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1 Jan-March / 一月至三月 2016 MIC (P) 109 / 12 / 2015 一日之计在于晨之计在于晨 一年之计在于春之计在于春 Kampung Senang Charity and Education Foundation Care For Environment, Care For People Blk 106 Aljunied Crescent # S Tel: Fax: Registered under Charity Act No & NCSS Membership No /KAM, UEN-S99SS0044C

2 Content 栏目 轻安村会讯 Kampung Senang Newsletter 2016 January March issue MIC (P) 109 / 12 / 2015 创办人 / Founder 赖玉珠女士 Joyce Lye 编辑 /Editors Phuah Teck Shin, Khursh, George Jacobs, 王静 会讯特约撰稿人 / Newsletter Contributors George Jacobs, Volunteers 美术设计 / Graphic Design Cassidy Loh 出版单位 Publisher Kampung Senang Charity And Education Foundation Tel: Fax: Block 106 Aljunied Crescent # Singapore Or social enterprise of Kampung Senang 03 9 Simple Habits 04 Care for People. Care for Nature. 05 改变自己, 从心开始 06 Excellence in Elderly Care 07 7th HWS on Your Gut Matters 08 7th Holistic Wellness Symposium Experience 09 Familiarizing the community with gardening SG50 community in bloom gardens festival 10 水疗好处多 11 Rejuvenating Hydrobath 超音波气泡浴 12 轻安之友身心灵健康分享会 13 Manage Your Emotion, Be Healthy And Happy 14 Raw Vegetable Sushi 15 Natural Torsion Field Energy 自然全息挠场仪 16 热烈欢迎原愫小筑加入轻安村大家庭 17 轻安地球村企业 18 Cut for Compassion Harmony Arts Exhibition for Compassion 20 7 日绿色文化之旅 Kampung Senang Newsletter 轻安村会讯 is published and distributed 4 times per year by Kampung Senang Charity & Education Foundation. DISCLAIMER. The views and opinions expressed or implied in Kampung Senang Newsletter 轻安村会讯 are strictly those of the authors and contributors, and are not necessarily the views of the publisher. Although every reasonable care has been taken to ensure the accuracy and objectivity of the information provided in this publication, the publisher, editors, employees and agents of Kampung Senang Newsletter 轻安村会讯 shall not be responsible for any actions taken based on the views expressed or information contained within this publication. 02

3 9 Simple Habits to save our planet and improve our health E at A Plant Based Diet at least once a week. By reducing our meat intake in this way, after one year, we can reduce our Green House Gas emissions (such as CO2) by 180kg. U U s e N a t u r a l Repellents like 100% citronella oil or other herbal insect repellents from health food shops such as Kampung Senang. Do not use insecticide sprays or permit pesticide fogging in your area. It is harmful to humans, especially children and elderly, as well as pets and beneficial insects. Use mosquito nets or screens if necessary, and use light, loose long-sleeved clothing to expose less of the body after dark. se Chemical Free cleaning agents from natural vegetable extracts. Waste chemical detergents end up in our storm drains, underground water and eventually fall as acid rain. Moreover, inhaling and handling chemical detergents is harmful to humans and may cause serious allergies and bronchial problems or even cause birth defects. A range of natural cleaners at very affordable prices is on sale at Kampung Senang Tampines and Aljunied centres. Instead of spraying and fogging chemicals which harm our children and ourselves, grow pest deterring plants around your garden. E xercise in parks rather than air-conditioned gyms. Wear a face mask if walking on busy roads, as inhaling vehicle fumes is very hazardous for our health. Note that fumes from our car upholstery have been found to be even more dangerous. So air quality could be worse in the car especially new cars than outside! groceries in. S B ring back that good old rattan basket mum used to carry for weekly shopping. Use cloth bags for smaller shopping trips. Or if you have a car, ask the shop for a cardboard carton to put your ay No to plastic bags and plastic/ Styrofoam containers. The process of making these petro chemical byproducts is highly toxic, and their toxic gases get into our food/drink. When they are incinerated, more toxic pollution is released into our atmosphere. Put some old newspapers into your basket when you go to the market. When you buy chillies or limes, make a cone out of a piece of newspaper and put these in for weighing. Shop at wet markets rather than supermarkets where everything is excessively over-packaged. I f you are a motorist, switch off the engine when parked and waiting. Park in the shade and wind down windows rather than keep the engine and air-conditioner running. G row your own organic herbs in pots or in the ground and get your veggies from organic outlets and farms. Local and fresh vegetables and fruits are best for the health of humans and Mother Earth. Support local organic farms many are family run. Join Kampung Senang and volunteer in our Tampines Organic Kampung Farm to Senang learn to grow Charity herbs and and vegetables Education Foundation and get cuttings and seeds to grow your own. S upport And P romote Permaculture & Organic Living in order to create sustainability. We need to give back to the earth more than taking from the earth from now on to save our health and our planet. 03

4 Care for People. Care for Nature Organic Vegetarian food for healthy people and healthy planet Kampung Senang is the only charity for elderly students and children where organic and healthy vegetarian meals are served. Our Holistic Support for People affected with Cancer (HSPC) program also subsidises and distributes every week, fresh organic vegetable packs to people with cancer because we know that... P l a n t f o o d s c u r e... Animal proteins (from meat, eggs, milk) cause cancer and other chronic diseases while PLANT protein protects and reverses cancer, heart disease, arthritis and diabetes. Non-profit cancer centres that use organic vegetarian food as medicine include: Dr Lan Gawler s Yarra Living Centre in Melbourne; Balya Cancer Retreat run by Dr Lvy Bullen and Dr Jason Han in Perth; Gerson retreat centres in Mexico; Dr Lai Chui Nan s retreats in Singapore; and Kampung Senang s own Wellness and Detox retreats. O RGANIC and Bio-Dynamic foods are produced by farms using NATURAL systems with NO toxic farm chemicals, NO synthetic fertilizers and NO pesticides. All synthetic chemicals CAUSE cancer and other chronic diseases because the body s cells can neither use nor remove these chemicals; so, they grow into tumors or accumulate in the joints as arthritis. O NLY FOOD from HEALTHY SOILS can truly nourish Humans and other Animals. Only healthy soils rich with earthworms and beneficial micro-organisms can feed plants properly, so that in turn plants can feed humans with truly nutritious fruits, roots, nuts, leaves and stems. This means that Hydrophonic (water and chemicals) and Aerophonic (air and chemicals sprays) vegetables are not natural and not healthy. F ARMS that are Organic and Bio-dynamic treat their land and animals with respect. They do not apply artificial fertilizers which kill earthworms and beneficial soil microorganisms. They believe in working in Harmony with Mother Earth to preserve her beauty and avoid genetically C RUELTY-FREE DIETS heal our body, strengthen our will and calm our minds. Only diets that do not confine farm animals in horrible cages or tiny pens and feed these wretched chickens, ducks, pigs, cows, sheep (and now fishes) with animal feeds that include antibiotics and growth hormones, can give humans spiritual and mental growth. Junk foods and high meat diets promote aggression and addictions in adults and attention deficit disorders (ADD) in children, greatly increasing the risk of cancer and other diseases. T H E W O R L D S HUNGRY will not die of starvation if meat-eaters eaters turn vegetarian. Western vegetarians need about 1/6th of the land to grow food to feed themselves. Asian vegetarians need only 1/20th the land that Asian meat-eaters need. The land now being used to feed farm animals can immediately be used to grow food directly. (Source: John Robbins, EarthSave Foundation and Hare Krishna Divine Nature communities). A NIMALS-Farmed & Wild will not need to SUFFER and be KILLED i f w e w e r e t o b e c o m e vegetarian tomorrow. Billions of farm animals are bred and killed to become MEAT for humans, while millions of wild animals die when forests are cleared. Meanwhile, over-farmed lands are abandoned and become deserts leading to loss of habitats available for wild animals. Kampung Senang Charity and Education Foundation modifying her flora or fauna. 04

5 改变自己, 从心开始 良好的健康, 不是偶然就有的, 错误的饮食 欠缺休息与运动等不良习惯, 都为疾病滋生准备了温床 因此, 除非调整生活的规律, 否则期待远离疾病永远只是梦想 不需要昂贵的药物或食品, 就能带给你身 心 灵全面的健康管理, 贴近自然, 也简明易懂, 只要你能下定决心, 改变原有的不良的生活行为规律, 定能赢得一生的健康 活动 / Exercise: 运动能增加并调和血液循环, 加强细胞补给与清除废物的能力 有助控制体重, 强化肌肉骨骼, 增强心脏能力 肺活量, 提高免疫系统功能 降低罹患多种疾病的机率 另外, 运动会促使大脑分泌一种吗啡荷尔蒙, 这种 [ 快乐酚多精 ] 可以除去紧绷肌肉, 让人心情轻松愉悦, 减少忧虑及压力, 创造心灵的平和 因此, 运动的人不但体力佳 心情好, 也更有自信 正确的饮食 / Nutrition Food: 生病了, 你的药物应该就是你的食物 药物不能乱吃, 食物当然也是, 现代科学已证实, 疾病与饮食息息相关, 吃下的每一口食物, 都会影响寿命的长短 因此, 健康的身体仰赖良好的饮食, 只有吃正确的食物, 才能帮助我们远离疾病 自然空气 / Nature Air: 利用闲暇时间到大自然走走, 呼吸带有负离子的新鲜空气, 负离子是 [ 空气中的维生素 ], 有净化血液 活化细胞 增强免疫力 调整自律神经等好处 多呼吸新鲜空气, 会让你的身体和心情都变好 放松 / Relax: 近年来,[ 过劳死 ] 的新闻经常出现, 可见休息的重要性 一天的睡眠时间, 至少要 7~8 小时, 应在午夜前就寝, 有良好品质的深层睡眠, 大脑才能彻底的休息 除了睡觉外, 可以每周抽出时间, 静思 听轻音乐 绘画 园艺 看书 郊游 从事有益活动 ; 远离繁重工作与生活, 让身心灵放松 好的水质 / Quality Water: 人体里水分就占了 70% 左右, 水存在于血液与各组织器官中, 正常的人体功能, 完全仰赖这些水分的平衡 水分可以溶解并载运营养后被细胞吸收, 细胞老旧废物与毒素也可以随同水分排出 另外, 水分也是调解体温 润滑器官组织的重要元素, 并参与体内物理与化学反应, 因此我们可以几天不吃东西, 却不能不喝水 其实, 只要不是心脏病 肾脏病 肝硬化和糖尿病患者, 多喝水倒无妨 我们只要在每天早晨起床时, 空腹喝一大杯 500cc的水, 会减少宿便 但要注意的是, 别在用餐前 30 分钟 用餐时或用餐后 2 小时内喝太多水, 或食用含水分过多的食物, 因为这样唾液和胃液都会被稀释, 影响胃的消化 阳光 / Sunshine: 阳光只要不过度曝晒, 做好防晒处理, 不但不可怕, 还对人体有益 研究显示, 每天照射阳光 15 分钟, 就能得到充足的维生素 D 阳光也具有杀菌 抗病毒能力, 让身体产生抑制癌症抗体 ; 还能减少血中胆固醇 降低血糖 增加红血球带氧的能力, 降低高血压 降低心律, 强化心肌力量 促进肝功能运作与伤口愈合 阳光还能刺激脑部产生多种荷尔蒙, 对心理压力的抒解很有效 改变 / Temperance: 现代人成天喊著忙! 忙! 忙! 习惯藉由烟 酒和咖啡来提神或抒解压力, 浑然不觉体内骨质的快速流失 对于这些早已被医学研究指出有害的生活习惯, 我们若能减少或戒除当然更好 最重要的一点, 想要拥有身心灵健康的体质, 须先建立良好的信念, 克服一切, 才能得到心境的平安 Kampung Senang Charity and Education Foundation 05

6 Excellence in Elderly Care Seminar (3 rd & 7 th th September 2015) Over the course of 2 evenings, 32 Kampung Senang staff and volunteers as well as volunteers from partner organisation Fu Shun took part in the Excellence in Elder Care Seminar. Dr Jennifer Loke, a former nurse and one of this year's HWS speakers from the University of Hull, drew rave reviews from participants through the thought provoking and highly interactive manner she conducted the seminar. Developing empathy and experiential understanding for elder care In order to develop greater empathy and experiential understanding for the elderly and infirm, participants took part in cleverly designed experiments. Reflections following the experiments allowed participants to learn about common mistakes and assumptions volunteers and inexperienced care givers make which could end up hurting the elderly physically or psychologically. For example, participants handicapped themselves by blindfolding themselves, while others assisted them in walking around or eating. Many assistants made the mistake of not testing the temperature of a hot beverage before offering it to the blindfolded person or not providing proper guidance while navigating. The result was scalded lips for some and knocking into obstacles for others. In another experiment, assistants simply fed their "elder" without seeking permission or inviting them to participate in the process. The lesson here: inviting elders to participate in controlling their own lives can be a highly empowering experience for the elders. Seeking Official Recognition for Future Workshops Simple though these exercises were, participants found them to be highly educational and thought provoking. On her part, Dr Loke, who usually runs this type of workshop for student nurses, most recently at Khoo Teck Puat Hospital, found the enthusiasm of the participants an eye-opener and indicated she would be happy to conduct more workshops in the future. Participants received certificates signed by Dr Loke as Senior Fellow of UK's Higher Education Authority. More good news is that Kampung Senang will seek official recognition for this workshop from Singapore's Nursing Board. Kampung Senang Charity and Education Foundation 06

7 Key Messages from the 7 th th HWS on on Your Gut Matters We have summarized the 12 key messages from this year's Holistic Wellness Symposium. We hope the pointers will serve as reminders for you to better understand health issues. However, if you have a medical issue developing, please consult your physician as soon as possible. 1. Gut Cancers are amongst the most common and fastest rising. We can best protect ourselves through preventative measures such as healthy eating, exercising, and screening. 2. Body Mass Index (BMI) is not an accurate indicator of obesity or health. Dr Jennifer Loke looks trim and her son appears slim. But because their BMIs are both 24, they are considered overweight. It is perfectly possible to be fit and healthy while having a high BMI. 3. Extreme exercise, such as marathon running, has a dark side. Such activities have been associated with sudden deaths, increased risk of heart disease, pre-mature menopause, and early osteoporosis. Regular moderate exercise is all you need to keep chronic diseases at bay. As you age, go for gentler exercise, such as yoga and taichi. 4. Sitting on toilets for prolonged periods is bad for health. It is stressful on the spine, strains the puborectalis muscle, chokes the rectum, and pressurizes the blood vessels in the rectum area leading to diseases such as hemorrhoids. Ouch! If your legs can take it, use traditional Asian squat toilets; if not, use the posture demonstrated by Dr Jennifer Loke's son during the symposium. (You can view it on the 7th HWS DVD). 5. ATROPHOBIA - the fear of going to doctors because of learning bad news, possibility of painful tests, etc. The consequences of delay in seeing a doctor can result in delayed diagnosis, complications, and prolonged hospital stays. In some cases, it may even be too late to do anything. 6. Find a doctor with whom you can establish a good relationship. With whom you are comfortable sharing secrets. It is important to be truthful if the doctor is to be effective. 7. Common Gut Signs or Symptoms: Continuing weight loss, diarrhea, black stools, blood and mucus in stools, bloating, stomach pain, or cramps. If you experience any of these symptoms for more than a few days, you should see a doctor. 8. Wash everything: your hands, your utensils, your dish cloth, and washing sponge. Simple, basic hygiene can dramatically reduce your exposure to bacteria and prevent disease. 9. Separate raw and cooked foods. Raw foods have more bacteria and can contaminate cooked food. 10. To eliminate bacteria from your food, cook your food well (over 75C). To prolong the shelf life of food, chill your food (to temperatures below 5C). Chilling causes bacterial hibernation. Bacteria proliferates at temperatures 5-60C. Food at these temperatures will spoil in less than a day. 11. General Screening for Gut Cancers. For most people, that is, those without a family history of colon cancer, Dr Yim recommends annual stool tests from the age of 50 and colonoscopy (the gold standard for screening) every 10 years. Dr Yim does not recommend tumor markers for routine screening nor does he encourage Barium Enema or CT colonography. 12. Screening for those with a personal and family history of gut cancer. Dr Yim recommends more active screening starting at the age of 40. Please check with a qualified medical professional for screening recommendations Kampung Senang Charity and Education Foundation 07

8 Our Speakers Reflect on 7 th th Holistic Wellness Symposium Experience I have been involved in numerous seminars and talks and workshops. However, this is one of the most interesting one I have attended and it has been an eye opener; what with the laughter session by MC, meditation session by Joyce, and stretching exercises by another staff. I have learnt a lot myself and may even incorporate some of these interesting stuff in my future seminars! Dr Yim Heng Boon, Internationally acclaimed endoscopist at Mount Elizabeth Specialist Centre and Professor at NUS Medical School We share Dr Yim's sentiments, this symposium has not only given us a unique experience which was less commonly found in scientific conference meetings, but it has also benefited all participants in ways which exceeded their expectation. We are very sure that all those who have set aside their precious Sunday for this event were happy that they did and would join me in saying that this was one of their best Sundays. We would also like to add that we had a great time immersing in the warm welcome at the start and were impressed by the enthusiasm of the audience in every aspect of each session throughout the entire event. We were certainly glad that a long enough lunch time break was provided. This has allowed us to mingle with the public, and gave us the opportunity to answer their queries; some of which were personal health issues, which they found difficult to raise during the Q&A sessions. Dr Jennifer Loke, International Scholar and Lecturer at University of Hull Kampung Senang Charity and Education Foundation 08

9 Familiarizing the Community with Gardening To inspire love for nature and spread gardening know how, Kampung Senang regularly hosts garden tours for corporates, schools and community organisations at its award winning Organic and Community Garden in Tampines. Kampung Senang recently hosted one such visit in partnership with Creative Kids under the Nature Cares Program. About 70 visitors -30 students from Loyang Primary School, 20 elders from the Jamiyah Home for the Aged, and 20 corporate participants from Ascendas- visited Kampung Senang's Garden in Tampines on 28th August. The visitors were led by NParks trainers who had been familiarised by our very own gardeners prior to the visit. The participants, both young and old, learnt about local herbs and vegetables, crops, and ornamental plants as they were led through the various sections of the gardens. Many took pictures, listened raptly to the presentation, and asked questions. Judging from the many happy and smiling faces, we would not be surprised if some of the participants became regular gardeners at their neighbourhood gardens in the future. SG50 Community in Bloom Gardens Festival As part of SG50 celebrations, NParks invited 50 community organisations to participate in the SG50 CIB Gardens Festival. Kampung Senang was part of a team comprised of 10 community organisations from the North East of Singapore. Over the course of several months, team members brainstormed, conceptualised, and implemented a 2065 garden theme at Hort Park with the aim of inspiring communal ownership of rooftop gardens, pocket spaces, and novel recycling habits of community gardeners. The 2065 garden theme consisted of a series of doorways which took one through an imaginative journey of the various garden possibilities of the future. The garden was so fetching that no sooner had it been opened that newly wedded couples came to have their photos taken. During evenings, the garden took on a magical quality thanks to strategic lighting displays. Of the 5 thematic gardens that were unveiled at Hort Park in September 2015, the 2065 theme garden which Kampung Senang helped to implement was awarded the Best Innovative Garden Design for making best use of sustainable design. More over, the 2065 theme garden won the Best CIB Show Garden for having the strongest horticultural merit and landscape design. K a m p u n g S e n a n g C h a r i t y a n d Ed u c a t i o n F o u n d a t i o n 09

10 水疗好处多 水疗好处多 轻安地球村的养生理念和自然疗法源自于回归与大自然 和谐的律动 强调 预防胜于治疗 的生活智慧 以毅力落实各项健康生活的习惯和自然康复的 养生方法 这一期先介绍有关 水 的疗法 饮用水疗法 水的饮量--人体需要超过70%的净水来滋养生命 室内室外饮量有所不同 也根据人的体质来 平衡需要,一般是每日2公升左右 水的素质--活性炭过滤水和经过被祝福和感恩水较能滋养 我们的细胞 水的饮法--以清晨向着东方慢品 300口 水来开始一天 的感恩和用心 若一定要以茶代水喝 请应使用过滤好的 净水配上无农药的新鲜绿茶 若是熟茶或红茶 一天只限两小杯 水配合有益酵素饮用法--在每天餐前1小时饮用净水+少许 有益酵素 可以帮助激活细胞生命力 帮助消化和营养的吸收 净水断食法--通过让肠胃大休息1-7天 加强体内排毒功能 最好参加团体断食营或在有指导老师的关怀下来安心作水断 选择适合的环境 不要接触烟酒 药品 农药 电磁波和污染的空气 复食期 更要按部就班从果菜汁 到软体有机水果沙拉 芽菜沙拉到米奶 稀粥的渐进养生进食法 复食期一般是断食期的两倍时间 其他水疗法 单纯泡温泉法--最好在自然清洁的流动温泉进行 饭后一小时再泡 大自然瀑布的Spa-Spa 坐在流动瀑布中享受大自然负离子河流满活力的洗涤 可以解压 放松和 吸取负离子 配合超音波按摩浴设备的家庭式Spa-Spa 应用水的浸泡和按摩而达到身心舒畅的概念和方法 Dr Warburg 的研究在1966年公布若配合O 超氧和负离子 可以促进人体内氧的利用率并且活 化细胞和增强呼吸的吐纳功能 促进体内温热和血液循环 并且能解压和塑身 对某些病痛还 有镇痛安眠的效果 泡脚法--用海盐或草药泡脚可以排毒安眠 用冷热间隔的泡水法也可以促进身内循环和消炎的作用 因为爱心人士经由自己的亲身康复体验后 捐赠了两台SG-2000超氧超音波配备给轻安地球村 使在没有机会到大自然做瀑布浴和温泉浴的新加坡会员们 可以到阿裕尼及淡滨泥中心来享受超音 波 负离子和超氧水疗Spa. 期间若在配合的心理平衡引导 或配合果菜汁和优良水质的饮用效果会更佳 询问详情

11 Testimonies 分享园地 Rejuvenating Hydrobath I was diagnosed with stage 3 colon cancer in A surgery was done to remove part of the colon, to be followed by a series of 8 cycles of chemotherapy. However, as I got into the 3 rd cycle of chemotherapy, my body became very weak and I decided to stop the treatment. I chose alternative therapy that was not harmful to the body. I came to know about Kampung Senang and learned to change my diet from meat based to vegetarian and organic as far as possible. I attended full day detox class regularly for a few months to cleanse my body from toxins that were built up over the years. Since then, my health took a better turn and I have been coming every week on Members Day to participate in exercise, healing code and other programs. One therapy of particular mention was the ultrasonic hydrobath. I have been doing it every week since I came to Kampung Senang. It helps to get rid of toxins in my body. Chemotherapy made me feel cold all the time. Hydrobath warms my body. I feel so rejuvenated and energetic. I choose to do it before lunch so that I have a much better appetite to enjoy lunch. It also improves my quality of sleep. Good things are to be shared, so I truly recommend this for cancer patients. In Kampung Senang, the price is much more affordable, with a special formula for EMF removal for those who wish to remove radioactive toxin from the body after CT scan and X-ray. 超音波气泡浴 2012 年被诊断患上第三期结肠癌, 切除部分结肠之后, 必须接受 8 次化疗 在做完第 3 次化疗, 身体感觉很弱, 再也撑不下去, 毅然放弃化疗, 转向无伤害性的自然疗法 认识轻安村之后, 我学习改变饮食, 从荤食改为素食, 并且尽量吃有机食物 我连续几个月参加全日排毒课程, 尽量排除体内多年累积的毒素 很欣慰的, 我的健康渐渐好转 直到现在, 我还是每个星期来参加会员日的活动 其中一项值得推荐的疗法是超音波气泡浴 自从认识轻安村之后, 我每星期都来做超音波气泡浴 它能帮助我排除体内毒素 化疗之后的身体常感到冰冷, 超音波气泡浴能把身体暖和, 并且让我感到有精神气力 通常我选择在午餐前泡澡, 提升食欲, 让我更好的享用午餐 睡眠品质也改善了 好事当然要分享, 所以我很诚意地向大家推荐超音波气泡浴 比起一般的温泉或香精浴, 这里的收费很大众化, 而且对清除电磁波的疗效很好 超音波气泡浴 + 海盐 + 苏打粉原来可以帮助我们去除被电磁波干扰的副作用 Christina Tay (July 2015) 11

12 轻安之友 轻安之友身心灵健康分享会 管理情绪, 掌握自己的健康快乐! 70% 的疾病是由情绪引起的 管理情绪, 就能让我们更好地掌握自己的健康快乐 2015 年 11 月 7 日, 新加坡励知学院的情绪能量培训师和心理咨询师何雯老师再次为我们分享情绪能量管理法 在我们的日常生活中, 七情是人之常性, 但是过度的情绪反应会对身体造成伤害 中医也说情志与健康有密切关联, 正所谓, 怒伤肝, 喜伤心, 思伤脾, 忧伤肺, 恐伤肾 5 分钟的不和谐情绪, 会影响免疫系统 6 个小时, 导致人体抗病能力下降 那我们该如何尽快转化负面情绪, 不让身体受到伤害呢? 何雯老师教我们运用 ABC 的方法把情绪能量转化, 从而达到清, 静, 稳的和谐状态 参与者都很积极地练习, 大家脸上都绽露和谐安然的笑容 在忙碌的生活中, 每天给自己 10 分钟整理情绪, 为健康加分吧! 这次的食疗分享是南瓜小米粥 中医认为小米味甘咸, 有清热解渴 健胃除湿 和胃安眠等功效 本草纲目 说, 小米 治反胃热痢, 煮粥食, 益丹田, 补虚损, 开肠胃 小米营养优势 1 含有丰富的脂肪, 且主要为不饱和脂肪酸 2 含有大量的维生素 E 3 膳食纤维含量丰富 4 含钾高含钠低, 钾钠比为 66:1, 经常吃些小米, 对高血压患者有益 5 含铁量高 ; 含磷也丰富 这就是小米能补血 健脑的原因 小米的烹饪小技巧小米宜与谷类 ( 紫米 糙米 大豆, 红豆 红枣等 ) 混合食用, 这是由于小米的氨基酸中缺乏赖氨酸, 而大豆的氨基酸中富含赖氨酸, 可以补充小米的不足 每餐适用量 50 克 小米粥不宜太稀薄 ; 淘米时不要用手搓, 忌长时间浸泡或用热水淘米 有位会员回家后就亲手尝试, 随意加入在冰箱里找到的食材, 煮出自己心满意足的南瓜小米粥 煮法如下 : 半杯小米轻轻洗净, 加适量水煮成粥 快煮熟时, 加入南瓜 待南瓜煮熟就熄火 加入枸杞子, 海带芽, 少许 Miso 调味, 少许芫荽提升味道 就这么简单 Kampung Senang Charity and Education Foundation 12

13 Manage your Emotion, Be Healthy and Happy! It is said that 70% of illnesses arise from emotions. By managing our emotions, we can manage our physical wellbeing. in November, 2015, Ms Rita He, emotion energy management consultant from Acuteen Academy, had a sharing session on how to manage emotion. While experiencing all kinds of emotions is healthy, having frequent emotional outbursts is detrimental. In TCM, our emotions and physical organs are seen as intimately connected. Anger, resentment and bitterness hurt the liver; excess joy and enthusiasm hurt the heart; too much worry hurts the spleen; grief and sadness hurt the lungs; and fear hurts the kidneys. 5 minutes of indulging in negative emotions can shut down the immune system for up to 6 hours. How can we dissipate negative emotions quickly before they hurt us? The trainer taught us a simple but effective method, called ABC, to transform our emotional energies and achieve a coherent state of clarity, stillness and calm. Amidst the hustle and bustle of daily life, let s give ourselves a few minutes to put our emotions in order for the sake of our health! Pumpkin millet porridge recipe According to TCM, millet, which is a sweet and salty grain, clears heat and thirst, strengthens the stomach, gets rid of dampness in the body, calms the stomach and helps improve sleep quality. Nutritional value of millet Rich in unsaturated fatty acids. High in Vitamin E. Rich in dietary fibre. High potassium : sodium ration. Good for high blood pressure. Rich in iron, phosphate, Good for curing anemia and boosting brain function. Cooking tips To provide balanced nutrition, it is recommended that millet be cooked together with other foods, such as black rice, brown rice, soy beans, red beans and red dates. Use 50g of millet for each meal portion. When washing millet, do not scrub the grains too hard, or wash with hot water, or soak too long in water. Ingredients: ½ cup of millet pumpkin, cut into cubes 1 tablespoon of Goji berries ½ to 1 tablespoon of kelp Miso paste for seasoning Coriander for garnishing Method: Rinse millet gently and add enough water (like cooking porridge). Too much water will make for a dilute porridge. Boil millet until it is almost cooked, add in pumpkin. When the pumpkin is cooked, turn off the fire. Gently stir in goji berries, kelp and miso paste, and allow the porridge to simmer for a few minutes. 13 Garnish with coriander before serving. Kampung Senang Charity and Education Foundation

14 Raw Vegetable Sushi 1 sheet of seaweed Put in shredded carrots, about 2 spoonfuls lay on cross the seaweed about 1 and half inch thick and half inch high Top with sesame powder, shredded papaya or apple or turnip 2 spoonfuls lay on across the seaweed about 1 and half inch thick and half inch high Top with cashew nut powder or almond powder Top with shredded beet root, about 1 spoonful- lay on across the seaweed about 1 and half inch thick and half inch high Add sesame sauce- 1 spoonful Add Amino sauce ( just like the sweet sauce)- 1 spoonful Top with alfalfa Top with 3 leaves of cabbage (the side leaves jagging out, so when cut out, it looks like a flower sitting on the base) Roll the seaweed sheet very gently, and tighten as you roll. Use a small knife that has teeth to cut the sushi pieces. Arrange the sushi rolls. The front and back parts of the sushi rolls stand nicely, like flowers, and when placed behind, the rest of the sushi pieces will sit flat on the plate Voila! It is so easy, yummy and healthy! It is very easy to make vegetable sushi rolls for dinner! Thanks to Sister Mui Fah for sharing this recipe! Variation: California Sushi Hand Roll Cut the seaweed sheet into half. Place the ingredients indicated above on the seaweed sheet. The only difference is: they are put around the 1/4 section of the halved seaweed sheet, and after placing the required ingredients, we roll the sushi into a cone-shaped triangle. The above recipes were provided by Mui Fah, our chef at Kampung Senang Activity Centre and Wellness Centre at Tampines Blk 840. Kampung Senang Charity and Education Foundation 14

15 自然全息挠场仪 83 岁的母亲躺在医院病床两个月后, 背生褥疮, 伤口难以愈合 自 2014 年 12 月开始, 护士教导我如何清洗和包扎伤口, 这成为了我 10 个多月以来每天必行的作业 有位朋友参加了轻安村在醉花林俱乐部举办的一个健康讲座, 得知有关自然全息挠场仪的信息 10 月 4 日, 我到轻安村参加慈善义卖会, 又看到那架挠场仪仪器 当时的负责人非常详细地解释仪器的作用 当她了解了我的情况后, 建议我应该如何帮助母亲的伤口愈合 同时, 她也让我看了一些照片, 是有关糖尿病人的伤口在使用仪器 20 天后开始好转, 并在 5 个月后完全愈合的例证 因此, 我就决定让母亲试用一个月 10 月 6 日开始使用前, 对母亲身上持续了 10 个多月的伤口我进行了拍照留底, 以便和使用后的情况进行对比 使用一个月后, 看到身上 3 个不同地方好转的现象 ( 摄于 11 月 2 日照片 ) 首先是之前比较烂 比较深的伤口, 现在已经长出许多新肉芽, 这说明细胞的再生修复 再看之前照片发白的肉, 转变为红色了, 说明细胞得到营养了 还有周围浅表组织在修复生长 然后是黑色有毒素的部分渐渐的排出来了, 毒素如果在里面不出来会发生病变, 说明身体已经开始回复修复的能力并排出毒素 很欣慰在那么短的时间内看到伤口有显著的改善, 我决定购买这架仪器, 让母亲和家人可以随时的进行能量理疗 我相信这架仪器散发的热量和能量有助于血液循环, 帮助促进身体的自然修复能力 我很期待在不久就能看到伤口的完全愈合 感谢有心人的协助, 让我找到可以让母亲的褥疮伤口愈合的仪器, 让她不再痛苦 Ng Ah Siang / Kampung Senang member (6 November 2015) Natural Torsion Field Energy After a prolonged 2-month stay in hospital, my 83-year old mother returned home with a bed sore that has not healed since December So, over the past 10 months, I have had to clean and dress the wound daily. I came to know about the Torsion field energy machine at Kampung Senang. After learning more about the machine and the treatment it delivers, I decided to have my mother undergo the energy therapy. The pictures below show reduction of my mother s bed sore wound after a month of treatment: the wound has become less deep with new cells growing; the previously whitened skin has reddened, meaning that the cells are getting the nutrition they need; the cells surrounding the wound are also beginning to heal; the dark colored tissue, containing toxins has surfaced, a good sign indicating the body is ridding itself of toxins. I am really glad to see such a great improvement in such a short period of time. As a result, I have decided to purchase the machine. I believe the heat and energy emitted from the machine helps in blood circulation and bringing about natural healing. I hope to see a complete healing of the wound soon. I would like to express my gratitude to all who have helped in one way or another in my search for a good solution to my mother s wound healing. Ng Ah Siang / Kampung Senang member (6 November 2015) 左边图片拍摄于使用仪器前 2015 年 10 月 6 日 Right photo taken on 2 Nov 2015 Kampung Senang Charity and Education 右边图片拍摄于使用仪器后 Foundation 2015 年 11 月 2 日

16 热烈欢迎原愫小筑加入轻安村大家庭 R e l a x, E a t A n d L o v e Vegetarian Café. Tea House. Cooking Studio. A Social Enterprise of Kampung Senang Charity & Education Foundation Business Hours: 7am to 5pm (closed on Sundays and Public Holidays) 50% OFF all cooked food items till 18 Jan 2016 Blk 46 Sims Place # Singapore Tel: therealhut 16

17 轻安地球村企业 为落实让绿色保健蔬食成为环保和健康生活的日常习惯 轻安厨艺坊积极响应 轻安村基金会推动的 Green & Healthy Movement 环保与保健运动 在 SG50 每逢第三个星期的周四 提供给阿裕尼和麦波申区的居民和 工作人士 及轻安村的会员和朋友们免费蔬食 为了延续爱的循环 参与者都自动自发的捐款支持下一个月的费用 让下次参与者也能够延续享受爱的环保蔬食 区议员陈佩玲女士在9月17日为这项 环保与保健运动 开序幕 并且亲切的和 每一位与会者握手 鼓励大家养成环保与健康的饮食习惯 并加强社区邻里的 关爱和凝聚力 轻安地球村也常常到大自然的场地举办轻安养生营 加强大众和会员对 健康养生DIY的实践能力 在 2016年3月28日至4月3日期间 将组队到台湾生态山林和园区 走访慢食人文和多元绿色文化 报名电话 备注 此外每月一次的免费蔬食聚会从 年 月开始 将改在R.E.A.L Hut (原愫小筑) 进行 欢迎您和家人来一起 随缘 Blk 46 Sims Place # Singapore 用餐报名电话 下一期的蔬食爱地球日期 18/2/2016 Next Green & Healthy Lunch meet up is on 18 Feb 2016 R.E.A.L. Hut at Blk 46 Sims Place # S Tel Another Green & Healthy project of 17

18 Kampung Senang Charity and Education Foundation

19 和 和心谐意筹款 和心谐意筹款书画展 意筹款书画展 Harmony Arts Exhibition For Compassion 内容:精品 墨宝 中西画展 Date: 18 Jan Feb 2016 Time: 11am-5pm Venue: Holistic Lifestyle Centre Blk 106 Aljunied Crescent # S Tel: 您的爱心布施将用来支援轻安村希望之轮 6 项慈善服务 又可以收藏到中国现代高僧 本焕 老和尚 新加坡 松年 法师或法国 一行 禅师的墨宝等 敬邀您和大德朋友们光临普照 点燃希望 过个开心年 All are Welcome K a m p u n g S e n a n g C h a r i t y a n d Ed u c a t i o n F o u n d a t i o n

20 7 日 绿色文化之旅 台湾 走访古早慢食人文探寻多元绿色文化 $1788 全程蔬食 大自然文化世界福智教育园区台一生态农场 7 Days Eco-Harmony Tour of Tawian s Green Culture -An initiative of Green & Healthy movement-we provide Natural vegetarian foods all the way to reduce Green House Gas emission. 淡水老街 大自然文化世界 观看湖光山色, 欣赏世界最高青铜弥勒佛像及融合东西方建筑美学绿建筑环保概念的主体建筑, 了解 万物同源. 世界一家 的文化 福智教育园区 参观有机生态 惜福习劳的优质生活区 - 善良社会的典范, 了解身心灵全人教育和大同世界的文化 台一休闲农场 台一生态休闲农场 为你展现 三生一体 生活 生态 生产的多元文化 ; 在花泉卉馆中, 休闲的享受大自然五彩缤纷的气息 ; 和座谈慢食文化人文 吉祥人间 品尝吉祥餐饮, 学习 养清厨房 理念, 净化身心灵, 推动 蔬赢地球 吉祥文化 老街文化 走吃古早味, 探访旧风情 不论老街购物, 古迹巡礼, 或是品尝特色小吃, 选购手礼, 就从多姿多彩的淡水老街开始 月 28 日 ( 星期一 ) 至 4 月 3 日 ( 星期日 ) Air ticket + $1788 Tel: Eco-Harmony Global Network Limited Blk 106 Aljunied Crescent # S Tel: Fax: Website: