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26 compares the crayfish industry in city Han and city Ting. The results show that the coupling functions of governments industrial development strategy and the tacit mechanism shape the disparities in the local market regimes of the same industry. The regional disparities in agricultural industrialization is increased and solidified by the different local market regimes attempt to construct different industrial organization process market structure preferential policies and innovative ability. Both research and practice should pay attention to the preconditions that enable the effect of the market regime to take place in industry development. Love Family and Nation Pan Guangdan s Theory of the New Family System Hang Suhong 194 Abstract Pan Guangdan s emphasis on family research not only responds to the increase in divorce caused by family changes in the Republic of China but also reconstructs a new family system between the individual and society based on new natural and ethical principles. On the one hand by discussing the coexistent relationship between natural impulses and social emotions in gender relations and considering the natural differences and moral differences between family members Pan Guangdan argues that to maintain balance between nature and ethics is to overcome the radical and conservative tendencies in family reform and thus to maintain the stability of gender relations and family relations. On the other hand Pan Guangdan further demonstrates the possibility of modern individuals going out of the family bringing the compassion and responsibility cultivated in the family to the society and nation while maintaining the stability of family. This idea attempts to promote individual development and national progress by reforming the family system in the Republic of China instead of choosing other alternatives. Ethical Principles of the Traditional Chinese Society in the Mourning Apparel System A Sociological Analysis of Congfu An Wenyan 217 Abstract The social structure and ethical principles of the traditional Chinese society has always been the focus of scholarly attention since the introduction of sociology to modern China. Recent studies attempt to explore this issue through the analysis of complicated mourning apparel system in traditional Chinese ceremonies. This article develops this academic insight by a systematical examination of congfu. Two types of congfu are instituted according to the ethical principles of kinship qinqin and authority zunzun. The two principles are essential to the everyday social life in traditional China. This study makes a substantial contribution to the diagnosis and potential remedy of the ethical crisis in contemporary China. 246