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1 's Higher Self Teaching Reports Part # 1

2 INTRODUCTION Lately for the last couple of mornings when I woke up, I have this continuous streaming of internal conversation between me and my Inner Self (or Higher Self). A lot of information had been down loaded into my brain neural system in between the state of sleepiness and awareness in the early morning. It was weird that all the communications were in the text messages of ancient standard format of poetic writing. In the first day morning, I did not write down the message immediately, so I could only remember part of them. Later of the night, I put a piece of blank paper and a pen on the table beside the bed so that to facilitate the jotting down all the download information immediately when I have got up from the bed in the morning. However it made me lost substantial amount of morning sleeps then I am trying to compile the ancient Mandarin poetic writing (which are quite personal) which I find it rather difficult to translate into English. However I will try my best to translate them and share with the family here. All writings by members of AbundantHope are copyrighted by AbundantHope - All rights reserved Detailed explanation of AbundantHope's Copyrights are found here -- AH- #1 -- page. 1

3 Here are the poetic messages (2012/2/25 - Report # 1) with 4-worded of each sentence given in Mandarin. I will try my best to put them into English version as close as possible to share here 1) 红尘滾滚, 2) 滔滔江涛, 3) 世境無常 4) 永無尽止, 5) 回头是岸, 6) 險崖勒马 1) The awesome material world of entrapment is similar to the great red sand storm from the desert slowly drain up your internal energy 2) The great torrential current flow of the great Yangtze River continuous flowing toward down stream never seem to stop cleansing out your sanity 3) All creations on earth have their cycle of evolutions and unpredictability s 4) Forever changing with endless cycle of evolvements, without stillness in sights 5) Please awaken and find your true self before it is too late and plunge into abyss 6) It is like riding a horse in speed and stopped before going down the high cliff Here was the query that I posted who was I and the answers given as follows:- 1) 昔日朝国, 2) 辉煌历史, 3) 飽读诗书, 4) 参政爱国, 5) 爱国士气, 6) 尽忠報国, 7) 保彊衛土, 8) 捐躯救国, 9) 壯志未尽, 10) 亡身異鄉, 11) 佛慧断送, 12) 来世继缘 1) You were once born in the glory of a great Kingdom in China 2) The dynasty kingdom was once have many goriest history pasts 3) You were a well educated academic and knowledgeable wise man 4) Joined the political arena of arm forces for the love of the dynasty 5) The patriotism indoctrination have temporary blinded you from further enlightenment 6) You took the part to serve the great dynasty with patriotism 7) It is for the glory to the protection of the dynasty and its people 8) You sacrificed and physical perished in the fight against the enemy 9) The search for Enlightenment was prematurely terminated and discontinued 10) Sadly, your physical body was perished in a foreign land 11) Your search for Buddhism wisdom also terminated and discontinued 12) You shall continue your lessons from your previous reincarnation assignment I hope my writings can enlighten some of us here. This is today teaching (2012/2/26 - Report # 2) from Higher Self for your kind perusal My previous life scenarios before contract termination 1) 千军万马, 2) 军甲備全, 3) 滔滔江涛, 4) 无可挡于 5) 兵马士气, 6) 如日冲天, 7) 殺尽眼红, 8) 方为罢休 -- AH- #1 -- page. 2

4 1) Multitude of armies and horses are ready for battle and ready to charge. 2) All the logistics and infra-structure of amortries are fully get set to go 3) Similar to the extreme torrents like the enormous current flow of the great Yangtze river 4) There is no turning back against the river tide once it had begun 5) The fighting spirits and morals of the armies were extremely high 6) It is like the brilliant sun light piercing upward in the enormous sky 7) On the battle front, all eyes were red, and charging against the enemies 8) Until each perished and felt down, then it will cease and stop Here are the advice that given by Higher Self 1) 昔日战争, 2) 血债如麻, 3) 後悔莫及, 4) 今日宿命 5) 莫然显现, 6) 如实修行, 7) 累積功德, 8) 償还宿業 1) On the previous many battle scenes 2) All the blood debts accumulated like the enormous pile of hemp fibers 3) Then it was way too much for repentances and redemptions 4) Today incidences and consequences, were yester years causes 5) It manifested for the continuation of previous actions and for lessons to learn 6) It is for you to begin to walk the benevolent life of the Buddhism ways 7) In a way to assist you to the right path and also accumulate more deeds and merits 8) To redeem all your previous bad actions and tuned down the brutal consequences Dear Family This is today teaching (2012/2/27 - Report # 3) from Higher Self for your kind perusal These are the description toward the present realm from Higher Self 1) 世间万物,2) 千变万化,3) 变化无常,4) 永无尽止 1) All the vast and enormous creations in this realm 2) They are all in the continuous cyclical evolutions process 3) Changes that most of the times would have no predictability and fixed consequences 4) The process of eternally evolvements without ending insight Here are my personal teachings for the betterment of self disciplines 1) 禅定修行, 2) 修身养性, 3) 如如不动, 4) 水中央月, 5) 显示真我 6) 本性是佛, 7) 境界显现, 8) 来去自如, 9) 如生净土, 10) 乐在其中 1) In the practice of in depth meditation for spirituality, 2) It will also enhance the alignment of physical harmony and soul resonancy 3) In the moment of stillness and Samadhi 4) You will witness the reflection of moon shine in the ripple less pool of water -- AH- #1 -- page. 3

5 5) The state of Samadhi will reveal and manifest your true self within 6) It is your true Buddha Nature or your Godliness or your Father Fragment 7) When connected within, you can make the pilgrimage journey in the state of Samadhi 8) Making journey to and from within your heart desire and without constrain of time and space 9) It is similar having reaching the Amitabha Buddha blissful sacred Pure land 10) All the intimacies and blissfulness are within the realm for your own appreciation Today teachings (2012/2/28 - Report # 4) from Higher Self for your kind perusal 1) 菩萨畏因,2) 凡夫畏果,3) 因果報应,4) 丝毫不爽 5) 菩萨勉励,6) 众善奉行,7) 免堕三涂,5) 後悔莫及 1) Bodhisattvas do as much as possible to avoid the bad CAUSES in order not to suffer the adverse CONSEQUENCES 2) However Sentient Beings do not bother with the bad CAUSES until suffered from the brutal and adverse CONSEQUENCES 3) The Causes and Consequences application principle, when initiated, 4) Shall have absolutely precision effects without injustice 5) With Bodhisattva s encouragements and urges for this realm s Sentient Beings 6) Do as many good deeds unto others as possible (Service to Others) 7) To facilitate the avoidance of spiraling further into the lower realms 8) Otherwise the opportunity of repentances and redemptions shall be too late 1) 瓜果蔬菜,2) 延寿康身,3) 助缘修行,4) 何樂不為 5) 逆境顺境,6) 学习顺受,7) 世间事物,8) 锻炼忍辱 1) The consumption of high fiber dietary of fruits and vegetables (vegetarism/veganism) 2) Can enhance and facilitate longer life span and physical health 3) Also able to assist the search for Spirituality and Enlightenment 4) It is also the benevolent and noble way of life with happiness in anticipation 5) Whether we encountered adversity or smooth sailing journey 6) Learn to live and deal with the circumstance with stillness and calmness 7) These were all parts and parcels of the norm that will happen daily 8) It was meant for training ground for endurance and tolerance of patience toward soul evolution. -- AH- #1 -- page. 4

6 This is today teachings (2012/2/29 - Report # 5) from Higher Self for your kind perusal 1) 万年糟蹋,2) 冤气冲天,3) 漫弥全球,4) 母亲呻吟, 5) 痛苦哀哉,6) 让成天灾,7) 遭殃人间,8) 出途無期 1) Throughout the many millenniums abuses of Mother Earth 2) With so much lavished squandering and accumulation of brutalities and grievances 3) There were tainted at every corners of the globe beyond comprehension 4) Mother Earth is in adverse and serious moaning 5) Mourning in severe and serious pains and agonies 6) All these sufferings have transpired into many catastrophic disasters 7) Consequently the sentient beings on the surface have to suffer and endure the effects 8) There will have no exit for humanity if the continuation of these abuses remained 1) 迅速悔改,2) 險崖勒马,3) 回头是岸,4) 改变悪習 5) 如实修行,6) 以假修真,7) 找回真我,8) 速达彼岸 1) Please awaken and redeem to the truth of the benevolent and noble ways 2) Like pulling the horses before plunging into the high cliff of abyss 3) Walk the virtue path and back to the shore of righteousness 4) Make changes to the old habits and have a new paradigms shift mindset 5) Practice the simple way of righteousness (Sandhana) 6) Use your physical body to seek Spirituality and Enlightenment 7) You shall find the true Inner Self within 8) Eventually (in no time) you shall find the jewel and arrived the other end of the shore. This is today teaching (2012/3/1 - Report # 6) from Higher Self for your kind perusal 1) 科技通讯传媒体,2) 误导众生瞒事实,3) 全为政治报导具,4) 控制人类考思维 5) 牵着鼻子拉着走,6) 行屍走路如僵尸,7) 物質虚荣权力追,8) 荣华富贵一剎纳 1) In the abuses of communication technologies and mass media publications 2) Many truths and realities have been sanitized and censored to mislead the masses 3) All these have been used by the authorities as the weapons or tools for disinformation 4) The purpose is to control mass consciousness of cognitive analysis and thinking ability 5) Being pulled by the noses like the farm animals in the flock or the herd 6) It is day in day out that lead to the slaughter houses like the soulless walking zombies 7) Crazy chasing after material gains, vanities and power to the fullest without ends 8) Mostly lost in the matrix of this delusion with the blink of a short duration stay here 1) 转眼七旬白发霜,2) 历代皇帝那一朝,3) 能带辉煌入黄土,4) 只有業障随身带 5) 血债满身地狱苦,6) 出途無期受尽苦,7) 唯有当下来行善,8) 修身養性达净土 -- AH- #1 -- page. 5

7 1) Without realization of these delusions, grey hairs suddenly appeared and aging kick in 2) In the history of any great kings or emperors in a given glorified dynasties, 3) All of them perished without bringing their wealth and glorification to the graveyard 4) The things they could bring are their good and bad karmic deeds with them in the soul level 5) All these blood debts they owed to their fellow human being eventually brought many adverse consequences in their next level of many reincarnations in the lower realms 6) The precise effects of the severe consequences seem never ending in the reincarnation process. 7) So it is advisable to start fresh NOW, to do good deeds unto others and be righteous 8) This is to enhance and facilitate personal spirituality growth and pursuit of enlightenment in order to reach the other end of the shore This is today teaching (2012/3/2 - Report # 7) from Higher Self for your kind perusal 1) 億萬年来餐中物,2) 怨深似海恨成仇,3) 累积天灾人祸患,4) 全为碟中一塊肉 5) 瓜果蔬菜如素请,6) 消業色身延寿康,7) 修行道路互勉励,8) 免堕六道三涂苦 1) Throughout the many millenniums, it had become the food consumption for human 2) The agonies, brutalities, and grievances of severe pains accumulating in the slaughter houses and the killing fields have become the soul vengeances forrevenges 3) The accumulation of all these without the heart of mercies and compassions have resulted in many catastrophic disasters and man-made tragedies 4) All these are just because of the piece of meat on the dinner plate for consumption 5) Vegetarism and veganism can easily lighten these adverse sufferings and avoid severe consequences 6) It is also able to reduce bad collective karma and bring forth physical health and longer life span. 7) Along the process, it enhances and facilitates the search for enlightenment and spirituality. 8) This shall also assist to avoid further spiraled into the lower realm for soul evolution 1) 昔日業障今世还, 2) 以假修真到人间, 3) 修行褝定显境界 4) 来去自如乐其中, 5) 誠蒙名师拉一把, 6) 佛陀净土达彼岸 1) All previous karma and debts will be given an opportunity to settle in this life span 2) It is the opportunity for us to use this physical body to learn the truth self from this delusional realm 3) In the moment of stillness and achieve Samadhi in the state of meditation, you shall find everything you need and understand what you are looking for 4) Within this state of stillness and tranquility, the blissfulness of two-way pilgrimages is within the state of subconscious mind without time and space 5) In additional, with the assistance of an Ascended Master, 6) You shall be able to reach the other side of the shore easily -- AH- #1 -- page. 6

8 . This today teaching (2012/3/3 - Report # 8) from Higher Self for your kind perusal 1) 堕落天使监地球,2) 乌煙瘴气满天飞,3) 水深火热唉痛苦 4) 蒙蔽灵魂碍升杨,5) 世世代代钱奴隶,6) 累世无间投胎来 7) 监狱地球无出期,8) 天父慈悲怜悯泪,9) 派遣迈克創造子 1) The fallen angel of Lucifer & cohorts were given the administration to manage this prison planet 2) The management teams have messed up big time to the inhabitants and her host Mother Gaia 3) The entrapment and enslavement matrix system have resulted deep rooted adverse brutalization and agony toward herself and her inhabitants 4) The matrix systems have infringed and obstructed the individual right of soul evolution ascension 5) Throughout the many reincarnations, the systems have made the physical body felt into the abyss of material gain and the monetary slavery system. 6) It is truly sad to witness the wastage of these many reincarnation energies being used for these purposes, even spiraled into the lower realm. 7) There seem to be no exit point for majority souls upon this prison planet 8) It is truly heart breaking for the merciful and compassionate Father Source to witness this event 9) Papa Christ Michael Aton the Creator Son of Nebadon, is now being dispatched again to right the wronged of many divine taks here 1) 一九五四回人间,2) 带来高级天堂众,3) 联系五维地心群 4) 拯救地球悯子民,5) 拔离苦海助升杨,6) 迅速醒来认真我 7) 神性居身灵魂里,8) 向里寻找内明珠,9) 才是真正回家路 1) In the year 1954, Papa Chirst Michael Aton walked the second time on his bestowal seed planet once again. 2) Together he brought a sacred team from the higher realms and the Celestial of the Galactic Federation of Lights 3) With the corporation and assistance from inner earth of the 5 th dimensional realm of the Agarthan and the related communities 4) Together to assist Mother Gaia and save Papa CM Aton s creations on the surface 5) To relief the sufferings and brutalities of her inhabitants from the surface and to facilitate Mother Gaia toward Ascension 6) Dear beloved Papa Christ Michael s sons and daughters in this planet, please wake up from the slumber land and know your awesome sacred true capabilities your true self 7) Your Godliness, God-within, Father Fragment et all are born in your soul within your -- AH- #1 -- page. 7

9 physical body 8) Seek within and search for this precious and scared pure "Silver Pearl" inside that everyone has. 9) That will be your ultimate goal and aim in this incarnation to go back HOME This is today teaching (2012/3/4 - Report # 9) from Higher Self for your kind perusal 1) 升杨时期将来臨,2) 剩下时刻要珍惜,3) 迅速寻找內真我 4) 那个才是关键路, 5) 地壳变迁随时到,6) 海啸地震刮台风 1) Ascension is in the process now and very close at hand 2) Please stay vigilance and value the remaining period of time for precious spirituality 3) Act promptly and rapidly for there is not much time left to really seek your true self within 4) This shall be the most critical time to seek the path Home 5) As earth tectonic movements with volcanic activities are about to unfold in the blink of an eye 6) Tsunami coupled with destructive waves, large scale seismic earth tremors and super strength hurricanes and tornados with torrential rain are but common events 1) 全是人间逆業造,2) 显示萬年糟蹋因, 3) 升杨道路已安排 4) 光子行带已进入,5) 母亲升杨等不了, 6) 升华洗涤至五维 1) All the above are the many abuses done toward Mother Gaia 2) These are the indications of the bad causes that have done for millennium ago by fellow human beings on the surface 3) The Ascension process has been initiated and planned for Mother Gaia 4) You are now almost making full entrance into the full intensity of the pure and s acred Photo Belt energy zone 5) There shall be no waiting or turning back for Mother Gaia to proceed with Ascension now 6) The cleansing and re-vitalizing of Photonic energy shall up-lift Mother Gaia to the 5 th dimensional protocols. This is today teaching (2012/3/5 Report # 10) from Higher Self for your kind perusal. 1) 道德观念亮红灯,2) 身心感官引诱多,3) 物質世界来弥补,4) 享受奢侈无尽止 -- AH- #1 -- page. 8

10 5) 丧失灵性似牲畜,6) 追求無窮侵白骨,7) 物質金钱填不尽,8) 到头空白梦一场 1) I can view through the present moral systems in the society that are in the brink of collapse. 2) The enjoyment of five physical senses wide spread to the highest level with entrapments 3) Your world had made all material attachment to offset the emptiness of spirituality and godliness within 4) The magnitude of your luxurious enjoyment, extravagance; wastefulness and sumptuousness habits seem to have no ends insight. 5) You have bereaved the very basic of your humanity good natures and considered more like a two-legged walking human beast 6) Never ending chasing after these stuffs until the physical body eventually crippled 7) Dear beloveds, the lust of material gains forever will not satisfy your ego heart desires 8) At the end, it is just a delusion of dream of seeing and temporary borrowing the wealth for the duration of your life span here that's all. 1) 拐骗偷搶兼殺生,2) 药物毒品普泛滥,3) 道德概念已败坏,4) 茶毒青少往死巷 5) 全为金钱物質奴,6) 别在红尘里打滚,7) 踏实修行養身去,8) 才是究竟回头路 1) I can see now that your societies are full of kidnappings deceits/deceptions, human trafficking/sex trades, robberies/burglaries, violence of assassinations, guns/weapons of killing are but norm 2) The abuses of medical controlled substances, alcohol with drug misused are wide spread 3) The social and family moral standards are but just a template for show in the media 4) All these have poisoned the young minds of your society and lead them to the guillotine one day 5) These entrapments and enslavements are but for the aim of revenue generation for the few 6) Dear beloveds, please wake up and refrain from all these worldly attachments if possible, 7) Walk the righteous path and back to the basics for the benefits and betterments of your soul and your physical health 8) This should be your main aim & goal in life and be able to return to the other end of the shore. Dear family, This is today teaching (2012/3/6 - Report # 11) from Higher Self for your kind perusal 1) 迅速醒来找本性,2) 寻找本性回家去,3) 扬升时期快降临,4) 剩下时间已不多 5) 洗涤五成業障去,6) 升杨过后剩十亿,7) 天堂众生与迈克,8) 联上地心五维群 1) A reminder beloveds! Please wake up to find your true self I AM THAT I AM 2) When you achieved your enlightenment, you shall be able to go back HOME 3) As Mother Gaia s Ascension process is at hand, 4) Use the remaining precious time to find your true self 5) Walk the process of Service-To-Others and be able to cleanse 51% or more of your -- AH- #1 -- page. 9

11 karma 6) There will be roughly about 1 billion population left when Ascension is done eventually 7) Papa Christ Michael Aton and the benevolent Celestial of the Galactic Federation of Lights 8) Together with the corporation and assistance from the 5 th dimensional inner earth Agarthan and related communities 1) 一齐助建新地球,2) 让它变成新净土,3) 不愁衣食行住臥,4) 爱心圆满充人间 5) 佛陀天堂圣洁光,6) 永远普照地球众,7) 晝夜天音来飘柔,8) 悦耳动听感人心 1) Assisting you (hand-on) to rebuild Mother Gaia to become a new paradise on Gaia 2) This new birth of Mother Gaia you built will become a new Pure Land who chose to stay behind 3) The abundances will have surpluses to organic food consumption, accommodations, unlimited free energy, unpolluted transportation systems and many more that you never think of 4) The purity of LOVES from heaven will be FULL within your hearts of your pure desires 5) The purity of LIGHTS from heaven and from the planetary logo of Buddha 6) Will forever be shined forth upon Mother Gaia and you for eternity to come 7) Throughout any hours of the day, the Celestial rhythms and soothing music from Heaven to be heard to up lift your spirituality 8) These Heavenly musical tunes will touch your soul & hearts for great compassion and cleanse your impurities within. This is today teaching (2012/3/7 - Report # 12) from High Self for your kind perusal 1) 放眼透视世间事,2) 欲望社会全都是,3) 陷阱引誘難摆脱,4) 买醉睡梦霓虹灯 5) 填满空虚寂寞心,6) 公正法律为钱使,7) 审判冤情含狱去,8) 金钱交易脱绳法 1) Dear beloveds, a glance through your world activities, 2) Comprises with full of appetencies, lusts, vanities et al with many hidden agendas, 3) Lust of entrapments are wide spread which always clouded the clarity of consciousness judgments 4) Chasing after the fame and fortune of the neon rainbow lights with substance abuses 5) In order to satisfy the ego hearts desires and fill in the gap of emptiness within 6) The justices served are ultimately meant to service the rich and powerful famous 7) Many cases of innocent grievance souls were wrongly sent to the prison 8) Just because justice can be bought to evict imprisonment for the true guilty 1) 法院司法如兒戏,2) 为民服务表面夫,3) 政治阴谋来治国,4) 民不聊生由它去 5) 水深火热充耳闻,6) 饱充私囊最重要,7) 金钱权力为至上,8) 神圣十戒成历史 1) The rulings and proceedings of the judiciary system looked like a kangaroo court in the eye of the beholder 2) The original genuine services to the normal folks are just but a thing in the past -- AH- #1 -- page. 10

12 3) It had been used by the rich and the powerful politicians for the execution of their hidden agendas 4) The welfares and wellness of the ordinary folks were left to fence for their survival 5) Their drowning in the sea of debts and financial difficulties have fallen into deaf ears for the elected representatives 6) The only aim for the rich and powerful elects are to line their pockets with money and wealth gain 7) Power, lavishness, greed of money et al are their God of Fortune 8) Precepts and God s commandments are all but stone templates of the past. This is today teaching (2012/3/8 - Report # 13) from High Self for your kind perusal 1) 克隆科技泛滥用,2) 道德倫理丧尽天,3) 基因品种人兽参,4) 生產畸形怪兽戮 5) 不择手段试验做,6) 为得創造生化人,7) 争霸侵袭暴力行,8) 达成战争方罢休 9) 毁灭国土破家园,10) 两败俱傷全废墟,11) 历史悲劇再重演,12) 幕幕都是惨人心 1) Your cloning technical know-how have been widely abused and misused 2) The guide lines of morality and ethical standards are but a piece of paper for cosmetic 3) The cross breeding experiments between human embryos and different animals run deep behind the scenes 4) Creating and producing many living deformity and monstrous entities beyond comprehension 5) This is through whatever means to achieved most of the brutal and evil hidden agendas behind 6) Manufacturing mind controlled cyborgs and/or super strength soul less robotoids are their aims 7) They are being used for the purposes of war fare and violence of invasions & destruction 8) The aim is to create and instigate global disturbances and war fares between countries and nations 9) Then they conquer to posses their wealth and seek destruction to their nations and family values 10) At the end both suffered annihilation with destruction and became city of ruine 11) These scenes of history have been repeated many times, they did not really want to learn from the past mistakes 12) The process of killing and slaughtering one another did imprint many deep rooted tragic and brutal wounds to the human souls. Please wake up beloveds that are not your aim here. 1) 食品基因改良种,2) 各类害虫基因配,3) 蒙蔽世人超食品,4) 居心叵测害健康 5) 百病丛生灭生命,6) 过度农药洒耕植,7) 土地水源全腐蝕,8) 生态环境遭破害 1) The genetically modified of your agriculture seeds have been widely used for planting for your food 2) Injecting and gene splicing of many harmful insects and bugs were added into the seed 3) Sold as super food for human consumption to conned the sheeples 4) The hidden agenda was to affect and detrimental to the health of your physical body 5) Causing many unknown sickness and incurable diseases for depopulation purpose 6) The toxicity usage of insecticide and herbicide were wide spread to your crops, -- AH- #1 -- page. 11

13 7) Causing long term adverse effect to the fertile soil and polluted many ground water systems 8) Making a true mess to many of your living ecological system beyond recovery. This is today teaching (2012/3/9 - Report # 14) from High Self for your kind perusal 1) 自性完美无瑕庇,2) 崇高神性隐匿藏,3) 完美神性全具备,4) 掘发内在潜意識 5) 創造外境随思维,6) 潜能自心随欲去,7) 万物世境定归一,8) 全是自心感应召 1) Dear beloveds, your Godliness within is perfect and flawless 2) In every soul, there exists of your sublime and high prestige Inner Self 3) The perfect and flawless Godliness within provides answers to all your requests and needs 4) It is for you to find out and tap the enormous resources within, all answers shall be given 5) All your subconscious projections will eventually manifested externally for your physical experience 6) You posses vast abilities and enormous co-creation capabilities within the free will given 7) All traces of these co-creations will eventually lead back to the Source 8) Hence all the events and incidences are but your own co-creation in the collective mass consciousness projection 1) 两元对立外境显,2) 学习禅定透事物,3) 修行如实赵外境,4) 禅境證悟達涅磐 5) 不同屏视观世境,6) 游戏人间乐陶陶,7) 一切世俗由它去,8) 畢终课程回家去 1) The duality exits in your realm is but for your physical experience and manifestation 2) You are giving the opportunity to understand the reason for its existence through the stillness of seeking within via meditation 3) Through the constant practice of meditation, you will be able to "stay above" the events that happened in this realm 4) It is through this process of meditative state, Enlightenment through Samadhi can be achieved 5) Events that happened physically will take a whole New Paradigm shift within you. 6) You will live in joy and happiness as you have fully understood the causes of principle behind all these 7) Solving your personal problems with better awareness and taking care of things with better understanding 8) When graduation comes, you shall gladly go HOME with joys This is today teaching (2012/3/11 - Report # 15) from High Self for your kind perusal -- AH- #1 -- page. 12

14 1) 無汚能源天堂献,2) 耗之不尽取不绝,3) 医学科技已破解,4) 造福人群医百病 5) 充裕资源母亲给,6) 温饱子民無优慮,7) 居心叵测策阴谋,8) 滥用资源饱私囊 1) Dear Beloveds you were given unsurpassed non-polluted energy techniques from Heaven 2) The techniques to tap into unlimited and free energy sources to ease your soul evolution 3) Same with your medical break through techniques to ease your physical suffering too 4) This is to enhance and facilitate the cure of many illnesses and diseases for you. 5) On top of that, Mother Gaia also aiding the abundances of natural resource for the same cause 6) So that her inhabitants will have no worry about your warmness and well beings 7) Nevertheless some hidden hands are suppressing all these for the benefits of control 8) Abusing and squandering the resources of Mother Gaia for their personal wealth and monetary gains 1) 奴隶众生造陷阱,2) 污染环境砸生态,3) 水深火热来煎熬 4) 無视生死因果報,5) 消灭众生毁地球,6) 只为达成阴谋策 1) The hidden hands conspire enslavement and set up entrapment for fellow human beings 2) They do not bother about the environmental issues and the sustainability of the ecological system 3) Mother Gaia and her inhabitants are suffering from these abuses and squandering effects. 4) They treat Mother Nature and fellow human beings as a commodity, ignore the severe retributions and break every rule for their own benefits to the highest level. 5) They are destroying human lives on earth and do annihilation to the planet, 6) These are their hidden game plans in order to achieve their goals. Please wake up to the seriousness of this reality beloveds. This is today teaching (2012/3/13 - Report # 16) from High Self for your kind perusal 1) 因果例律三空维,2) 学習果报来结缘,3) 避免着迷恋世物 4) 灵魂使命来修身,5) 回家功课需做完,6) 後悔莫及空悲伤 1) Dear beloveds, your 3 rd dimensional realm is still governed by the principle of cause & effect 2) Physically, it is for you to learn and complete your lessons before graduation in due time 3) Please avoid the many entrapments of physical and material attachment & obsession. 4) Your main soul mission and assignment is to seek spirituality to acquire Enlightenment 5) Please walk the righteous path and learn your lessons as much as possible before going home, 6) Otherwise when graduation comes, some will regret for no home-work to pass up 1) 莫再借意继沉迷,2) 白发齐眉岁月崔,3) 当下诵咒好开始 4) 以假修真找真我,5) 放下世俗好修行,6) 佛国净土现眼前 -- AH- #1 -- page. 13

15 1) Please stop giving excuses for the continuation of obsession with material gains. 2) In the brink of an eye, aging kicks in and the hair become grey without aware of. 3) NOW is the time to let go and begin searching for Spirituality 4) It is this Spirituality will lead you to your true self I AM THAT I AM 5) Letting Go is the beginning of your search for Enlightenment 6) Eventually the sacred Pure Land will manifest along your search of Enlightenment This is today teaching (2012/3/14 - Report # 17 - Part 1) from High Self for your kind perusal 1) 圣洁五维地幔众,2) 主城名为香巴拉,3) 衣食行住臥自足,4) 生活悠哉無优慮 5) 能源供应耗不绝,6) 中央太阳温环境,7) 温差空调永舒适,8) 常年都是春季来 1) Dear Beloveds, there exist a 5 th dimensional realm of scared beings living within the inner earth vicinity 2) A famous inner ancient city hub called the Greater City of Shambala which preside major events 3) Within this realm of community, all needs are abundantly available and met with 4) The living conditions are pleasant and without worry 5) Unpolluted and unlimited supply of free energy is readily available for everyone 6) The central sun illuminates enough heat energy for warmness within 7) The climatic environment is always comfortable and conducive for good living 8) Throughout the year it is similar to spring season. 1) 物物交换凭良心,2) 金钱使用无餘地,3) 爱心充满怜慈悲,4) 脱氧核糖十二连 5) 身体健壯似青年,6) 容光焕发永常驻,7) 无病寿命达万年,8) 永保青春生命力 1) Luxurious items are based on barter systems of fair conscience exchange between goods & fair labour 2) Monetary system does not need to and does not exist for this higher realm community 3) Their life styles are all noble and benevolent with the purity of LOVES & LIGHTS shine within 4) Most of them retained 12 or more strands of DNA helixes in their body 5) Their physical body is almost never aged and forever appeared youthful 6) Their appearance always Radiant Visage with reflection of purity glow of external energy 7) Physical sickness does not exist and aging process very slow hence their life span is easily achieved more than ten thousands or more 8) They remain youthful forever with full radiant of pure energy glow. -- AH- #1 -- page. 14

16 This is today teaching (2012/3/1 5- Report # 18 - Part 2) from High Self for your kind perusal 1) 整体进化为共标,2) 时过已是百万年,3) 思维概念已纯洁,4) 社会思考赵人间 5) 昔日已成宇宙民,6) 联手高级天堂众,7) 相助母亲救地表,8) 救苦救难离苦海 1) The inner earth inhabitant evolutionary journey of mass consciousness, collectively, was focused on the same common goal of purity 2) They have evolved with this process throughout many millenniums with refinement of sacred wisdom and the kind assistance from the Celestial beings 3) The techniques and discipline of thought projections have long achieved the goal of PURITY within 4) It is this mass consciousness that the surface inhabitants are lack of at the present 5) Long ago they have become the family member of the Galactic Federation of Light (Galactic Human) 6) Now, they are in corporation with Papa CM Aton and the Celestial to render their kind assistance to the surface, 7) Together with Mother Gaia, they assist to reduce the retribution and suffering effects upon yourself 8) To ease and lighten up the agonizing consequences put forth by your own doings on the surface 1) 慈悲提拔同等众,2) 进化领域各不同,3) 暂时分开好修行,4) 本来都是一家人 5) 地表地幔好团圆,6) 分享丰富升华验,7) 重建昔日辉煌期,8) 地表变成块乐园 1) They are truly noble and compassionate beings, presently are helping those of you who are suffering on the surface voluntarily behind the scene 2) You don t see them because they are slightly in the different path of soul evolutionary journey as compared to you on the surface 3) You were temporary embarking into different journeys, it is for the betterment of your soul evolution and theirs too. 4) Eons ago you were brothers and sisters living joyfully and happily on the surface, because of difference in ideology, eventually you were separated. 5) After this long period of separation, they have so much to share and pure desire to unite with you once again. 6) Sharing their vast accumulated wisdom and experience toward the journey of Ascension of their 5 th dimensional protocols 7) Together to rebuild and establish your previous glorifications and resplendence era once again on the surface 8) To make your Mother Gaia once again regain her previous glorious beautifications and the pride of Paradise on Earth -- AH- #1 -- page. 15

17 This is today teaching (2012/3/17- Report # 19) from High Self for your kind perusal 1) 倒航慈悲继缘来,2) 一切自有因果律,3) 命里有无不執着 4) 一切随缘悠乐去,5) 省吃夠费乐逍遥,6) 人生本来一场梦 1) Dear beloveds, many of you are volunteered to return in order to learn the experience and to facilitate the Ascension process 2) Every event that happens, happens for the very good cause that eventually shall make known to you 3) Be humble; avoid getting carry-away with material wealth, or cry-over spill-milk 4) Do your duty and follow your intuition and the natural courses, be joyful and thankful for what happen 5) Have adequate and enough for physical comfort and nourishment, be happy to learn your lessons here 6) At the end, you are living in a delusional realm to learn your physical experience and graduate from this dreamland classroom 1) 自身苦恼随身影,2) 默静坐禅了自然,3) 前因後果自有律 4) 修行道路逆川流,5) 茫茫大海孤舟漂,6) 到达彼岸速归去 1) Many discomforts of sorrows and pains will happen like the shadow following your physical body 2) Do not despair, in the stillness of meditation answers will be given from Higher Self if you have earnest and sincere desire to ask for 3) All the retributions and consequences that happened to you, are exactly what you have done unto others in your previous many reincarnations. 4) If you have understood the reasons behind, you will awake and start walking the righteous path against the huge tides that come after you.. 5) Sometime you will feel like floating against the vastness of the ocean tides, paddling to find the shore line beyond the horizon with faint heart 6) In fact you are supported from behind with the hidden hands from the Celestial, this coupled with your self-reliant of Godliness within, you shall be able to arrive the other end of the shoreline in good hand This is today teaching (2012/3/18- Report # 20) from High Self for your kind perusal 1) 为人原则踏诚信,2) 光明磊落心无愧,3) 福禄寿康自有律 4) 众善奉行孝敬首,5) 努力勤劳默耕耘,6) 慧命福禄寿康来 1) Dear beloveds, please live your life with righteousness and integrity to the fullest as close as possible 2) Live with clear conscience and truthful to the heart (wear one's heart on one's sleeve, -- AH- #1 -- page. 16

18 be open & above board) 3) All your prosperities, material abundances, longevities, healthiness will manifest according to the stipulated rules 4) Do as many good deeds unto others with the emphasize of respect of filial piety to the elders if possible 5) Silently ploughing and tilling your spiritual field little by little daily within your soul s effort 6) Wisdoms and all other needs will be automatically given to you accordingly with your sacred heart desires 1) 世界诱惑满地是,2) 七情六欲陷阱处,3) 失足注成千古恨,4) 回头已是白鬓霜 5) 预先避免踏地雷,6) 戒心自守圣洁灵,7) 修心养身保自性,8) 自引回头达正轨 1) Please view your realm closely; it is full of temptations with greed 2) There are plenty of entrapments that awaiting your physical lusts and sensory to fall into 3) Beware and careful, some traps can lead you to life time of miseries and regrets 4) By the time you realized, you are aged (old) with white sideburns and grey hairs all over 5) Learn the lessons from your faithful elders in order to avoid the repetition of history 6) Follow the precepts and commandments thus guard your sacred heart closely 7) Walk the righteous path to maintain the purity of your soul with loves and lights 8) This will self-guide you back on the right track from these temptations and entrapments This is today teaching (2012/3/22- Report # 21) from High Self for your kind perusal 1) 知世如梦无所求,2) 无所求心普空寂,3) 还是梦中随梦境,4) 成就沙河梦功德 1) Dear beloveds, now that you knew this is a delusional realm, you can gradually reduce your egoism to the minimum when you follow the path of righteousness 2) Being in the constant practice of righteousness, you shall be able to attain more control of your ego heart with less ripple effect to your life 3) When you have fully understood the above principle, you will begin to follow suit what need to be done to accomplish your tasks accordingly 4) Bit by bit, you are fulfilling your obligations with flying color while you are into the learning process in this delusional realm 1) 慈悲喜捨,2) 成住坏空,3) 因缘聚散,4) 四大皆空 1) Live your life to the fullest with compassion, nobility, mercy, happiness and unconditioned love of giving 2) At the end all material elements will go through the 4 process cycles of born, reside, rot and dissolve/disperse (manifestation, growth, aged and dead) 3) It is the due process of the cycle of karma ( pratitya-samutpada cause & effect principle) that determine the manifestation and dissolvement (dispersement) 4) When due processes are completed, the physical elements will return to its originality (micro -- AH- #1 -- page. 17

19 atomic elements), waiting for the next correct ingredients to manifest once again. This is today teaching (2012/3/23- Report # 22) from High Self for your kind perusal 1) 宇宙地球在变迁,2) 拉近靠拢昂宿星,3) 光子区域已进入,4) 中央天堂送波涛 5) 修改基因各构造,6) 震动母亲升五维,7) 焕然一新达升杨,8) 不能跟进被淘汰 9) 迅速调改新思维,10) 圆满爱心善奉行,11) 重建地表新乐园,12) 显现昔日辉煌期 1) Dear beloveds, you solar system and Mother Gaia are slowly being towed by the Celestial 2) Towing closer to your central sun Alcyone in the constellation of Pleiades 3) You are now about to enter into the full intensity of the sacred energy of the Photo Belt 4) The Central Paradise Isles has started sending Energy Waves toward the universes to up lift the vibratory frequency of its surrounding creations (inclusive Mother Gaia), 5) This is to facilitate the changes toward all created elements to the sub-atomic molecular structures 6) This high vibratory frequency will assist Mother Gaia for Ascension toward 5 th dimensional protocol eventually 7) New born Gaia will have total new face lift (paradigm shift) after Ascension is achieved 8) Those entities that are not able to synchronize and resonate with the new frequency will continue elsewhere 9) Dear beloveds, please change your paradigm shift promptly and swiftly to facilitate your own sake 10) Start your day with LOVE instead of FEAR, life your live with your Heart and Compassion. Do good deeds unto others (Service-to Other) whenever possible 11) When you get into these collective consciousnesses, you will build new paradise on the surface soon 12) All previous Gaia s glorifications, dignities, greatness, resplendence & refulgence eras, splendid civilization shall be restored 1) 木星已燃成二阳,2) 暂时避在太阳後,3) 避免伤害无辜众,4) 金星拉在地球軌 5) 现行已居二十万,6) 火星将来也同軌,7) 三星围绕地球軌,8) 来往生活互交流 1) Your planet Jupiter has become the second in your Solar System 2) Jupiter is stowed away temporary behind the Sun. 3) This is to avoid unnecessary harm (radiation emission) put forth to the human before molecular up-grade 4) Venus is now being terra-forming and in alignment with the same orbit as Mother Gaia and stowed behind the Sun 5) Venus has been inhabited with the population of about 200,000 living entity 6) Mars will follow suit with Venus on the same alignment with Mother Gaia s orbit. 7) Three evolutionary planets Earth, Venus and Mars will journey the same orbit in the future of divine plan 8) Co-existence, co-corporation and mutual exchange of livings in the same orbital will be frequented in the future plan -- AH- #1 -- page. 18

20 This is today teaching (2012/3/24- Report # 23) from High Self for your kind perusal 1) 非常时期要谨慎,2) 儲备粮食换小钱,3) 地震海啸水在滚,4) 加备防御出远门 5) 远离海边地震域,6) 自身备带轻型品,7) 干粮食水为防范,8) 以防不测变风云 1) Dear beloveds, these are extraordinary time that you need to be cautious and cautel 2) Stock up some of your vital provisions and have small change (note) in your pocket. 3) The "water" is boiling deep below, tectonic movements could be imminent along with tsunami 4) When you travel long distance, be alert and extra caution with your surrounding environment 5) If possible, try to avoid (stay away from) frequent tectonic movements shoreline or environment. 6) If you have no choice but to proceed, then prepare light weight gears for personal protection 7) Dry provisions (non-perishables) with bottle liquid (water) will be adequate and suitable 8) All these are but for your own safety and unpredictable event in this critical juncture beloveds This is today teaching (2012/3/26- Report # 24) from High Self for your kind perusal 1) 谨慎外面用餐食,2) 厨房烹调无法控,3) 滥用调味化学剂 4) 刺激口感食香味,5) 导致肝脏肠胃损,6) 慢性疾病缠身来 1) Dear Beloveds, be cautious and beware what you are consuming when you dine in the restaurant 2) You have no control over the ingredients seasoned onto your food in the kitchen 3) Most of the time, there are many misuses of chemical seasoning and additives (overly added) 4) In order to stimulate your taste buds and your appetite senses of consumption 5) Gradually, the toxicity ingredients will eventually damaged your internal functionality of your vital organs 6) Ailment of many illnesses and diseases will entwist with your physical body when your detoxification capability declined 1) 少食手做精制品,2) 基因改良少为妙,3) 清淡饮食胃口好 4) 高纤有机瓜果菜,5) 延寿康身少疾病,6) 助缘修行少業障 1) Try to avoid as much as possible the consumption of hand-made or processed food -- AH- #1 -- page. 19

21 2) Especially those foods with genetically modified genes added in 3) Consuming simple and natural food without craving for the fast food as conveniently prepared. 4) Organic high fiber foods or veganism or vegetarism is suggested 5) These are suitable dietary for your digestive consumption with less suffering for your physical body 6) This will greatly assist and help you in the path of spirituality leading toward enlightenment. This is today teaching (2012/3/28- Report # 25) from High Self for your kind perusal 1) 静观其境内修禅,2) 物景自有其例律,3) 世间事物自显现,4) 感召自性宿命程 5) 宿命業障自安排,6) 学习过程往上升,7) 灵魂肉体学经验,8) 修行毕业归家去 1) Dear beloveds, in the stillness of meditative state, you will be able to obverse event unfolding as a by-stander 2) Observing event unfolding with much clearer perspective and understand the principles of manifestation 3) When all the ingredients are in place (correct), event will unfold for the need of your learning experience 4) All these manifestations are in accordance to your situational and environmental arrangement 5) These are for your personal karmic screen play that your physical body need to encounter 6) All these are for your learning processes to excel to the next level of soul evolutionary increment 7) All are for the sake of your spirituality learning experience 8) Upon graduation from this realm, you will be able to proceed home eventually This is today teaching (2012/3/30- Report # 26) from High Self for your kind perusal 1) 阿卡识亿前世录,2) 今世学习在前缘,3) 脱氧核糖肉身记 4) 全凭深禅透视寻,5) 眼前事故有因果,6) 肃静打禅寻答案 1) Dear beloveds, each of you have a personal Akashic Record which contained all your previous incarnations and experiences 2) It is meant for you to learn your lesson in this realm with veil. 3) The records are all in your DNA helixes within your physical body. 4) It is through deep meditative stillness that you will be able to access if you earnestly & -- AH- #1 -- page. 20

22 sincerely desired. 5) All that happenings at the present are for you to learn a good learn. (this is exactly what happens to you when you did the same to others in your previous many incarnations) 6) Eventually all the answers shall be revealed to you accordingly, during your meditative state This is today teaching (2012/4/1- Report # 27) from High Self for your kind perusal 1) 坎坷命运周遭遇,2) 全是累世造孽業,3) 自性反省因果报,4) 善事奉行改课程 5) 茹素行善做好事,6) 爱心圆满感召来,7) 顺境时运自行到,8) 改变宿命自有律 1) Dear beloveds, when you have encountered many stumbling blocks and frustrations in your life, 2) These manifestations were exactly what you have done to others in your previous lives 3) Please seek and search inward to know the reason behind the governing factor of Cause & Effect principle 4) Start to walk the path of righteousness so as to facilitate a smoother transitional soul evolutionary process. 5) You can start by doing good deeds unto others with the purity of your heart intent followed by vegetarism and/or veganism 6) All these purities of heart shall attract positive energies to fulfill and accomplish your heart desires 7) Automatically you shall enter into favourable circumstances and smooth water when interaction occurs 8) Slowly and eventually these shall change the course of your soul contract values/clauses for the betterment in this realm This is today teaching (2012/4/3- Report # 28) from High Self for your kind perusal 1) 奴隶模型陷阱設,2) 世人无知往里跳,3) 金钱物质牵着走 4) 全为肉身奴隶去,5) 一生臭銅往里鑚,6) 只为糊口享物资 1) Dear beloveds, the systems in this Matrix realm had set up many entrapments and enslavements 2) They are meant for you to fall into these traps for physical attachment 3) Many of you have been pulled by the nose with the systems in place 4) Your physical body had become the enslavement tool for the matrix system -- AH- #1 -- page. 21

23 5) Many of you worked your physical life span just for material or monetary gain 6) There are but for the craves and lusts of your physical senses 1) 珍贵人身白浪费,2) 没完没了来相报,3) 冤冤相报何时了 4) 红尘滚滚霓虹灯,5) 醉生梦死如行尸,6) 何时梦醒认真相 1) Please wake up beloveds; you are wasting your precious physical manifestation energy in the wrong direction 2) With all the vengeances, retributions, repercussions, hatreds & revenges so on and so forth life after life. 3) You seem not to see the light at the other end of the tunnel. 4) Many of you still chasing after the neon light rainbow 5) Daily intoxicating your physical body with alcohol and substance abuses, like a walking soul less zombie 6) When are you going to wake up and know the TRUTH?? 1) 时间无剩好修行,2) 深禅灵修善奉行,3) 找回真我回彼岸 1) It is truly the high time to find your true self I AM THAT I AM as the time is very limited now 2) Start to walk the righteous path of your Spirituality 3) With this righteous path, you shall eventually find the way HOME This is today teaching (2012/4/5- Report # 29) from High Self for your kind perusal 1) 天堂圣众周边来,2) 慈悲怜悯地球众,3) 佈置阵營各到位,4) 停滯间段来助阵 5) 黑暗事物须调理,6) 辐射污染满天飞,7) 清理大气减毒素,8) 调理人间奴隶事 1) Dear beloveds, the Celestial higher beings from afar and nearby constellations are here already 2) They are noble beings, very compassionate and commiserate toward humanity on earth 3) Each has been assigned for an unique task toward humanity and Mother Gaia 4) They rendered their unique assistance sometime in between short Stasis (a day or two) 5) Intervene with your dark brothers to prevent the manifestation of devastations on the surface 6) As your dark brothers are creating nuclear weapons and depleted uranium ammunitions for annihilation 7) They assisted to cleanse many toxic pollutants and radioactive elements from the atmosphere 8) Awake the people and star seeds from the earthly enslavements and entrapments 1) 教育世人真相事,2) 重整迈克种子星,3) 还原母亲昔日朝,4) 助阵升杨来准备 5) 留下子民来帮助,6) 合手重建好家园,7) 安居乐业朝光明,8) 一遍乐土地表来 1) Disseminate the TRUTH and educate the people from spiralling further downward 2) Up lift Papa Christ Michael Aton seeded and bestowal Planet -- AH- #1 -- page. 22

24 3) Return Mother Gaia to her previous glorification and gratification eras 4) These are for the preparation of Ascension process 5) Those who choose to stay behind will also assist with the Ascension process 6) With the above collaboration and assistance, we shall rebuild new earth soon 7) All who stay will lead Mother Gaia toward divine LOVES & LIGHTS 8) A new paradise will establish and manifest on the surface This is today teaching (2012/4/8 - Report # 30) from High Self for your kind perusal 1) 中央太阳绕一圈,2) 二亿二千五百万,3) 现今已近两大圈,4) 世纪变迁已定数 5) 宇宙能量加剧强,6) 变动地壳海水盖,7) 磁極地軸两边翻,8) 地震火山熔浆滚 1) Dear beloveds, when your solar system circles around the Central Sun 2) It will normally took about 225 million years for the whole complete cycle 3) From then until now, it is going to complete toward the end of 2 nd cycle for about 550 million years 4) Great changes and transformations have been destined and decided by the high hierarchy 5) Great vibratory frequency with continuous strong energy & wave are being sent from the center Paradise Isle to initiate subatomic molecular changes toward all entities and Mother Gaia 6) Frequent seismic and tectonic activities couples with sea water s under current movements are to occur 7) The earth s tilted axis is being constantly righted slowly with earth wobbling by the assistance of your noble Celestial; your poles will have to flip eventually, resulting sun rise from the west with earth rotation reversal 8) There will be frequent earth quakes and a lot of magma spewing & ashes from many volcanic activities 1) 心里有数跟步伐,2) 向里寻找自性来,3) 改变震动同升杨,4) 达到彼岸回家去 1) Knowing this information within your heart, be vigilant and know what to prepare and do next 2) Please seek within, find your true self and ask what you need to do or what you need to know 3) Shift your perspectives (paradigm shift) in order to facilitate higher vibration with the anticipation of Ascension 4) This is to assist yourself to arrive the other side of the shoreline called HOME This is today teaching (2012/4/11 - Report # 31) from High Self for your kind perusal -- AH- #1 -- page. 23

25 1) 肠胃構造五倍身,2) 不宜肉食增负荷,3) 腐烂肉积排不完,4) 累积岁月百病生 5) 只为一时口感快,6) 草本食物口液碱,7) 换来折寿增業障,8) 高纤蔬果延益身 1) Dear beloveds, the total length of your digestive intestine is about 5 times your height. 2) It is not suitable for meat consumption as it will increase the work loads of your internal organs 3) With this lengthy digestive system, those meats that consumed which were still retained within, will start to rot and release toxins, eventually they will be re-absorbed back to your body systems 4) If your consumption habit continues for decades, your body cells will mutate and cause many illnesses to your physical body, agonizing pains will follow. 5) All these are but just for the short satisfaction of your physical taste buds while chewing 6) Your physical body is meant for high fiber (herbivorous) food consumption with alkaline saliva for pre-digestion 7) This is to facilitate the normal functionalities of your physical life span and learn your lessons in this realm 8) This will also assist you to cleanse your karmas and up lift your soul evolutionary learning process with the correct food consumption while in this realm This is today teaching (2012/4/13 - Report # 32) from High Self for your kind perusal 1) 中央宇宙審判裁,2) 处决黑暗已定局,3) 选择光明无余地,4) 高维震动已加剧 5) 变迁宇宙继续来,6) 无能承受往后去,7) 继续课程另空维,8) 五毒侵蝕继果报 1) Dear beloveds, the Court of Ovorthon has made the final decision 2) Your un-repentant dark brothers fates are sealed 3) Choosing the LIGHTS is mandatory and this has reached the point-of-no-return 4) All the assistance of higher vibratory elements have been increased and targeted gradually toward your sector of the Solar System 5) The continuous shifts and changes toward your sector of Solar System are in now progress 6) Those who choose to stay with the old paradigm shift will be removed and lifted away 7) They shall continue their soul evolutionary journeys in the similar realms 8) They will experience the same retributions until they have learned enough to excel (graduate) This is today teaching (2012/4/18 - Report # 33) from High Self for your kind perusal -- AH- #1 -- page. 24