the AC power (mains) when the TV set is just turned off, pull the plug from the AC power outlet (mains socket) to disconnect the TV set completely. However, some TV sets may have features that require the TV set to be left in standby to work correctly. For children Do not allow children to climb on the TV set. Keep small accessories out of the reach of children, so that they are not mistakenly swallowed. If the following problems occur... Turn off the TV set and unplug the AC power cord (mains lead) immediately if any of the following problems occur. Ask your dealer or Sony service centre to have it checked by qualified service personnel. When: AC power cord (mains lead) is damaged. Poor fitting of AC power outlet (mains socket). TV set is damaged by being dropped, hit or having something thrown at it. Any liquid or solid object falls through openings in the cabinet. About LCD Monitor Temperature When the LCD Monitor is used for an extended period, the panel surrounds become warm. You may feel hot when touching there by the hand. Precautions Viewing the TV Some people may experience discomfort (such as eye strain, fatigue, or nausea) while watching 3D video images or playing stereoscopic 3D games. Sony recommends that all viewers take regular breaks while watching 3D video images or playing stereoscopic 3D games. The length and frequency of necessary breaks will vary from person to person. You must decide what works best. If you experience any discomfort, you should stop watching the 3D video images or playing stereoscopic 3D games until the discomfort ends; consult a doctor if you believe necessary. You should also review (i) the instruction manual of any other device or media used with this television and (ii) our website ( for the latest information. The vision of young children (especially those under six years old) is still under development. Consult your doctor (such as a pediatrician or eye doctor) before allowing young children to watch 3D video images or play stereoscopic 3D games. Adults should supervise young children to ensure they follow the recommendations listed above. Do not use, store, or leave the 3D Glasses or battery near a fire, or in places with a high temperature, e.g., in direct sunlight, or in sun-heated cars. When using the simulated 3D function, please note that the displayed image is modified from the original due to the conversion done by this television. View the TV in moderate light, as viewing the TV in poor light or during long period of time, strains your eyes. When using headphones, adjust the volume so as to avoid excessive levels, as hearing damage may result. LCD Screen Although the LCD screen is made with high-precision technology and 99.99% or more of the pixels are effective, black dots may appear or bright points of light (red, blue, or green) may appear constantly on the LCD screen. This is a structural property of the LCD screen and is not a malfunction. Do not push or scratch the front filter, or place objects on top of this TV set. The image may be uneven or the LCD screen may be damaged. GB (Continued) 29 GB

30 If this TV set is used in a cold place, a smear may occur in the picture or the picture may become dark. This does not indicate a failure. These phenomena disappear as the temperature rises. Ghosting may occur when still pictures are displayed continuously. It may disappear after a few moments. The screen and cabinet get warm when this TV set is in use. This is not a malfunction. The LCD screen contains a small amount of liquid crystal. Follow your local ordinances and regulations for disposal. Handling and cleaning the screen surface/cabinet of the TV set Be sure to unplug the AC power cord (mains lead) connected to the TV set from AC power outlet (mains socket) before cleaning. To avoid material degradation or screen coating degradation, observe the following precautions. To remove dust from the screen surface/cabinet, wipe gently with a soft cloth. If dust is persistent, wipe with a soft cloth slightly moistened with a diluted mild detergent solution. Never spray water or detergent directly on the TV set. It may drip to the bottom of the screen or exterior parts and enter the TV set, and may cause damage to the TV set. Optional Equipment Keep optional components or any equipment emitting electromagnetic radiation away from the TV set. Otherwise picture distortion and/or noisy sound may occur. Wireless Function of the unit Do not operate this unit near medical equipment (pacemaker, etc.), as malfunction of the medical equipment may result. Although this unit transmits/receives scrambled signals, be careful of unauthorised interception. We cannot be responsible for any trouble as a result. (Caution about handling the remote control) Notes Observe the correct polarity when inserting batteries. Do not use different types of batteries together or mix old and new batteries. Dispose of batteries in an environmentally friendly way. Certain regions may regulate the disposal of batteries. Please consult your local authority. Handle the remote control with care. Do not drop or step on it, or spill liquid of any kind onto it. Do not place the remote control in a location near a heat source, a place subject to direct sunlight, or a damp room. Never use any type of abrasive pad, alkaline/acid cleaner, scouring powder, or volatile solvent, such as alcohol, benzene, thinner or insecticide. Using such materials or maintaining prolonged contact with rubber or vinyl materials may result in damage to the screen surface and cabinet material. Periodic vacuuming of the ventilation openings is recommended to ensure to proper ventilation. When adjusting the angle of the TV set, move it slowly so as to prevent the TV set from moving or slipping off from its table stand. Do not handle the speakers with excessive force during cleaning or maintenance to prevent any damages. 30 GB


32 簡介感謝您購買這項 Sony 產品 使用電視機之前, 請詳閱本手冊, 並保留下來以便將來參考 有關 安裝壁掛支架 的指令已包含在這台電視機的說明手冊 本手冊中的插圖可能因電視機機型而異 除非另有說明, 本手冊的遙控插圖均為 RM-GD026 使用電視機之前, 請詳讀第 28 頁 ( 安全資訊 ) 保留本手冊以便將來參考 商標資訊 HDMI 和 HDMI High-Definition Multimedia Interface 專用名詞以及 HDMI 標誌是 HDMI Licensing LLC 在美國和其他國家的商標或註冊商標 DLNA DLNA 標誌和 DLNA CERTIFIED 是 Digital Living Network Alliance 的商標 服務標誌或認證標誌 由 Dolby Laboratories 授權製造 BRAVIA 是 Sony Corporation 的商標 TrackID 是 Sony Mobile Communication AB 的商標或註冊商標 音樂辨識技術及相關資料由 Gracenote 提供 Gracenote 是音樂辨識技術和相關內容傳遞技術的業界標準 請前往 瞭解有關詳情 Gracenote,Inc. 提供的 CD DVD Blu-ray Disc 以及與音樂相關的資料, 版權屬於 至今 Gracenote Gracenote 軟體版權, 至今 Gracenote 版權所有 本產品和服務註冊有一項或多項專利, 為 Gracenote 所有 有關適用的 Gracenote 專利, 請見 Gracenote 網站上的無限期清單 Gracenote MusicID VideoID Video Explore Gracenote 標誌和標誌字型以及 Powered by Gracenote 標誌是 Gracenote 在美國和 / 或其他國家的註冊商標或商標 Opera Devices SDK from Opera Software ASA. Copyright Opera Software ASA. All rights reserved. Wi-Fi Wi-Fi Direct 和 Miracast 是 Wi-Fi Alliance 的標記或註冊標記 Blu-ray Disc Blu-ray 及 Blu-ray Disc 標誌是 Blu-ray Disc Association 的商標 Sony Entertainment Network logo 和 Sony Entertainment Network 是 Sony Corporation 的商標 MHL Mobile High-Definition Link 和 MHL 標誌是 MHL Licensing,LLC 的商標或註冊商標 由 DTS Licensing Limited 授權製造 有關在美國和全球的專利以及商標信息, 請參閱 (c) DTS Licensing Limited 和 DTS, Inc Bluetooth 字標和標誌乃 Bluetooth SIG, Inc 所有,Sony Corporation 在授權下使用這些標記 其他的商標和商品名稱屬於其各自的所有者 Color IQ 和 Color IQ 標誌是 QD Vision, Inc. 的商標 2013 RealNetworks, Inc. 專利申請中 版權所有 RealNetworks 標誌是 RealNetworks,Inc 的商標 N Mark 是 NFC Forum, Inc. 在美國和其他國家的商標或註冊商標 2 CT

33 本電視設計在香港使用, 只保證能在香港使用 識別標籤的位置 機型和電源等級的標籤 ( 根據適用的安全規定 ) 位於電視機背面 CT 3 CT

34 關於本說明書 ( 操作手冊 ) 本手冊說明如何設定您的電視機 有關如何使用 BRAVIA 電視機的詳細資訊, 請參閱 電子說明書 操作手冊 說明如何設置電視機, 包括連接, 初始設定及基本操作 有關詳細資訊, 按 i-manual 按鈕 電子說明書 ( 功能操作教學 ) 說明如何使用所有功能 參閱第 19 頁有關如何使用功能操作教學 在本說明書內使用的影像和插圖可能與實際不同 4 CT

35 目錄 入門 檢查配件... 6 將電池裝入遙控器中 : 安裝桌面底座 : 連接 : 防止電視機傾倒 : 捆紮纜線 : 連接電視機至網際網絡 : 執行初始設定 CT 使用您的 BRAVIA 電視機 觀看電視 B...qf 選擇各項功能和設定 ( 主選單 ) 觀看網際網絡視訊 查尋使用說明 在電子說明書搜尋使用說明 ( 功能操作教學 ) B...ql 其他資訊 排解疑難 規格 安裝配件 ( 掛牆支架 )( 僅限 KD-55X9000A) 安全資訊 預先注意事項 CT

36 ?? 檢查配件 遙控器 (1) 觸控遙控器 (1) AAA 電池 (R03/LR03 型 )(4) 桌面底座 (1)* 桌面底座的定位螺絲 (M5 12) (4) 遮護蓋 (1) 纜線夾子 (1) 被動式 3D 眼鏡 (4) 操作手冊 ( 本說明書 ) 及其他文件 將電池裝入遙控器中 R03 型電池 * 請參閱隨附的桌面底座說明頁以組裝底座 1 取出保護片 2 按壓並滑動保護蓋打開 R03/LR03 型電池 1 取出保護片 2 按壓並滑動保護蓋打開 觸控遙控器只可在註冊於電視機之後使用 有關如何註冊的更多資訊, 請按 i-manual, 然後選擇 目錄 t 指定各種設定 t 一般設定 t 設定觸控遙控器 6 CT

37 1: 安裝桌面底座 3 安裝遮護蓋 請參閱隨附的桌面底座說明頁以正確安裝底座 1 1 將電視機放在桌面底座上 2 3 CT 2 箭頭方向表示桌面底座的前面 確定電視機前沒有障礙物 2 使用隨附螺絲將電視機固定到桌面底座上 箭頭標記表示用於固定桌面底座的螺絲孔的位置 紅外線感應器 將桌面底座從電視機上拆下來 要從電視機拆下桌面底座, 拆除在步驟 2 安裝的螺絲 如果使用電動螺絲起子, 請將扭矩設定為大約 1.5 N m {15 kgf cm} 除非在電視機上安裝對應的配件, 否則不要將桌面底座拆掉 7 CT

38 2: 連接 x 以 HDMI 連接機上盒 / 錄音機 ( 例如 DVD 燒錄機 ) 使用厚度不超過 14 毫米的天線訊號線連接器 使用 12 毫米 ( 厚度 )x 21 毫米 ( 寬度 ) 之內的 HDMI 連接訊號線連接器 請使用標明 高速 的 Sony HDMI 纜線作為 HDMI 連接 有關連接的詳細資訊, 請參閱功能操作教學 連接天線 / 訊號線 / 錄影機 x 要連接天線 / 訊號線 HDMI 訊號線 ( 非附件 ) 天線的連接訊號線 ( 非附件 ) 機上盒 / 錄音機 ( 例如 DVD 燒錄機 ) 天線的連接訊號線 ( 非附件 ) 8 CT

39 x 連接天線 / 訊號線和錄影機 連接音訊 / 視訊設備 CT AV 訊號線 ( 非附件 ) 天線的連接訊號線 ( 非附件 ) AV 訊號線 ( 非附件 ) 天線的連接訊號線 ( 非附件 ) 天線的連接訊號線 ( 非附件 ) 天線的連接訊號線 ( 非附件 ) 錄影機 DVD 燒錄機 ( 待續 ) 9 CT

40 連接 MHL 設備 3: 防止電視機傾倒 1 2 請使用備有 MHL 標誌且經授權的 MHL2 訊號線 ( 非附件 ) MHL 設備 MHL (Mobile High-Definition Link) 讓電視機和所連接的 MHL 相容設備通訊 電視機在從連接 MHL 相容設備播放照片 / 音樂 / 視訊的同時替該設備充電 您可以使用電視機遙控器控制連接的 MHL 相容設備 安裝機器螺絲之前, 將顯示幕朝下放置在比電視機大的平穩工作表面上 務必放一塊軟布在工作表面上以避免損壞液晶顯示的表面 1 將一顆機器螺絲 (M4, 非附件 ) 鎖入電視機的螺絲孔並用堅韌的繩索 ( 非附件 ) 綁緊 2 在文鎮底座安裝一顆螺絲 ( 非附件 ) 然後, 將堅韌的繩索綁至木螺絲 M4 機器螺絲的長度視繩索的直徑而不同 請參閱以下的插圖 當 MHL 相容設備連接至 HDMI IN 2/MHL 插孔時, 如果 自動輸入變更 (MHL) 設至 開, 電視機自動從其他輸入切換至 HDMI IN 2/MHL 自動輸入變更 (MHL) 的可用性取決於 MHL 相容設備是否能支援此功能 視連接 MHL 相容設備的性能而定, 您能繼續該設備的正常使用 ( 例如接聽電話 ) 視連接 MHL 相容設備的功能而定, 某些遙控器功能可能無效 詳情請參閱該設備的手冊 如果 在待機狀態下為 MHL 充電 設至 開, 您可在電視機處於待機模式時繼續替 MHL 相容設備充電 本產品是 MHL 官方認證與其他 MHL 認證設備操作 如果您在使用 MHL 功能時遇到任何問題, 請向設備的製造商尋求支援 6-7 毫米 M4 螺絲繩索電視機的桌面底座 10 CT

41 4: 捆紮纜線 * 安裝於牆上時, 把纜線固定器安裝在端子下 捆紮纜線之前, 從 AC 蓋拆除纜線固定器 再使用纜線固定器捆紮其他纜線 請勿將 AC 電源線和其他訊號線綁在一起 或 1 2 CT 3 4 * 5* CT

42 5: 連接電視機至網際網絡 當您連接本電視機至網際網絡, 您可享受多項功能 請參閱 i-manual 有關該功能的詳情 您需與網際網絡服務供應商簽訂合同以連接網際網絡 準備無線 LAN 內置無線 LAN 設備讓您存取網際網絡和您的家庭網絡 此功能讓您連接無線 LAN 並享受無線網絡環境的好處 設定電視機的無線 LAN 功能之前, 務必先設定無線 LAN 路由器 電視機 無線路由器 數據機 準備有線網絡 電視機 網際網絡 網際網絡 有路由器功能的數據機 或 路由器 數據機 網際網絡 對於 LAN 連接, 使用類別 7 訊號線 ( 非附件 ) 12 CT

43 6: 執行初始設定 3 按 V/v/B/b 選擇項目, 然後按 請按照螢幕上的指示操作 1 將電視機連接至 AC 電源插座 2 按電視機上的 "/1 發光 LED 亮起白燈 在您第一次打開電視機時, 螢幕上便會出現語言選單 當您首次打開電視機, 電視機需要進行一些內部處理以優化後, 您才可執行初始設定 那時將不會有圖像和聲音, 而電視機前的發光 LED 閃白燈大約 40 秒 切勿在此過程進行時關閉電視機 某些電視機在出廠前已經完成此過程 LED 視電視機的狀態亮起不同的顏色 如果您不要發光 LED 亮起, 您可在稍後將之關閉 按 HOME, 然後選擇 設定 t 系統設定 t 一般設定 t 照明 LED t 關 您也可以按 OPTIONS, 然後選擇 照明 LED t 關 節目排序 : 變更類比頻道儲存於電視上的順序 1 按 V/v 選擇您要移到新位置的頻道, 然後按 2 按 V/v 選擇頻道的新位置, 然後按 您也可以手動調入頻道 網路設定 : 設置網際網絡設定 如果您沒有接入網際網絡, 或要在稍後設定, 選擇 跳過 在網路設定確認畫面選擇 繼續 或 啟動 ( 視型號而定 ) 之後, 選擇 自動 以自動連接網路 選擇 自訂 以手動連接 如果您使用 WEP 安全加密, 選擇 自訂 t 無線設定 t 掃描 然後, 選擇您要連接的網路名稱 (SSID) 如果您找不到所要的網路名稱, 選擇 [ 手動輸入 ], 然後按以輸入網路名稱 要稍後設定 網路設定 按 HOME, 然後選擇 設定 t 網路 t 網路設定 使用選購 USB 無線網卡 5GHz 連接您的無線路由器 ( 或接入點 ) 插入 USB 無線網卡設定 Wi-Fi Direct 設定為 關 按 HOME, 然後選擇 設定 t 網路 t Wi-Fi Direct t 關 CT 13 CT

44 ???? BRAVIA??? 觀看電視 1 1 開啟電視 按電視機或遙控器上的 "/1 打開電視機 2 選擇模式 選擇電視頻道或選擇輸入 或 或 x 選擇數位頻道使用 0-9 對於 10 及以上的頻道號碼, 快速地按下一個數字 2 請參閱下圖有關 CH +/- 2+/- V/v/B/b 和 HOME 按鈕在電視機上的位置 電視機背面 3 14 CT

45 觀看 3D 內容 此功能讓您體驗強勁的 3D 娛樂, 如立體的 3D 電玩和 3D Blu-ray Disc 請參閱功能操作教學有關如何設置 3D 設定或觀看 3D 內容 CT 經常使用的按鈕 字幕設定您可在觀看數位廣播時開啟 / 關閉字幕 2 AUDIO 觀看多聲道廣播時, 您可選擇副伴音或次要語言 3 彩色按鈕當彩色按鈕有效時, 操作指南出現於螢幕上 4 GUIDE 顯示節目表 5 / 資訊 / 文字顯示頻道號碼 節目詳情及時鐘 5 15 CT

46 選擇各項功能和設定 ( 主選單 ) 您可從主選單選擇您的電視機的功能 這是如何選擇項目和更改電視機設定的例子 1 按 HOME 2, 3 2 按 V/v 選擇 設定 類別 設定 的內容橫向顯示 OPTIONS 1 參閱第 17 頁 ( 類別列表 ) 有關所有類別 3 按 B/b 以選擇所要的設定項目, 然後按 4 更改設定 x 退出主選單按 HOME x 使用 OPTIONS 按鈕選擇 按 OPTIONS 顯示便捷功能和快顯選單列表 選單項目會因當前輸入和 / 或內容而不同 16 CT

47 類別列表 類別 可用的類別視您的電視機型號, 區域和國家而定 精選記錄電視應用程式已連線的裝置設定 提供可用的應用程序和內容的資訊 如果沒有網路連接, 或 精選節目顯示 設定設至 關, 精選 類別不顯示 顯示最近查看的項目 讓您選擇電視頻道列表或節目指南 可用的節目指南視您的電視機型號或區域而定 顯示注册在 電視 類別中的我的最愛的頻道列表 發動需要網路連接的應用程式, 包括不需要網路連接的媒體播放機 顯示注册在 應用程式 類別中的我的最愛的應用程式列表 啟動連接至電視機的設備 提供不同電視機的設定 ( 例如圖像設定 聲音設定 按鍵音設定 ) CT 17 CT

48 觀看網際網絡視訊 此功能作為網際網絡內容的網關, 直接遞送各種點播娛樂至您的電視機 您可享受視訊內容, 包括電影和卡通片 您需要寬頻網際網絡連接 關於詳細資訊, 請參閱第 12 頁 (5: 連接電視機至網際網絡 ) 1 按 HOME 2, 3, 4 2 按 V/v 以選擇 應用程式 類別 3 按 B/b 所有應用程式, 然後按 4 按 V/v/B/b 以選擇想要的服務, 然後按 1 如果您在使用此功能時遇到困難, 請檢查網際網絡連接設定是否正確 網際網絡內容的界面視網際網絡內容供應商而定 視訊內容的封鎖服務基於電視機的 親子鎖碼 設定 有些服務供應商不支援此功能 若要更新網路影片內容服務, 按 HOME, 然後選擇 設定 t 網路 t 更新網際網路內容 18 CT

49 ?????? 在電子說明書搜尋使用說明 ( 功能操作教學 ) BRAVIA 電視機內建操作手冊, 可以顯示在螢幕上 若要瞭解更多電視機的功能, 您僅需觸摸按鈕進入功能操作教學 1 按 i-manual CT 1 2 選擇項目 1 按 B/b 選擇項目 2 RETURN 2 按 V/v/B/b 選擇項目, 然後按 箭頭標記 * * 如果箭頭標記出現, 重複按 v 以顯示更多項目 所選項目的頁面出現 您可使用 B/b 翻頁 按 RETURN 返回上一頁 ( 待續 ) 19 CT

50 儲存經常查看的頁面 ( 書籤 ) 您可儲存經常查看的頁面以隨時輕鬆存取 x 儲存頁面在要標簽的頁面, 按遙控器上的黃色按鈕 操作電視機時再次顯示頁面 您可在功能操作教學螢幕和電視螢幕之間切換 此功能讓您在使用 BRAVIA 電視機的同時參閱在功能操作教學內的使用說明 按 i-manual 以在先前顯示的功能操作教學螢幕和電視螢幕之間切換 先前顯示的功能操作教學螢幕 x 存取標簽的頁面功能操作教學顯示時, 按遙控器上的綠色按鈕以顯示書簽列表 按 V/v 選擇所要的項目, 然後按 BRAVIA 電視機螢幕 要返回上一頁, 按 RETURN x 移除書簽當所標簽的頁面顯示時, 按遙控器上的黃色按鈕 若要跳至功能操作教學的首頁, 按遙控器上的紅色按鈕 您也可以按 HOME, 然後選擇 設定 t 功能操作教學 以跳至功能操作教學的首頁 一旦您關閉電視機或電視機進入待機模式, 當您選擇 功能操作教學 時, 功能操作教學會從首頁顯示 20 CT

51 ???? 排解疑難 當發光 LED 閃紅燈時, 計算閃爍次數 ( 間隔時間為三秒 ) 按電視機上的 "/1 將其關閉, 拔掉 AC 電源線, 然後將指示燈閃爍的情形 ( 閃爍的次數 ) 告訴您的經銷商或 Sony 服務中心 當發光 LED 沒有閃爍, 檢查以下列表中的項目 也請參閱功能操作教學中的 故障排除 如果問題仍然存在, 請將您的電視機交給合格的維修人員修理 情況說明 / 解決方法沒有畫面 ( 螢幕是黑的 ) 也沒有聲音 無法調諧某些節目 檢查天線 遙控器無效 檢查天線 / 訊號線連接 將電視機連接至 AC 電源, 然後按電視機或遙控器上的 "/1 更換電池 電視機可能處於 SYNC 模式 按 SYNC MENU, 選擇 電視控制 然後選擇 主選單 或 選項 即可控制電視機 忘記 親子鎖碼 密碼 PIN 碼輸入 9999 (PIN 碼 9999 總是可以接受 ) 電視機周圍溫度升高 當長時間使用電視機時, 電視機周圍溫度會升高 用手觸摸這些地方時可能會覺得很燙 停頓音訊或視訊 空白螢幕 拔下 AC 電源線兩分鐘之後再次連接以進行簡單的電視機重設 或電視機對電視或遙控器按鈕沒有反應 CT 以 4K 解析度觀看照片文件時 : 選單螢幕 操作指南或資訊在顯示照片時可能不出現 要完成播放照片, 按 RETURN, 或按以切換輸入 21 CT

52 規格 系統面板系統電視系統 彩色 / 視訊系統 LCD ( 液晶顯示 ) 面板類比 :B/G I D/K M L 數位 :DTMB 類比 :PAL SECAM NTSC3.58 NTSC4.43 數位 : 參閲功能操作教學 頻道涵蓋範圍 類比 : B/G: VHF:E2 E12/UHF:E21 E69/CATV:S01 S03, S1 S41 I: UHF:B21 B69/CATV:S01 S03,S1 S41 D/K: VHF:C1 C12,R1 R12/UHF:C13 C57,R21 R60/CATV:S01 S03,S1 S41 M: VHF:A2 A13/UHF:A14 A79 L: VHF:F2-F10/UHF:F21-F69/CATV:B Q 數位 : UHF 聲音輸出 12.5 瓦 瓦 + 20 瓦 + 20 瓦 輸入 / 輸出插孔 天線 / 訊號線 VHF/UHF 的 75 歐姆外接端子 / VIDEO IN 1 視訊 / 音訊輸入 (Phono 插孔 ) / COMPONENT IN VIDEO IN 2 HDMI IN1, 2,3,4 ( 支援 4k 解析度 ) MHL (common with HDMI IN 2) DIGITAL AUDIO OUT (OPTICAL) YPBPR (Component Video):1080p (50,60Hz),1080i (50,60Hz),720p (50,60Hz),576p,576i, 480p,480i 音訊輸入 (Phono 插孔 ) 視訊輸入 (common phono pin with Y input) 視訊 (2D): 4096 x 2160p (24Hz), 3840 x 2160p (24, 25, 30 Hz), 1080p (30, 50,60Hz), 1080/24p,1080i (50,60Hz),720p (30,50,60Hz),720/24p, 576p,576i,480p, 480i,PC 格式視訊 (3D): 幀封裝 1080p (30Hz),1080/24p,1080i (50,60Hz),720p (30,50,60Hz),720/24p 並排 1080p (50,60Hz),1080/24p,1080i (50,60Hz),720p (50,60Hz) 上下格式 1080p (30,50,60Hz),1080/24p,1080i (50,60Hz),720p (50,60Hz) ARC (Audio Return Channel)( 僅限 HDMI IN 1) 視訊 (2D): 1080p (30Hz),1080/24p,1080i (50,60Hz),720p (30,50,60Hz),720/24p,576p, 576i,480p,480i 視訊 (3D): 並排 1080/24p,1080i (50,60Hz),720p (50,60Hz) 上下格式 1080p (30Hz),1080/24p,1080i (50,60Hz),720p (50,60Hz) 音訊 : 兩聲道線性 PCM:32,44.1 和 48kHz,16,20 和 24 位元,Dolby Digital 數位光纖插孔 ( 兩聲道線性 PCM,Dolby Digital) AUDIO OUT/ i 音訊輸出 ( 立體聲迷你插孔 ) 耳機插孔 1, 2, 3 USB 埠 LAN 10BASE-T/100BASE-TX 接頭 ( 視網絡的作業環境而定, 連線速度可能不同 不保證本電視的 10BASE-T/100BASE-TX 通訊率和通訊品質 ) 22 CT

53 其他隨附的配件請參閱 檢查配件 ( 第 6 頁 ) 選用的配件壁掛式支架 :SU-WL400 ( 僅限 KD-55X9000A) USB 無線網卡 :UWA-BR100 照相機和麥克風附件 :CMU-BR200/CMU-BR100 被動式 3D 眼鏡 :TDG-500P SimulView TM 被動式眼鏡 :TDG-SV5P CT 作業溫度 0 ºC 40 ºC 操作濕度 10% - 80% 相對濕度 ( 非冷凝 ) 型號名稱 KD- 65X9000A 55X9000A 電源和其他規格 電源需求 220 V 240 V AC,50 Hz 螢幕尺寸 ( 對角測量 ) 大約 厘米 /65 英寸 大約 厘米 /55 英寸 顯示解析度 3840 點 ( 水平 ) 2160 條線 ( 垂直 ) 耗電量 標示於電視機背面上 尺寸 ( 大約 )( 寬 高 深 ) 包含桌面底座 ( 毫米 ) 不含桌面底座 ( 毫米 ) 質量 ( 大約 ) 包含桌面底座 ( 千克 ) 不含桌面底座 ( 千克 ) 選購配件的供應視國家 / 區域 / 電視機型號 / 存貨而定 設計與規格可能變更而不事先通知 23 CT

54 安裝配件 ( 掛牆支架 ) ( 僅限 KD-55X9000A) x 致客戶 : 基於保護產品和安全考量,Sony 強烈建議務必委由 Sony 經銷商或經授權的承包商進行電視機的安裝 請勿試圖自行安裝 x 致 Sony 經銷商和承包商 : 請在安裝 定期維修和檢查本產品時特別注意安全 您的電視機可使用 SU-WL400 ( 僅限 KD-55X9000A) ( 第 25 頁 ) 壁掛式支架 ( 另售 ) 安裝 請參閱壁掛式支架隨附的說明書, 以正確進行安裝 安裝本產品, 尤其是在確定牆壁強度是否能夠支撐電視機重量方面, 需要足夠的專業知識 將本產品安裝於牆上的工作務必要委託 Sony 經銷商或經過授權的承包商進行, 而且安裝時要特別注意安全 Sony 對於任何因為錯誤操作或不當安裝所造成的損壞或傷害恕不負責 SU-WL400 將電視機安裝在牆壁上時, 從電視機背面取下螺絲 請務必將取下的螺絲放置在安全的地方, 讓螺絲遠離兒童 4 24 CT

55 SU-WL400 4 滑輪 B 螺絲 (+PSW 6 x 20) C 帶子 F 墊片 E 螺絲 (+PSW 6 x 50) G CT 電視機螢幕面朝下時, 安裝 SU-WL400 配件 有關更多詳情 B C E F 和 G, 請參閱隨壁掛式支架提供的使用指南 將滑輪和螺絲 (+PSW6 x 20) 安裝至電視機的上後部 使用螺絲 (+PSW6 x 50) 將帶子和墊片安裝至電視機的下後部 如果使用電動螺絲起子, 請將扭矩設定為大約 1.5 N m {15 kgf cm} 螺絲 (+PSW 4 x20) D, 套管 (M4) H 和螺絲 (+PSW 4 x 50) I 視型號而可能沒被使用 確保將沒有使用的零件存放在安全的地方以供日後使用 保留本手冊以便將來參考 安裝電視機至牆壁之前, 將桌面底座從電視機上拆下來 詳情請參閱 將桌面底座從電視機上拆下來 ( 第 7 頁 ) ( 待續 ) 25 CT

56 掛鉤位置圖 / 表 55X9000A x SU-WL400 型號名稱 KD- 掛鉤位置 SU-WL400 a 掛鉤位置將電視機安裝在底座支架上時 a b c 26 CT

57 電視機安裝尺寸表 SU-WL400 a e 80 b c d CT 螢幕中心點 型號名稱 KD- SU-WL400 單位 : 毫米顯示幕尺寸螢幕中心尺寸安裝的長度 55X9000A 製表內的數字視安裝而可能略有不同 當您的電視機安裝在墻上時, 電視機的上部稍微向前傾 警告安裝電視機的牆壁必須能支撐至少電視機四倍的重量 有關本電視機的重量, 請參閱第 頁 ( 規格 ) 請參閱符合您的電視機型號的壁掛式支架所附帶的指示將電視機安裝在墻上 27 CT

58 ???? 安全資訊 警告 不可將電池曝露於如陽光 火或類似的過熱源 安裝 / 設定 為了避免火災 觸電或損壞及 / 或受傷等危險, 請遵照下列指示來安裝和使用電視機 安裝 應將電視機安裝在易於插拔的 AC 電源插座附近 將電視機擺在平穩的水平表面上, 以防止傾倒而造成人員的傷害或者損及電視機 僅可由合格的維修人員執行掛壁安裝 為了安全起見, 強烈建議您使用 Sony 配件, 包括 : 壁掛式支架 : SU-WL400 (KD-55X9000A) 將掛鉤安裝於電視機上時, 務必要使用隨附於壁掛式支架的螺絲 隨附螺絲如插圖所示設計從掛鉤安裝表面量起 螺絲的直徑和長度會因為壁掛式支架的型號而有所不同 使用隨附螺絲以外的螺絲可能會造成電視機內部損壞或者掉落等等 8 毫米 - 12 毫米 螺絲 ( 隨附於壁掛式支架 ) 掛鉤電視背後的掛鉤附件 搬動 搬動電視機之前, 請斷開所有訊號線的連接 大尺寸電視機需要兩到三人搬動 用手搬動電視機時, 請如下圖所示抓握 請勿對液晶面板以及螢幕周圍的框邊施加壓力 搬動電視機時, 請勿使其受到搖晃或過度震動 搬動電視機以進行維修或移動時, 請使用原有的紙箱和包裝材料進行包裝 通風 切勿遮擋通風孔或將任何物體插入機殼內 如下圖所示, 在電視機周圍保留通風空間 強烈建議您使用 Sony 壁掛式支架以確保足夠的空氣流通 安裝在牆壁上 安裝在底座上 30 厘米 10 厘米 10 厘米 10 厘米在電視機周圍至少留出所示的空間 30 厘米 10 厘米 10 厘米 在電視機周圍至少留出所示的空間 為了確保正確通風及防止髒物或灰塵堆積 : 請勿將電視機平放 上面朝下安裝 向後安裝或側面安裝 請勿將電視機放置於架子 地毯 床或壁櫥中 請勿用布 ( 如窗簾 ) 或物件 ( 如報紙等 ) 覆蓋電視機 請勿如下圖所示安裝電視機 空氣流通被阻擋 牆壁 6 厘米 牆壁 AC 電源線為了避免火災 觸電或損壞及 / 或受傷等危險, 請遵照下列指示來處理 AC 電源線和插座 : 請僅使用 Sony 隨附的 AC 電源線, 不要使用其它品牌的電源線 將插頭完全插入 AC 電源插座 僅可在 V AC 電源上使用電視機 連接訊號線時, 為了安全起見請務必拔下 AC 電源線, 以免被訊號線絆到腳 在進行作業或移動電視機之前, 請從 AC 電源插座上斷開 AC 電源線的連接 保持 AC 電源線遠離熱源 拔下 AC 電源插頭, 定期進行清潔 如果插頭上有積灰並帶有濕氣, 則其絕緣品質可能已經劣化, 並可能會造成火災 註 請勿在任何其它設備上使用所隨附的 AC 電源線 請勿過度擰捏 彎曲或扭轉 AC 電源線 否則線芯可能會曝露在外或折斷 請勿改裝 AC 電源線 請勿將任何重物放在 AC 電源線上 斷開 AC 電源線連接時, 請勿拉扯 AC 電源線 請勿在相同的 AC 電源插座上連接太多設備 請勿使用不適當的 AC 電源插座 使用限制 請勿在下列地點 環境或情況條件下安裝 / 使用電視機, 否則電視機可能會發生故障並造成火災 觸電 損壞及 / 或受傷等危險 地點 : 室外 ( 在直射的陽光中 ), 海邊, 船上或其他船艦上, 車內, 醫療機構中, 不穩定的場所, 靠近水 雨 濕氣或煙霧的地方 如果放置電視機在公共浴室或溫泉的更衣室內, 電視機可能會被空降硫磺等損壞 若要獲得最佳的畫面品質, 請勿將螢幕放在直射光源或陽光下 避免將電視機從寒冷的區域移至溫熱的區域 突然的室溫變化可能導致濕氣凝結 這可能造成電視機顯示劣質圖像及 / 或暗淡的顏色 如果發生這種情形, 讓濕氣完全蒸發之後才開啟電視機 絕對不能將水或清潔劑直接噴灑在電視上 液體可能滴落在螢幕的底部或外部零件上並滲入電視, 而毀壞電視 環境 : 炎熱 潮濕或太多灰塵的地方 ; 昆蟲可能進入的地方 ; 可能受到機械式震動的地方 ; 靠近易燃物體 ( 蠟燭等 ) 的地方 不應該讓液體滴濕或噴濕電視機, 而且裝滿液體的物體 ( 例如花瓶 ) 不應該擺在電視機上 不要放置電視機在潮濕或多塵的空間, 或有油煙或蒸氣的場所 ( 靠近灶台或加濕器 ) 這可能導致火災 觸電或本機彎曲 請勿將電視機安裝在會遭受極端溫度的位置, 如陽光直射 靠近散熱器或加熱裝置通風孔的地方 電視機在這種環境下可能會過熱而導致外殼變形及 / 或電視機故障 28 CT