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1 珊瑚泉華人浸信教會 Chinese Baptist Church of Coral Springs 主後二零一八年八月十二日 August 12 th, 2018 Pastor Emeritus: Kwong-Wah Lau 榮譽牧師 : 劉廣華 Senior Pastor: Keh Yeong Tan 主任牧師 : 陳克勇 Assistant Pastor: Scott Ryan 助理牧師 : 賴思家 Minister of Worship: Heather Shih 敬拜傳道 : 施亭竹 Children s Ministry Director: Cathy Yeung 兒童事工部主任 : 楊嘉恩 Youth Director: Eric Chou 青少事工主任 : 周岩 Let s Pray 2018 Church Theme ~ ACTS 2:42 (ESV) And they devoted themselves to the apostles' teaching and the fellowship, to the breaking of bread and the prayers. 讓我們一起禱告! 二零一八年教會主題 ~ 使徒行傳 2:42 ( 和合本 ) [ 門徒 ] 都恆心遵守使徒的教訓, 彼此交接 掰餅 祈禱 1

2 Prayer Items 禱告事項 Adoration 敬拜 Psalm 詩篇 62:5-6 5 我的心哪, 你當默默無聲, 專等候神, 因為我的盼望是從他而來 6 唯獨他是我的磐石 我的拯救, 他是我的高臺, 我必不動搖 5 For God alone, O my soul, wait in silence, for my hope is from him. 6 He only is my rock and my salvation, my fortress; I shall not be shaken. Confession 認罪 Lamentations 耶利米哀歌 3: 凡等候耶和華, 心裡尋求他的, 耶和華必施恩給他 26 人仰望耶和華, 靜默等候他的救恩, 這原是好的 25 The Lord is good to those who wait for him, to the soul who seeks him. 26 It is good that one should wait quietly for the salvation of the Lord. Thanksgiving 感恩 Isaiah 以賽亞書 12:1-2 耶和華啊, 我要稱謝你! 因為你雖然向我發怒, 你的怒氣卻已轉消, 你又安慰了我 看哪! 神是我的拯救, 我要倚靠他, 並不懼怕 因為主耶和華是我的力量, 是我的詩歌, 他也成了我的拯救 I will give thanks to you, O Lord, for though you were angry with me, your anger turned away, that you might comfort me. 2 Behold, God is my salvation; I will trust, and will not be afraid; for the Lord God is my strength and my song, and he has become my salvation. Supplication 祈求 Psalm 詩篇 118:5 我在急難中求告耶和華, 他就應允我, 把我安置在寬闊之地 Out of my distress I called on the Lord; the Lord answered me and set me free. 1. Pray for church-wide combined Bible study in July and August. Pray that God would use this Bible study 為暑期全教會聯合查經禱告 求神使用這個查經 : a) To connect all fellowship small groups for Christian fellowship. 連接教會的團 契成員在主裡有交通 b) To cultivate the love of studying God s Word. 培養讀經習慣和愛慕神的話語 c) To build up believers through God s Word and prayer. 通過神的話語和禱告, 建 立信徒的靈命 d) To promote the use of Inductive Bible Study Method for personal and small group Bible study. 推廣歸納式查經方法 2. 繼續為本週五 (8/17) 的兒童暑期聖經學校 ( 回到學校 ) 代禱 求神帶領過去三日來的孩子能繼續來參加, 並且福音的種子能撒在他們的心裡 Continue to pray for VBS back to school this coming Friday (8/17). Pray that all the children who attended VBS (8/8-10) will return, and the seed of the Gospel will be planted in their hearts. 2

3 Order of Sunday Worship Service 9:00 AM August 12 th, 2018 We Gather in His Presence Welcome Call to Worship: Isaiah 12:4-6 Worship in Praise: At the Cross No Longer Slaves Give Us Clean Hands Deacon Kan Hwee Deacon Kan Hwee God Speaks through His Word Word of God: Acts 5:1-11 Sermon: The Purity of the Church Deacon Kan Hwee Pastor Scott Ryan We Respond to God s Word Song of Commitment: Build My Life Offering Deacon Kan Hwee God Sends Us to Witness Benediction Pastor Scott Ryan Today 08/19 08/26 Speaker Pastor Scott Ryan Pastor Scott Ryan Pastor Scott Ryan Presider Deacon Kan Hwee Deacon Tony Chu Deacon Kan Hwee 9 AM Service Serving Schedule Praise Team Leader Heather Shih Michael Au Brian Niu Ushers Karen Hwee, Christine Au. Gene Li, Marco Lau (Parking) Betty Kong, Janice Wong. Gene Li, Joseph Tang (Parking) Shelly Chiu, Rosangela Horvath. Gene Li, Marco Lau (Parking) A/V Team Vincent Hung (A)/ Rachel Cheng (V) Vincent Hung (A)/ Cassandra Niu (V) Vincent Hung (A)/ Cassandra Niu (V) 3

4 主日崇拜程序 Order of Sunday Worship Service 主後二零一八年八月十二日上午十點三十分 10 :30 AM, August 12, 2018 Call to Worship 敬拜宣召 Hymn of Ascent 上行詩歌 Call to Confession 悔改宣召 Worship in Praise 以讚美來敬拜 Psalm 詩篇 62:5-8 #287 What a wonderful Savior! 奇妙的主 Lamentations 耶利米哀歌 3:25-26 Deacon Eddie Au 會眾 Deacon Eddie Au Assurance of Pardon 赦罪宣告 Invocation 求告主名 1 Peter 彼得前書 1:17-21 Deacon Eddie Au Deacon Eddie Au Hymn of Praise 讚美詩 Choral Worship 獻詩 Redeemed 救贖 #288 Jesus paid it all 罪債全還清 耶和華果然成就大事 會眾 Matthew Fellowship 馬太團契 Word of God 神的話語 Worship in Words 以生命之道來敬拜 Ruth 路得記 3 Deacon Eddie Au Sermon 證道 救贖的計劃 Pastor Keh Yeong Tan 陳克勇牧師 Hymn of Response 回應詩歌 Greetings/ Welcome 問安 / 歡迎 Worship in Response 以回應來敬拜 #295 I will sing of my Redeemer 歌頌救贖主 會眾 Deacon Eddie Au Offering 奉獻 Psalm 詩篇 50:23 Brother Dennis Wong 黃健騰弟兄 4

5 Worship in Receiving Blessings 以領受祝福來敬拜 Doxology 讚美頌會眾 Benediction 祝福 Hymn of Sending 差遣詩歌 #485 信徒奮興 O Zion, Haste ( 第一 三節 ) Pastor Keh Yeong Tan 陳克勇牧師 會眾 Home News 家訊 : 1. 圖書部將在九月初查點圖書庫存, 弟兄姊妹家中如有屬教會的書籍, 請於九月二日以前歸還, 以便同工審核 Church Library will conduct a stock inventory by September. Please return all material you have borrowed or taken without registration from the Library shelves before Sep. 2nd. 2. 教會將暫停團契午餐供應一個月 ( 也就是整個八月份 ), 希望利用這段時間呼召更多弟兄姊妹來參與飯食事工 若您有心在飯食事工服事, 請在廚房外牆上簽名, 若您已經在飯食事工服事, 請跟您的組長確認 Just a reminder that there is no fellowship lunch for the month of August. We will use this time to give our Food Ministry workers a break, recruit new coworkers. If you would like to join this ministry, please sign up on the wall outside of big kitchen. If you are already serving in the food ministry, please confirm with your cooking team leaders. 3. 飯食同工年度訓練將在八月二十六日主日崇拜後舉行, 若您有感動帶一道菜來給他們當午餐, 請到廚房外牆上報名 Cooking team yearly training will be held on Sun., Aug. 26 th, after 10:30 am service ends. If you d like to prepare a dish for them as lunch, please sign up on the wall outside of big kitchen. 4. 陳克勇牧師今天下午將在聖光台福基督教會證道, 請在禱告中紀念他 Pastor Keh Yeong Tan will preach at Evangelical Formosan Church of South Florida this afternoon. Please remember him in your prayers. Church Finance 教會財務 (April 2018 July 2018) Projected Budget 預算 Actual Offering 實際收入 Actual Expense 實際支出 $256,480 $218,811 $199,318 5

6 Worship Servers Today 今日敬拜事奉 講員 : Pastor Keh Yeong Tan 陳克勇牧師 敬拜帶領 : 領詩 : 徐久仁 翻譯 : 黃旋麗紅 ( 國語 ), Charlie Zhu (E) 影音 : 姚保羅 ( 禱告帶領 ), 鄧少強, 黃卉君 圖書館 : 袁美蓮 招待 : 黃健騰 ( 總招待 ), 鄧志榮, 陳寶蓮, 徐潤好, 胡秀明, 鄭國強 停車場 : 李永康, 劉利培, 李瑋 9:00 AM 10:30 AM 8/5/18 出席人數 Attendance Adult /Youth 成人 / 青少年 Children 兒童 Ch. Sunday School 中文堂主日學 69 Sunday Eng. Worship Service 英文堂主日崇拜 88 School 8 Eng. Sunday School 英文堂主日學 57 Worship Ch. Worship Service 中文堂主日崇拜 212 Service 58 08/09 Thurs. Prayer Meeting 禮拜四禱告會 12 Choral Worship 獻詩 : 耶和華果然成就大事乾旱的山谷, 經過秋雨的祝福, 如今成為泉源地 一片貧瘠的沙土, 充滿傷心的回顧, 如今綻放新生命 耶和華果然成就大事! 耶和華果然成就大事! 耶和華果然成就大事! 不怕高山在前頭, 汪洋大海在攔阻, 主耶和華必引路 今天的撒種, 流著汗水與淚珠, 明天必要同歡呼 扛著滿滿的禾捆, 忘掉昨日的痛苦, 揚聲讚美不止息 事工預告 Upcoming Ministry Opportunities 08/17( 五 ) 暑期兒童聖經學校回到學校 VBS back to school 08/26( 日 ) 浸禮 Baptism 08/26( 日 ) 飯食同工年度訓練 Cooking team yearly training 09/01( 六 ) 詩班訓練 Choir Training 09/09 ( 日 ) 聯合查經分享感恩會 Combined Bible Study Celebration and Thanksgiving Meeting 6

7 10 :30 AM Worship Servers for August 八月份敬拜事奉 08/26 08/19 講員 : Pastor Scott Ryan 賴思家牧師 敬拜帶領 : 陳偉倫執事 領詩 : 陳偉倫執事 翻譯 : 徐久仁 ( 國語 ), 鄧少強 ( 粵語 ) 影音 : 徐灴光 ( 禱告帶領 ), 黃卉君, 熊勁智 圖書館 : 袁美蓮 招待 : 陸愛萍 ( 總招待 ), 鄭國強, 王兆輝, 楊敏華, 繆錦輝, 金德霞 停車場 : 李永康, 李振峯, 龍紅衛 講員 : Pastor Keh Yeong Tan 陳克勇牧師 敬拜帶領 : 林啟璋執事 領詩 : 陳偉倫執事 翻譯 : 黃旋麗卿 ( 粵語 ), Meylina Chu (E) 主餐準備同工 : 黎惠忠, 黎靄嬋 影音 : 姚保羅 ( 禱告帶領 ), 鄧少強, 黃卉君 圖書館 : 郭倩媛 招待 : 潘主安 ( 總招待 ), 施振雄, 李潔英, 劉凱馨, 劉志明, 梁梅蘊 停車場 : 李振峯, 鄧志榮, 王曉輝 7

8 珊瑚泉華人浸信教會 Chinese Baptist Church of Coral Springs Address: 200 Coral Ridge Drive, Coral Springs, FL Tel: (954) Fax: (754) English Worship Service 9:00AM 英文主日崇拜 Fri. Thur. Wed. Sun. Chinese Adult Sunday School (Mandarin / Cantonese) 9:00AM 中文成人主日學 ( 國 / 粵 ) Children Sunday School 9:00AM 兒童主日學 Chinese Worship Service 10:30AM 中文主日崇拜 (Mandarin / Cantonese with English Translation) English Sunday School (English Adult/ Youth/ Children) 10:30AM 英文主日學 Fellowship Lunch 12:00PM 團契午餐 ( 國 / 粵 / 英語翻譯 ) ( 英文成人 / 青少年 / 兒童 ) Enoch Senior Fellowship (3 rd week) 12:30PM 以諾長者團契 ( 每月第三周 ) Luke Cantonese Fellowship 1:00PM 路加粵語團契查經 Bible Study (2 nd /4 th week) Mandarin Bible Study 10:00AM 國語查經班 Bible Study Lunch 12:00PM 查經班午餐 Restaurant Fellowship 5:00PM 餐福團契 Fellowship Dinner 7:00PM 團契晚餐 Young Adult Fellowship (offsite) 7:30PM 英語青年團契 ( 教會外 ) Prayer Meeting 8:00PM 禱告會 Fellowship Dinner 7:00PM 團契晚餐 Luke Cantonese Fellowship Matthew Mandarin Fellowship Living Stones English Fellowship 7:30PM 路加粵語團契馬太國語團契活石英語團契 KCFC Children Fellowship 7:45PM 兒童團契 Matthew Fellowship Youth Group John Christian Youth Fellowship Matthew Fellowship Chinese Young Adult Agape ( 每月第二 / 四周 ) 8:00PM 馬太國語青年組約翰英語青少年團契馬太國語愛加倍社青小組 主日禮拜三禮拜四禮拜五 West Palm Beach Mission 西棕櫚灘福音堂 Location 聚會地點 : Church In the Gardens, 3937 Holly Dr, West Palm Beach, FL Sunday Worship Service 主日崇拜 3 rd Sun., 11:00 AM ( 第三個禮拜日 ) Sunday School 主日學 3rd Sun., 9:30 AM ( 第三個禮拜日 ) 3 rd Sun., 11:30 AM ( 第三個禮拜日 ) Bible Study 查經班 Saturday morning ( 禮拜六早上 ) Adult 成人 Children 兒童 /Youth 青少年 8