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2 公司簡介 / Introduction 目錄 / Index 目錄 Index 公司簡介 Introduction Q.M.C.S.導入效益 & 選用指引 Q. M. C. S. Benefits & Components Selection 射出成型機 壓鑄機快速換模系統 標準型式選用表 Q. M. C. S. Typical Sections by Injection Molding Machines & Mold Casting Machines 模具垂直放入圖例 Demonstration of Vertical Mold oading FOWE ECISION MCHINEY CO., TD. Was established in 1987, and are engaged in the production of automatic QUIC DIE 模具水平放入圖例 Demonstration of Horizontal Mold oading 油壓系統迴路圖 Hydraulic Schematics 氣動泵組合 ower Units CHNE SYSTEM that saves manpower, such as the QUIC DIE CHNE SYSTEM for machanical presses. QUIC MOD CHNE SYSTEM to be adopted along with various kinds of mold clamping systems for automatic machines, such as punch presses, injection molding machines, die casting machines, pcb fine piercing systems, and various die clamping systems. The 1 TY 型夾模器 TY Type Die Clamp TY-C 自動推拉缸 油壓系統迴路圖 Hydraulic schematics of TY-C Type Die Clamp TY - BS型夾模器型號 TY - BS Type Die Clamp TFH - 氣壓式固定夾模器 TFH - neumatic Clamp TF - 固定式油壓夾模器 TF - Fixed Hydraulic Clamp 操作箱 Control Box 電池式換模台車 Battery Die/Mold Cart 電池式換模台車 Battery Die/Mold Cart 模具交換方式 Mold Change Models 射出機 壓鑄機快速換模系統 訂購資料表 Q. M. C. S. Inquiry Form quality and funtionality of our products are positively acknowledged by customers. s FOWE is growing steadily, we persist with our spirit in company operation : Quality, Service and lnnovation. Through our constant endeavor in &D, we are always capable of fulfilling customers demands. Scan Now! Video Online

3 Q. M. C. S. 導入效益 & 選用指引 Q. M. C. S. Benefits & Components Selection 直接效益 / DIECT BENEFITS 射出成型機 壓鑄機快速換模系統標準型式選用表 Q. M. C. S. Typical Sections for Injection Molding Machines & Mold Casting Machines 間接效益 / INDIECT BENEFITS Q.M.C.S. typical sections for injection molding machines & mold casting machines. Competitiveness Strengthened! Q.M.C.S. 導入效益 Q.M.C.S. BENEFITS FOWE Q.M.C.S. provides many quick mold change units for injection molding and hydraulic mold casting machineries. The service saves time and improves productivity, realizing rational management. Q.M.C.S. 選用指引 Q.M.C.S. SEECTION The following specifications are available for you to choose in accordance with your injection molding machine specifications. Make sure of your production plans and production procedure before choosing the products. Not United Crane (Vertical Installation) Movable Clamp T-slot equired Crane (Vertical Installation) Fixed & Movable Clamp Clamps Fixed or Handled on late United Cart (Horizontal Installation) Install roller or sliding rail on the plate. Use cart or mold exchange table for mold change, this shortens change duration and simplifies operation. Fully - automated model is available. Video Online 夾模器 / Die Clamp 氣動泵組合 / ower Units 建議T槽尺寸 / T-slot Size

4 When molds are fitted horizontally, mold changing cart can be used for safe operation, realizing quick mold changing for the entire factory. This increases automation and improves mold delivery & storage rates. Video Online 6

5 增壓比 1:0 增壓比 1:0 ressure atio ressure atio 壓力 kg / cm 壓力 ressure kg / cm ressure ressure Output ressure Output ressure Output kg / cm kg / cm Oil Volume Output 約 60 約 60 ressure Output Oil Volume Output Oil Volume Output Oil Volume Output 7 8

6 s the lever-type clamp does not require a U-slot on the die shoe, it could be used in a wider range of applications. The base of the clamp is machined to fit the T-slot on the bolster. The flange-mount model clamp may be bolted onto the bolster. The automatic slider model makes remote control possible. / With Cylinder 結構剖面 / Construction 型號 Model 單位 TY-1 TY- TY- TY-6 TY- TY- 夾持力 ( 於油壓 0g /cm) tons Tons Clamping Force (at 0kgf/cm ) 1 6. 全部行程 (X) Full 夾模行程 (Y) Clamping 安全行程 (Z) Extra 夾模器缸體容量 ( 全行程 ) Cylinder Capacity at Full mm mm mm cc 註 1: 安全行程為全部行程與夾模行程之差值, 為特別的安全預留量 TY- 8 9 B 可動推拉缸用 For Movable Cylinder S S S S1 BB For Fixed Cylinder 洩氣孔固定推拉缸用 ir elease Hole 註 : 作業溫度 070 C 070 C F T Slot Dimensions E H 全部行程 Full S N 安全行程 夾模行程 Extra Clamping -T C 型號 Model TY-1 TY- TY- TY-6 TY- TY- TY- MIN. E F MX. N MIN. S T 1/8 1/8 MIN. C MIN 型號 Model TY-1 TY- TY- TY-6 TY- TY- TY B C 0 0 D ower Unit F608U--C F1U--C Before purchase, please verify mold edge thickness (h) and check if the T slot (.B.C.D.) is of standard dimensions. Special dimentions need to be confirmed. 9

7 MIN.F - M 模板厚 H MIN.S N C MIN.E 形式表示法 TY- BS / Model 噸數 / Tons F. FB -X BOT 夾持 Clamp 放鬆 oosen FC 形式表示法 TFH- / Model 噸數 / Tons MIN. T U B Z TY-BS TY-BS TY-6BS TY-BS Forward eed Switch Confirmation 7 0 M 螺絲 Screw M 0 螺絲 Screw M 1 螺絲 Screw M0 0 螺絲 Screw E S H 全行程 / Full 夾模行程 / Clamping 安全行程 Extra W Q MB 氣壓源入口 ir Inlet M N 型式 /MODE E F FB FC TFH TFH TFH TFH Backward eed Switch Confirmation Model 形式表示法 TY- C 噸數 / Tons Depth of late Screw / Model ir Cylinder Hole Depth Hole Depth Hole Depth Hole Depth Hole Depth Hole Hole Depth Depth 型式 / Model 夾持力 / Clamping Force (kn) 固定壓力 (kn) Fixed ressure 夾持力 (kn) Clamping Force (kn) 全行程 / Full (mm) 夾模行程 / Clamping (mm) 安全行程 / Extra (mm) 氣缸容量 (cm ) Cylinder Capacity 使用壓力 (Mpa) ressure 工作溫度 / Working Temperature 使用頻率 / Frequency 空氣壓力 / ir ressure 0.9Mpa 空氣壓力 / ir ressure 0Mpa 空氣壓力 / ir ressure 0.9Mpa 空氣壓力 / ir ressure 0.9Mpa 空氣壓力 / ir ressure 0Mpa 夾模時 / Clamping 鬆模時 / oosen 空氣壓力標準 / Standard ir ressure 空氣壓力最小 / Min. ir ressure TFH TFH- TFH / Day TFH M MB N Min. Q S T U W X Z 模厚 h (Min.) mold thickness 氣壓入口 T ir Inlet M1 6 0± M0 6 0± M 0± M0 0±0. * 作業溫度 070 C, 如有特殊需求請另詢問 Working temperature 070 C, for special request, please contact us. 1

8 -X BOT 形式表示法 TF- / Model F FB 噸數 / Tons T U E S h / Clamping 夾模行程 N M MB 油壓入口 Oil Inlet -T The control box offers an interface to monitor and control operations of the quick mold change system. The upper half of the screen (lines 1-) displays automatic functions while the lower half (lines -17) is used for Manual functions. 安全行程 Extra W Q 限動開關 / imited Switch 前進後退確認 / Forward &Backward Confirmation Caution ight 型式 / Model TF-1 TF-. TF- TF-6 TF- TF- 夾持力 (TON) 油壓 / Hydraulic ressure 10 kgf/cm Clamping Force (TON) 油壓 / Hydraulic ressure 0 kgf/cm 全行程 / Full (mm) ower amp Die-Change eset bnormal amp 夾模行程 Y / Clamping (mm) Movable Clamp Insertion Fixed Clamp Insertion 安全行程 Z / Extra (mm) 1... 缸體容量 Cylinder Capacity 夾模時 / Clamping (cm ) 縮模時 / oosen (cm ) Movable Clamp Extraction Fixed Clamp Extraction * 作業溫度 070 C, 如有特殊需求請另詢問 Working temperature 070 C, for special request, please contact us. 型式 / Model TF-1 TF-. E 6 86 F 78 FB M MB 8 N Min.Q 6 1. S 0.. T 1 17 U 18 W 1 X 模厚 h (Min.) Mold Thickness M8 0 M 0 油壓入口 T Oil Inlet 1/8 Movable Die ock Die-Change Conf irm (out / in) Movable Die Clamp Out In Fixed Die ock Manual / utomatic Buzzer Fixed Die Clamp TF M1 0 TF M1 TF M18 0 /8 Movable Die Unclamp Fixed Die Unclamp TF M 0 /8 1 1

9 形式表示法 B-D-C-S- / Model 噸數 / Tons,, M: 射出 / Injection D : 沖床 / ress 1. 荷重 :000, 000, 000kg. 模具尺寸 : 依客戶提供. 揚升高度 : 可調整 00mm. 升降方式 : 油壓昇降 ( 螺桿式 ). 行走速度 :06km/h 6. 把手控制 : 無段式控制 7. 電控系統 :C 無段變速系統 (CUTIS) 8. 電瓶 :DCVx180H/H 9. 充電機 : 全自動化充電機 MF-0. 人員踏板 : 大型氮氣缸折收式. 附導軌一組 1. 安全裝置 :(1) 上下極限模具定位方可行走 () 模具防掉落裝置 1. 高度定位 : 電子呎顯示高度 1. 機台高度限制 : 最低高度限制 800mm 減少換模時間 多機共用 不占空間 無須軌道 降低勞力成本 增加操作安全 達成快速產銷 改善工廠環境 educed Die/Mold Change Time Intermachine Usages Saving Space No ail equested 適用於沖床 油壓機 射出機 壓鑄機 vailable for resses, Hydraulic resses, Injection Molding and Mold Casting Machines Video Online educed abor Cost Improved Operation Safety rompt Delivery Better Working Environment 1. oad: 000, 000, 000kg. Die/Mold Size: Customized. ifted Height: vailable for ifting 000mm. Up-Down: Controlled by Hydraulic (No standard position). Moving Speed: 06 km/h 6. Handle Control: Free Control 7. Electrical System: C Continuously Variable Transmission (CUTIS) 8. Battery: DCVx180H/H 9. Charger: utomatic Charger MF-0. ersonal edal: arge Nitrogen Cylinder (Folding type). One set of uided Track Included 1. Safety Devices: (1) imited Sensors Control Cart ifted Movement () Die/Mold osition Sensors voiding Die/Mold Falling 1. Height osition: Showed by Electrical Meter 1. imited Machine Height: 800mm 1

10 台車系統能根據廠房型式, 射出成型機的配置, 模具置放方式等諸多條件的不同個別設計之 因此, 若新設立工廠時, 初期階段即可與本公司討論, 可規劃出更理想的 Q.M.C.S 換模系統 Based on plant equipments layout and mold store, we can design the best quick mold change system for you. You can contact us immediately when your plant is under construction. 公司名稱 / Company : 聯絡人 / ttn : 電話 / Tel : 傳真 / Fax : 地址 / ddress : 新購 / New urchased 舊機 / Existing 射出機 / Injection Molding Machine 直立式射出機 / Vertical Injection Molding Machine 壓鑄機 / Mold Casting Machine 機台製造商 / Manufacturer : 機型噸數 / Model and Tones : ton 圖面 / Machine Drawing 機台外型圖 / Outline 車壁圖 / laten Drawing 其他 / Other 所需求的產品 / equired roducts: 快速換模系統 / Quick Mold Change System 活動側 / Movable Side 固定側 / Fixed Side : mm : mm B : mm B : mm C : mm C : mm D : mm D : mm 電池式換模台車 / Battery Mold Cart Max : ()* (W) Min : ()* (W) 模具厚度 / Mold Edge Thickness(H) : H1 : mm H : mm Mold 標準型 / egulary 凹入型 ( 需提供尺寸 ) Concave Type (Dimensions equested) S1 : 1 : T1 : S : : T : 入模方式 / Way of mold loading: 水平 / Horizontal 垂直 / Vertical 垂直方式入模時是否有安全踏板? Does the Machine have Safe edal When the molds are in Vertical loading Yes, 請提供安裝圖面 / lease provide the installing drawing 無 /No C1V C0V DCV 有 / Yes ( 厚度 / Thickness: mm) 有 / Yes ( 如耐高溫.. 等 / Ex : Heat esistance) 無 / No 自行安裝 / DIY 富偉安裝 / By Forwell * 請提供尺寸至小數點第一位 / lease provide dimensions into one decimals place 無 / No 機械手 / obotic rm 其他 / Other 無 / No 1 H1 S1 T1 T S H